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There is a Fremantle connection with the Federal Parliament dual-citizenhip fiasco, with the West Australian reporting today that former Fremantle Herald sub-editor and now MP for Lyons in Tasmania, might have been an Irish national when elected.

It is beyond me that there are no stricter rules and balances in place in Canberra in this matter. Surely some department should be responsible for checking the citizenship status for all members before they are sworn in, or when nominating, as self checks quite clearly don’t work.

This is a huge waste of time and now money for courts costs and lawyers, and in the meantime we might have a case where government decisions could be challenged because ineligible politicians voted.

Should those who unlawfully were in parliament pay back their wages, and should those who came second in the ballot now have a claim for loss of income?

If anyone thought that the UTOPIA series on ABC TV is a satire, think again. This is how our governments operate and that is a very serious worry!


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It is too simplistic to engage in political point scoring, as a Labor party official did on TV last night, and question why the Greens could not even get the citizenship check of Senator Scott Ludlam right.

Yes, Ludlam should have checked and so should his party, but I wonder why there are no checks and balances in place at our Federal parliament to make sure even honest mistakes like this one can’t happen.

Q: Are you an Australian citizen?

Q: Are you also a citizen of another country than Australia?

Ludlam did the right thing by resigning immediately once his dual citizenship was confirmed, but surely this should not have happened and the bureaucrats in Canberra need to do better at checking the eligibility of future parliamentarians.

I believe it would be unfair to Ludlam to demand he pays back the salary he received as Senator. He did turn up for work and was very active and made a good contribution to Australia, so why would the community he served well want to force him into financial disaster.


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As promised here some more excerpts from the very good first speech by new Fremantle MP Josh Wilson in Parliament House, Canberra on Monday. The entire speech is too long to fully publish it on Freo’s View, but you can hear it on Josh’s Facebook page.

I have the honour of being sent here to represent the mighty federal electorate of Fremantle, the place where the Swan River, or Derbarl Yerrigan, meets the Indian Ocean, in the land of the Whadjuk Noongar, the place known for thousands of years as Walyalup.

I am proud to say that I have been shaped by Fremantle, by its landscape and its culture; by its function as a place of industry and trade and the arts; a port city; a place of arrival, whose multicultural diversity and cohesion has been hard won and is precious; a place that looks out into the world and welcomes people, whether they come for a short or a long time, with open arms; a place defined by the heat and by the sea.

Representing Fremantle is a great responsibility. There is no role or task that I can imagine being more meaningful to me in this life, and I am going to pour myself into this work—at home, in my electorate, and here in this place. I relish the fact that this work spans the full range: from helping a person who has come to you when every other door is closed to working in this place to shape national laws and policy, and I think one should inform the other. If you are from WA, it is work that literally spans the continent, and I look forward to all of it. I hope I can undertake the task with energy, humility, dedication and good humour. My constituents in Freo and my children will let me know if I do not.

……..When Carmen Lawrence gave her first speech in this place in 1994 she remarked on the centenary of universal suffrage. My daughters are here today and I am glad they are able to see a parliament, especially on this side, that is replete with women who are ready to make a contribution and take their place here on merit, because women have been ready to make their contribution on that basis for a long time, and that process is not finished. Let’s remember there are 72 seats in this place that have not yet been represented by a woman.

Good government, responsive and reforming government, is not just important, it is necessary, but there is more to be done. There is a danger, I think, when you come to participate in the work of parliament, not that you will be deluded into thinking that we happen to exist at an especially crucial moment in history but that we might be deluded instead into thinking that all the big changes have been won; that what is left is only marginal, asymptotic progress along the curve. On any reasonable assessment, that is not the case. There is in fact a great deal more to do.

The Fremantle electorate is bound up in a number of those challenges: in the need for action on climate change and renewable energy; in the need to hasten the too-slow progress to close the gap between Indigenous and non- Indigenous Australians; in relation to the future of work in this country, its forms, quantity and conditions; in regional leadership and our engagement with the wider world; and in the need for smart and forward-looking urban design and planning, and the delivery of matching transport and communication infrastructure.

Granted, city planning sounds boring and technocratic, but unless we get it right we will consign families in outer metro areas to lives limited by unaffordable housing, dislocated from jobs and services and characterised by congestion in suburbs where people struggle to feel connected to their neighbours because there is no reason to walk or ride through the streets, no local shops or community centres and poor public transport. The local governments in my electorate—Cockburn, Fremantle, East Fremantle and Melville—are seized by this challenge but they are frustrated at not being met halfway by state and federal governments. There is no better example right now of that frustration than the Perth Freight Link. My community is fighting to be on the right side of a decision that divides between two very different futures.

…..One of the most distinctive things about Fremantle is its loud and proud arts and culture workforce—the ordinary, everyday presence and production of musicians, architects, artists, writers, dancers, street performers and even circus performers. Arts practitioners and businesses are the very definition of the creative economy, and you would be hard-pressed to find leaner and meaner enterprises or people and organisations that do more with less, so it is incredibly disappointing that in my electorate of Fremantle arts funding and support bodies have been subject to so much chaos in the last couple of years.

….To bring my slightly damp first speech in this incredible place to an end—that will not make sense to people reading this in the future!—I am happy to say that I am a romantic when it comes to representative democracy. I think it is one of the best things. I do not agree with Winston Churchill; I think it is one of the best things. It deserves to be valued. It deserves to be performed with maximum effort, and cultivated with great care, with its essence and structure respected and its live parts allowed to flourish and be renewed. As a new member in this place I intend to listen and learn, to not hold back for fear of making the odd mistake or the odd joke, to participate and work hard in good spirit and good faith, to make a difference and always to apply myself in dedicated service to the people of Fremantle.








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It is not a big surprise that Labor candidate Josh Wilson has won the federal seat of Fremantle by 57.1%. Congratulations Josh. I am delighted for you, your family and Fremantle!

What an intriguing election night it is. At present at 8.28 pm the ABC calls 73 seats for the Liberal National Party, 68 for the Labour Party, 1 for the Greens and 4 for Others, but they warns that postal and pre votes might still change the outcome in several seats and that the election probably won’t be called for many days. And still four seats not called.

There is another Freo connection in this election with Brian Mitchell the former editor of the Fremantle Herald winning a seat for Labor in Tasmania and Damian Drum, former Dockers coach winning a seat for the National Party in Victoria.

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public profile of Freo's Liberal candidate

medicare for detentio centres?



My slightly cynical nature sometimes comes through during election time, so I could not resist taken these two photos at the Fremantle Primary School poling station this morning.

The first photo very well portraits the extremely low public profile the Liberal candidate has in Fremantle. I noticed her only once ever during the campaign.

The second photo might be an indication that Labor will roll out Medicare for detention centres. “We’ll put people first.” as long as they don’t arrive by boat, hey Bill Shorten!

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There is nothing subtle about election campaigns so why should Labor’s, and my preferred Fremantle candidate Josh Wilson be any different when trying to get attention.

The team glued all these posters on the windows of the former OZ souvenir shop on the corner of High Street Mall at Kings Square yesterday and it is making a big impact.

The OZ shop by the way has just moved a bit further into the mall opposite Culley’s.

Only six more sleeps and then this far too long election campaign will be over. I am tired of all the hubris, spin, negativity, lies, empty promises, hot air and lack of substance from the parties, but Josh Wilson does have all the personal and professional qualities I want a politician to have who represents Fremantle. Vote for Josh!

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Election Forum


This is one event not to be missed, so put it in your diary!

The CANDIDATE FORUM for the Fremantle seat of the Federal Election will be held on June 21 at 6 pm in the Tannock Hall of the Fremantle Notre Dame University, corner Cliff Street and Croke Lane.

All candidates have confirmed their attendance, so ask the hard questions and find out if there is a real difference between the parties.

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If you want to participate in the Federal Election, today is the very last day to enrol and put yourself on the register. You can do it on-line till  8 pm, so I encourage anyone who has just turned 18 or moved house recently to do it!

There is a high percentage of people under 30 who are not on the electoral list and we need to hear the voice of the young people as well.

This is your opportunity to give the boot to those politicians who have failed and put new people in parliament and the senate. VOTE please!


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It seems the Federal seat of Fremantle is jinxed when it comes to candidates filling out application forms for their parties. Last week the Labor party controversially dumped  Chris Brown because of non-disclosed spent convictions and replaced him with Josh Wilson, and today the West Australian claims that Liberal candidate Sherry Sufi “misdescribed his work background in his application to the Liberal Party.”

The West reports that Sufi worked for state politicians but wrote on his application that he worked for the Department of the Premier and Cabinet. He also claimed to have worked for the Department of Finance and Regulations in 2014/15 when according to the West Australian he worked for Liberal politicians Denis Jensen and Linda Reynolds.

Sherry Sufi is already on the nose with Aboriginal Australians because he opposed the apology to the Stolen Generations, is against constitutional recognition of our indigenous people, and he denies that British settlement of Australia was an invasion. He is a member of the WA Sherlock Holmes Society though, so maybe one day he’ll find the truth.

Its shows how well Sherry Sufi is respected within his party when his federal leader Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull visited Fremantle today without the local candidate by his side. Very unusual indeed!

Fremantle has four candidates for the election in 50 days; Labor’s Josh Wilson, Greens Kate Davis, Socialist Alliance Chris Jenkins and Liberal Sherry Sufi.


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Nice to hear that our delightful Fremantle federal MP Melissa Parke shops locally. She has commissioned Freo designer Deborah McKendrick of VELVET SUSHI to design her wedding dress and that of her mother and also for the bridesmaids.

Melissa will get married to Perth business man and arts patron Warwick Hemsley in 2016.

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