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Posted in fremantle, sirona capital by freoview on February 23, 2015

Last week I was disappointed that the Fremantle Kings Square development by Sirona Capital is not going ahead faster, so I am delighted to announce that work on the Quest hotel serviced apartments development on the corner of Pakenham and Short streets has started, as Sirona’s Managing Director Matthew McNeilly promised me late last year.

There is quite a bit happening at Pakenham Street and it will be a much revitalised part of the West End in a few years.

On a sad note it is a shame to see the Vic Miller photo gallery in Market Street closing and that the small Pure Apparel fashion boutique next to Common Ground in High Street also closed its doors.

On an up note. The development of the Mediterranean Shipping Company-MSC building in Cliff Street is going well and should be finished in September this year.

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Posted in fremantle, princess may markets by freoview on February 17, 2015

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It was very hard to compete against the Giant Puppets last weekend with thousands of Fremantle people flocking to Perth for the spectacle. So we had a far too quiet PRINCESS MAY MARKETS last Friday and we need the Fremantle community to support the new venture and the many local small businesses who are at the cosy park next to Clancy’s every Friday from 5-9 pm.

We had great entertainment on the stage by the Wal’tons, Farmer Damian had set up the animal touch farm for the kids and there was delicious international food on offer and a variety of market stalls from plants to books, clothing, preserves, etc.

There is plenty of parking in the area so no worries there.

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Posted in fremantle, markets, princess may markets by freoview on February 11, 2015

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Here some photos of the utterly relaxing Fremantle PRINCESS MAY MARKETS, with which I am involved. It is on every Friday from 5-9 om in the cosy park next to Clancys.

It is a really family market with lots to do for children, outstanding live music on the Little Creatures stage, fantastic international food stalls and a great variety of market stalls to browse through.

And of course there is a huge selection of craft beers and good wines to sample at Clancy’s for the grown ups while the kids have a play with Fairy Sandie, or visit the animal touch farm or take graffiti art lessons from Lady Bananas.

Markets support small businesses and are all about community and the Princess May is very Freo!

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Posted in fremantle, princess may markets by freoview on February 4, 2015

The weather bureau predicts a mild day for Friday so what better way to spend the evening with great live music, international food in the relaxed community ambience of the Fremantle PRINCESS MAY MARKETS. It will be the fourth one and families love it because the park next to Clancy’s is very safe for children as it is surrounded by walls.

There was high praise for the pannacotta and other sweets from the Peruvian food stall who sold all their yummy empanadas, and the bush tucker sliders were very good value as well I was told. The Goan Indian is a favourite with many and so is the large book stall. There is icecream and La Paleta, coconut drinks, pizza, Salvadorian cuisine and something for everyone. The animal touch farm, Fairy Sandie, facepainting and the graffiti art classes by Lady Bananas are a favourite with the kids.

We open from 5-9 and there is heaps of parking around. Street parking in the area is free after 5 pm. Come along and say hello and have fun!

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Posted in fremantle, junkadelic, princess may markets by freoview on January 29, 2015

The energising and awesome JUNKADELIC Brass Band will be playing at Friday’s third PRINCESS MAY MARKETS in the park near Clancy’s. The markets will again feature Fairy Sandie, graffiti queen Lady Bananas and the animal touch farm for children and there will be international foodstalls, fashion, books, craft, art, shoes and a whole lot more.

Street parking in the area is now free after 5 pm so that frees up some dollars to buy food or a cold drink or two at Clancy’s.

The PMM already has its regulars who love the relaxed and very family-friendly ambience of the place, and that there is ample parking on the streets and the Point Street carpark.

The markets are open from 5-9 pm, so come and say hello and tell your friends about it!

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Posted in fremantle by freoview on December 6, 2014

Many 6160

I wandered through MANY 6160, the retail incubator in the former MYER building at Fremantle Kings Square on Friday and it was the busiest I have seen it since it opened just over a year ago. That came as no surprise because the enormous eclectic and fun variety of creative ware is a real delight to browse through. There is art and fashion, and homeware and stuff, things, hundreds of quirky presents one could buy for Christmas, a birthday, or just for oneself.

It is really worth the trip because there is something for everyone’s taste at Many 6160 and the ambience is great and relaxing.

Have a wander and support the local new young businesses!

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No, I don’t get paid for this promo. Just love the idea of the Many 6160 concept. ; >)


Posted in fremantle by freoview on November 3, 2014

street papers

I only now came across two new magazine-style Fremantle newspapers which focus on a single street only. The WRAY-about Wray Avenue- and the GEORGE-about East Freo’s George Street- are published by The Precinct/Detail Marketing. They are very attractive and vibrant with a lot of good professional photography. Nice to see they did not consider happy snaps with an iPhone good enough, as so many other businesses do.

I picked up my copies at the Freo Library this morning, so check them out. Maybe time for the Herald and Gazette to start thinking about modernisation, more creative photos and better page lay-out?

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Posted in fremantle by freoview on October 21, 2014

Just some photos I took today of three funky small retail shops in Fremantle in High, Market and Cantonment streets.

Support our local retailers!

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Posted in fremantle, retail by freoview on October 17, 2014

I have had feedback from quite a number of people on the thousands of words Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt has written on his blog under the header Retail in Fremantle, specifically the third and last part The Future of Fremantle High Streets, so I had another read and agree with those who say it’s more fluff than substance.

The Mayor writes that Fremantle retail needs to be more than just food and beverage and no one would disagree with that, but Brad Pettitt does not say how the City wants to achieve that, and that is probably because the City has little to none to say about what kind of retailers the shop owners lease their spaces to, hence we will suddenly have four 7-Eleven shops in Freo.

I do agree with the Mayor that High Street in the West End has the potential to become Freo’s most attractive shopping strip because of its retail diversity, but just hoping for a retail mix of unique shops such as Love in Tokyo and Common Ground together with national mainstream brands like Zara and Country Road is pretty much unrealistic dreaming for at least another five years, until the planned increase of central city residents and office workers has become a reality. But will existing retailers survive that long?

The Mayor writes that we need “to curate our high streets to make them more coherent, diverse, attractive….” but he does not say how the City is going to try to influence that, but saying that pop-up shops can be part of the short-term solution. He admits in a comment under the blog post that the present planning scheme does not allow the City of Fremantle to not allow certain retailers to open shop even if we already have enough of similar retailers, so how do we curate against that?

We are aware than plans are in place at Kings Square, etc. to build 70,000 square metres of A-grade office space, but that development keeps being pushed back and unfortunately won’t be happening for many years to come I fear.

Our only hope it seems is the, to be developed, new economic development strategy that should be outcome based and deal with reality rather than dreams. Director Tom Griffiths is a very capable officer who left his mark in Perth, so I believe the new strategies he and his team will come up with will be very positive for Fremantle.

The one reality we will all have to live with is that substantial change will not happen in Freo for another 3-5 years, so patience is required and trying to work harmoniously together to achieve that. Constant criticism by locals is not helpful as it will create the perception in outsiders that Fremantls is just going down hill and no longer worth a visit. Fremantle is still a great place to live and relax in so we need to tell that positive story while avoiding spin.

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Posted in fremantle by freoview on September 24, 2014

A new exciting and stunning-looking new fashion business has opened at 1 Pakenham Street, Fremantle. The LESSONS CONCEPT STORE in the basement is amazing and would have made for a great small bar as well.

Wander down in the moody spot lit store and you think you are in a metropolis somewhere else in the world, because Freos has not seen anything like this before.

They sell high-end streetwear, specialty coffee, do music and events and there is even a traditional barber on Friday nights.

Opening times are 7.30 am to 6 pm Monday to Thursday, 7,30 am – 0 pm on Fridays, 10-6 on Saturdays and 10-4 on Sundays.

Go check it out you young groovy lot!


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