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Velvet Sushi


Fremantle’s VELVET SUSHI fashion boutique is a bit of a Gypsy and always on the move.

They had to move out of the Queensgate building in William Street due to the Kings Square Project development and are now a bit hidden away in the apartment building at Bannister Street, so go and support this lovely local business ladies!

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The monthly Fremantle Network event at the National Hotel on Monday had three speakers, so I will split up the reporting on it and start with High Street retailer Gaelle Beech of the ANJEL MS ethical fashion shop.

Gaelle’s talk was inspiring as it was not the typical whinge we get from too many in the community, but it was more about why we don’t sell the unique beauty of Fremantle and especially the gorgeous heritage High Street better as a shopping destination.

High Street is one of the most gorgeous shopping precincts in Australia that ends at Bathers Beach, so why don’t we promote that better?

“We don’t treasure enough what we have got in Fremantle and forget to show the beauty of it to our visitors” Gaelle rightly said.

The West End is unique but many visitors don’t even know where High Street is and there is no retail map showing the diversity of shopping.

We need West End traders to work together and not individually, and we need you as the community to support us she said.

High Street needs more vibrancy with buskers and art, and traders and City of Fremantle marketing should not assume everyone knows about us.

Gaelle Beech said she loves Fremantle and would not have a shop anywhere else in Perth. She also has an outlet at Fremantle Markets on weekends.

ANJEL MS specialises in ethical fashion and supports young designers in Katmandu, India and Bali, so go and check it out and support our struggling local traders.

“We have an amazing city! Which shopping centre has a beach at the end of it! Gaelle said with passion and I could not agree more.

She got laughter and applause when a Notre Dame University student lamented that it cost them $ 1,200 a year in parking. “You are young, walk and use public transport” she encouraged. Yes indeed!

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That lovely very Freo tiny fashion empire VELVET SUSHI had to move shop because of the Kings Square development and you can now find the boutique in Bannister Street just off the Fremantle Cappuccino Strip.

New shop location 5 BANNISTER Street. FREMANTLE.

The Attic Cafe, Stable Hands Restaurant and Hougoumont Hotel are neighbours, so go and check out the new shop.

Open for business from this Thursday 27th April

Shop Hours

Tues- check in before you pop in
Wed- 11-5pm
Thurs- 11-5pm
Fri- 11-5pm
Sat- 11-5pm
Sun- closed
Mon- closed




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Don’t forget to go and visit the new MANY 2.0 that relocated from Kings Square to the former Spotlight building at Adelaide Street next to Target in Fremantle.

This retail incubator is full of great surprises and gifts and has so many eclectic wares to choose from.

It is a real pleasure to browse through the large but cosy space and check out all they have on sale. There is also a hairdresser and a cafe, and if that is not enough why not try out the fantastic Thai food at The Loft cafe on the corner of Point Street, just down the road from MANY 2.0.

And there is an Opening Party this Saturday from 5-9 pm!

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Fremantle has a fantastic new large retail outlet in the former Spotlight building at Adelaide Street next to Target. MANY 2.0 is the incubator for independent small businesses that started as Many 6160 in the former Meyer building at Kings Square in 2013, but had to relocate due to the Kings Square project development.

I like the more compact and cohesive MANY 2.0 retail collective in the new location better than at Kings Square as it looks more lively and like a nicely crowded creative market place that invites to browse and discover cute innovative things.

There is so much to look at and buy so MANY 2.0 should be one of your first destinations if you are looking for gifts for someone. There is bric-a-brac, art, fashion, craft, designers, a hair dresser, cafe, hats and a large variety of other quirky and funky things.

MANY 2.0 is open Thursdays to Sundays but they are already talking about probably opening another day because there are many more people in the area than at Kings Square.

Go and check it out and support local small retailers!

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Don’t forget to come to the goodbye party for MANY 6160 in the former Myer building at Fremantle’s Kings Square from 5-9 pm today.

Family entertainment, live music, food vans and more, and lots of things to buy.

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MANY 6160 in the former Myer building at Freo’s Kings Square will have to move because of the Kings Square project development, so on Friday February 24 there will be a goodbye party. Below the details:

Wonderful friends of MANY. As you know, at the end of this month, we’re on the move…. so that means one thing;


Everyone is welcome to join us for this free-to-attend event at MANY (entry via King’s Square doors) from 5pm on Friday 24 Feb. Come by to enjoy live music, DJ’s, games, food trucks and a bar.

We’d love to see as many of you here as possible – so we can thank you for your amazing support over the past 3.5 years.

Kids, grannies, pets, and all your mates… everyone’s welcome to party with us. See you there.

I understand that some of the MANY businesses will temporarily move into the former Spotlight building that is also earmarked for development, while others are moving into the Henderson Street police station/courthouse complex.

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A funky new cafe and clothes shop has opened at Elder Place opposite the Fremantle railway station. The Calypso Warehouse looks inviting, cosy and cute, so check it out when you are down that way.

They sell women and men clothing, coffee and other things.

It is on the corner of the Wilson carpark and next to CODA architects.

Sadly further in town at the Piazza the Red Cherries coffee bar has closed but they now operate the cafe in the Fremantle Markets food yard section on weekends.

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Small retail is sadly still a bit of a revolving door in Fremantle with new small businesses opening and closing regularly. No doubt some of the failures are due to a bit of naivety and not doing market research before opening shop.

The small fashion boutique next to Common Ground and The Bank cafe in High Street has closed, but west of it in the former newsagency next to the Adam Monk Gallery and Bitches Brew framers ACAI Brothers superfood bar is setting up shop.

At Atwell Arcade they are nearing the end of the development and already HYPE is moving in goods on the corner of Cantonment and Market streets, under the new tin awning. Lights are hanging in the arcade and in the High Street mall new businesses have opened in the development.

In the former TAFE Quinlan cafe site at High Street a new small cafe has opened as part of the private hospitality training centre there. No idea why a small cafe needs five large flat screens on its walls, so not my cup of tea for a quiet coffee and reading the morning papers.

We still got a long way to go in Freo to claim economic recovery, but with the real prospect of development at Kings Square and many more buildings sites popping up around the CBD Fremantle is well on its way to the future.

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What a lovely atmosphere today at the Blinco Street Cafe FLEA MARKET in the very arty and hippy Fremantle Fibonacci Centre, and how nice to see so many people turn up to grab a bargain, listen to live music, catch up with friends and have an excellent coffee and meal at the cute little cafe.

I hope they will make this into a regular once a month event during the colder months.

If you haven’t been to the Blinco Street Cafe go and try it out. Tomorrow morning they will open at 4.30 am to cater for the people who attend the ANZAC DAY dawn service, so go and grab a cuppa on your way to Monument Hill! The cafe is only a three-minute walk away from it.

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