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Fremantle Council wants to let the Carriage Cafe on the Esplanade operate for another three years but on a month by month term.

The reason for the extension is that the City wants to delay the development of the Esplanade Hub by up to three years.

The Esplanade Hub was supposed to be developed between the Youth Plaza and ferris wheel and a new hospitality venue built there, and the Carriage Cafe would have had to be removed or demolished, but the City of Fremantle no longer has the money to realise these plans.

The item is on the FPOL committee agenda this coming Wednesday.

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The City of Fremantle needs to improve the footpath on the Esplanade that runs from Essex Street to Little Creatures as it is a mess in winter after rainfall.

One has to walk through deep puddles or divert through the grass, and the latter creates mud.

People with prams or in wheelchairs have to plough through the wet mess, and that is not on.

There also needs to be a second ‘wayfinding’ path from Collie Street to the Fishing Boat Harbour.

It is good and fine to do the big picture stuff and the concept of a hub, but one needs to look after the small stuff as well and create a path that can be used all seasons.


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I am sorry to do this to you City of Fremantle administration, but how can you get it so wrong?!

The new road sharing signs painted along Marine Terrace at the Esplanade are totally useless. This is a good concept with a lamentable and laughable execution.

It is a cutesy gimmick that does not work because the signs are barely visible from a moving car. The dimensions and colours are all wrong.

They are good signs for pedestrians but wrong and ineffective for motorists, because one has to be almost on top of them to see them properly.

Signs painted on roads need to have a longer vertical image because of the perspective, as they do on footy grounds where they paint distorted signs on the turf so that they are very visible from the camera angles. Surely CoF officers and designers should know these things.

Here some of the info Fremantle City put out to the public about the signs:

As part of creating a more welcoming and safer urban environment in the Fremantle city centre for all transport modes, the City is trialling the use of ‘fun’ transport symbols in key areas of activity on roads or paths.

To trial this concept, we are installing five clusters of symbols (a car, a bicycle and a heart) on Marine Terrace parallel to Esplanade Park. 

This section of Marine Terrace is a key link for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians moving between the city centre, Esplanade Park, the Fremantle Youth Plaza, Fishing Boat Harbour and Bathers Beach.

The symbols will be located before key pinch points on this stretch of road and before the speed reduction platforms near the intersections of Marine Terrace with Essex Street and Collie Street.


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carriage 1

carriage 2


The lovely Carriage Cafe on the Fremantle Esplanade has new owners(again), a new name CARRIAGE COFFEE SHOP, a new coffee brand, new menu, new chef, new events and new ideas, so make sure to try them out soon!

Owners Rochelle and Dave are well-known local musicians who live in Freo’s West End and are members of the FLUID GROOVE band.

On weekends they are running Commotions@The Carriage where local buskers play on Fridays from 2-4 pm and on Saturdays and Sundays from 11am to 4 pm.

The Carriage Coffee Shop is close to the playground, Esplanade Youth Plaza skatepark and the Tourist Wheel, so perfect for families.

They can operate for another two years before the City of Fremantle wants them to move on. That is a real shame, because the cafe should stay and also become a small bar at night.

It is questionable if the building can be relocated without destroying it, as the roots of the trees have grown into the foundations.

The City has offered the owners three locations to consider; the grassed area at South Beach, where there are already two cafes, Pioneer Park, that is close to many cafes in the area, or the grassed area at Bathers Beach near Kidogo Arthouse.

The Bathers Beach option is remarkable and shows how inconsistent the City of Fremantle can be, because Kidogo arthouse was not allowed to build toilets to the south of the gallery as it would affect the view corridor to the ocean. The Carriage building is much bigger and would impact on the historic interpretation of the area.

Anyway, go and support the Carriage Coffee Shop and tell Fremantle Council we don’t really need a new hub near the ferris wheel and another burger bar.

They are on Facebook, so keep up to date with what they do.

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The City of Fremantle will not build a charging station for electric cars on the Esplanade, that was going to be part of the RAC Electric Highway from Perth to Margaret River.

It turned out the solar charging station would need Western Power back-up and that would have driven the cost well over the budget council had allocated for it.

The sale of electric cars in Australia is very low and there are only a few in W.A. so it was always a waste of money in my opinion.

The City could also save money by not going ahead with the Esplanade hub near the Tourist Wheel, where it plans to build a food outlet for a burger bar.

I hear senior CoF officers are also not in favour of the hub and there is already the Fishing Boat Harbour hospitality hub just across the railway line with Joe’s Fish Shack, Little Creatures, Cicerello’s, Kailis, Char Char Bull, Bathers Beach House and Sweetlips.

It is just a ten-minute walk down Collie Street to the Grill’d burger bar and the same distance down Essex Street to Hungry Jacks.

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New slide

A new slide has been added to the Fremantle Esplanade children’s playground.

Kids can access the slide from the climbing net and it looks like a lot of fun.

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I hear that the Carriage Cafe on the Fremantle Esplanade has been sold and that the new owners have an understanding with the City of Fremantle that they can stay there for several years, and don’t have to move or demolish the building to make way for the Esplanade masterplan development.

This is probably due to Freo City not being in the financial position to build the planned new hospitality venue near the ferris wheel that was to become a burger bar.

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The construction of the ice rink for the Fremantle Winter Festival is on the way at the Italian Club car park just south of the Esplanade Youth Plaza. It will start late next week.

There will be food stalls and a bar that serves mulled wine and hopefully hot chocolate for the kids as well.

It is a much better location that will not face the same huge rain puddle problems and damage to the Esplanade, as happened last year.

If you don’t feel like falling on your bum, it’s great to watch as well and a really nice atmosphere, so bring family and friends and tell everyone!

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carriage cafe


The Carriage Cafe on the Fremantle Esplanade has a new roof over its alfresco area. That will come as a surprise to former owners Kel and Judy Smith, who complained often about the City of Fremantle planning department. What has changed since they sold the cafe?

A new retractable awning has also been erected at The Monk on the Cappuccino Strip to make it an all weather venue. It looks good.

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Freo-style lunch


Lunch on the Fremantle Esplanade.

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