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The public toilets on the Fremantle Esplanade were opened by the City of Fremantle over the weekend, but left closed again after that, and the message on the sign shows that people are not happy with it.

It is PR spin to say that the toilets are closed for health reasons and the Covid-19 pandemic. Fact is Fremantle City has ran out of money to do the basic cleaning and rubbish collection, as the series of photos of overflown bins I published on Sunday showed.

I am sure we will get heaps of excuses from just about everyone for the next years, and they will all try to blame it on the coronavirus. It’s bullsh..!

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Good to see that the City of Fremantle has re-opened the public toilets on the Esplanade just in time for Mothers Day.

The signs that the toilets are closed are still on the security gates, so maybe they only open them today. Time will tell.

The weather is stunning, so go wander about our beautiful city and have a fun Sunday!

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In case Freo’s View readers missed the comment Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt posted under my article about the closed Esplanade public toilets, here is some good news:

I have spoken to staff today about how we reopen the city now people are starting to come back, Council did agree that the only toilets open were Kings Square, South Beach, and Leighton but we are reviewing this and agree the Esplanade will need to open too shortly if restrictions continue to ease.

Let’s hope they will reopen the Esplanade toilets before Mothers Day this Sunday, where the weather is expected to be in the mid 20s, so perfect for a picnic.

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“Our Commitment of Health and Safety” the signs at the closed public toilets on the Fremantle Esplanade state, and what an absolute load of shit that is!

The closest public toilets are the two portaloos at Kings Square, which is a 15-20 minute walk, so those who still enjoy going to Bathers Beach and buy fish&chips have nowhere to go to urinate and defecate but the bushes near Kidogo Arthouse, and that is Freo’s commitment to health?

It is going to be a hot day today, so many more people will be out and about, but there won’t be any open public toilets, and what about Mother’s Day next Sunday where many families will catch up for a picnic on the Esplanade.

Get your act together, Fremantle Council. This is not anywhere near good enough!

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Large parts of the Fremantle Esplanade reserve have been cordoned off because of the fear of large branches of the Norfolk Island pines falling down, after an unusual  growth of heavy seed pods, much further away from the tree trunks, is making the branches too heavy.

Contractors are on site to cut down branches and remove excessive seed pods. This is also happening at South Beach and Parmelia Park.

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beer 1

beer 2


Festivals bring a lot of people into Fremantle and that is a good thing, but what is not good is that the Esplanade public toilets are not available to the general public during the Beer Festival this weekend.

There are no public toilets in the Fishing Boat Harbour, only those a long walk south from Little Creatures near the carpark, and who knows about those?  Nor are there public toilets at Bathers Beach, so the next public toilets are inside the Fremantle Markets and at Kings Square. That is not good enough City of Fremantle!

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Carriage Cafe


I hear that the owners of the cute Carriage Cafe on the Fremantle Esplanade have been told that they can stay till March next year and then will be offered a lease until 2022, but with the option for the City of Fremantle to terminate the lease on a monthly basis.

This is ridiculous, unprofessional and unworkable, as no one in their right mind will invest in a business that does not have a secure long-term tenure.

Last winter the thick plastic ‘curtains’ that keep the wind and rain out of the cafe’s dining area where ripped to pieces during a storm, so the owners will have to put new ones in which will cost thousands of dollars. Why would they do that if they can be chucked out on short notice? Even a pop-up shop gets a six-month lease, for heaven’s sake!

Why does Fremantle Council make it so hard for businesses who want to stay in Fremantle, when vacant shop fronts pop up faster than weeds in our city? Does anyone at all understand what commercial viability means and how important safe tenure is?

Let’s be realistic and pragmatic about the Esplanade masterplan. The new hub and new cafe won’t happen for years, if at all, because the City of Fremantle does not have the money to finance it, so accept the reality and support the Carriage Cafe owners who have plans to also open at night as a restaurant.

West End businesses were left off the new shopping map, and Arthur’s Head businesses are not sure about their future there, while the place is falling apart because of poor maintenance, so it’s urgent time for Fremantle Council to stop talking about wanting to activate the West End of Fremantle and actually start supporting those who are already activating it!

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I’ll publish more about last night’s Fremantle Council meeting, after I return from tour guide duty at the Roundhouse this afternoon, but I do want to address this issue as it now came up twice at council meetings.

When debating the Naval Stores lease at Cantonment Hill to ENKEL Councillor Jon Strachan said “This Council is good at Expressions of Interest, but than keep changing, changing and changing them. We change the ground rules!”

Councillor Rachel Pemberton agreed with him, as had Councillor Andrew Sullivan who had a bit of a rant about Council abandoning projects at a previous Council committee meeting.

Reason is that ENKEL was supposed to get the lease over the fully renovated Naval Stores but Council decided to do only half of the job and not do their part of the deal, so now new negotiations have started on the rent, use, activation, etc.

The same happened to the preferred tender of a hospitality outlet at the planned new Esplanade Hub, that has now been pushed back by three years.

And we all are aware of the enormous debacle of Council granting a 20 year lease to Sunset Events for the number 1 unit at J Shed for a 850 patron tavern and 1,500 patron outdoor music venue, until they basically shat their pants and started back pedalling so far that there is nothing left of the original proposal, and Sunset Events now has got Council approval for a 300 patron tavern only, and that is still subject to approval by the WA Planning Commission and a liquor license.

Fremantle Council on occasions are worse than children. Give them a new toy and the old ones are abandoned immediately. That is not a great sign of maturity or professionalism and as Councillor Pemberton said it will warn off people from wanting to sign a contract with the City of Fremantle.


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Fremantle Councillor Andrew Sullivan had a grumpy old evening at the FPOL Committee last night, and he had valid reasons for it.

Sullivan said he was not happy at all that the planned Esplanade hub was pushed back by up to three years and that the Naval Stores at Cantonment Hill renovations would only be done in half.

“It frustrates me that almost always we postpone big projects halfway” he lamented. In three years time we will agains spend hundreds of officers’ hours and community consultation to start all over again.

It is fair to wonder why this happens when the 2018/19 budget also allows for a new $ 25,000 concept plan for a city square at the railway station. When Alannah MacTiernan was a WA government minister more than ten years ago I walked with her from the port building to the railway station looking at plans for the upgrade of Phillimore Street, a new square at the station and a new roundabout at Cliff Street.

Three years ago CODA architects created plans on behalf of Fremantle Ports for the Victoria Quay development that also included detailed plans for the relocation of the busport and a town square, so why do we need more experts and spend more money on what already has been done?

The masterplan for Princess May Park was approved two years ago, but nothing has eventuated, so why the community consultation and all the hours of creating it?

Even more years ago then Councillor John Dowson complained that the City wanted to do a masterplan for the reactivation of the West End. Go to the library he said and look at the glossy document the City did on this only 2-3 years ago. Why reinvent the wheel again?

For an outsider it all looks self serving so that that someone who might be called a special projects officer, who is hidden somewhere among the hundreds of city staff, will have a reason for his/her job, so they are given useless tasks and repeat projects that have already been well investigated. It’s a waste of time and money.

Councillor Sullivan was rightly frustrated and Fremantle Council needs to learn to prioritise better and stick with the projects they have approved, not pushing them down the line of priorities when something else that also looks worth doing comes up.

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Fremantle worrier Kel Smith is concerned about the big tree at the Esplanade and the huge branch that runs across Marine Terrace. He is worried it might break off and kill someone.

Near the public toilets and Vasco da Gama monument the City of Fremantle planted more new trees yesterday.

Driving along Marine Terrace on Thursday night I was surprised how dark the area is and wondered if there could be a string of small lights from tree to tree to lighten up the street and park and make it look more attractive and festive.

It would also make the Esplanade feel a bit safer for pedestrians.


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