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Made On The Left, the oldest Perth handmade artist markets, will be held at the Esplanade Hotel in Fremantle this weekend July 13 and 14.

More than 80 WA artists and designers will show their works, from art to design, fashion, food, homewares, plants, etc.

There will also be retro and handmade vintage clothing, leather, candles, timber furniture, jewellery, artisan soaps, honey and more, so go and check it out.

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The weekend is coming up and I don’t want to leave the week on a negative note, so here a photo I took early this week of people having a quiet one at the Fremantle Esplanade Hotel bar.

It’s going to be a lovely weekend, so enjoy our great little city!

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Fremantle’s iconic Esplanade Hotel is for sale! The historic hotel which opened in 1897 is on the market and is expected to attract offers of around $ 110 million.

The  300 room hotel was sold by long-time owner Marylyn New only six years ago in 2012 for just $ 90 million.

The Esplanade Hotel  has been refurbished and restored and is receiving most of its revenue from tourist accommodation and conferences.

It is being sold with a 3043sqm site opposite the hotel at 7 Essex Street, that has 172 parking bays, and a 78sqm leased retail tenancy and a 314sqm office.

I am not sure if Marine House, opposite the hotel, has been sold yet. It was put on the market about half a year ago.

CBRE’s Aaron Desange, Ryan McGinnity and Chloe Mason have been appointed to sell the hotel, so if you got a hundred million dollars under the bed, contact them.


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Michael Hagan, Saf Ali, Mal Meninga

Michael Hagan, Saf Ali, Mal Meninga


My mate Saf Ali of Smartchoice Realty made me aware that the Australian Rugby Team is staying at the Fremantle Esplanade Hotel this week and that the The Voice TV series were doing auditions today there as well, so I thought I’d better try my luck.

The Voice people were really lovely but told me I can’t sing or dance, but suggested I would have excellent chances of becoming Australia’s next Bachelor or even Supermodel, so I’ll audition for that next time.

Keep an eye out for all the sporting and singing celebrities in Freo and make them feel welcome!

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alfresco 1 alfresco 2


Alfresco is the new black in Fremantle with new so-called parklets and other outdoor eating and drinking areas popping up all around town. The Newport Hotel on the Cappuccino Strip and the Ball&Chain bar at the Esplanade Hotel created two good-looking ones.

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There is something about Fremantle Council I have been worried about for a few years now because I do not understand what community consultation means to them and why the elected members ignore what the outspoken members of our community tell them.

Councillors pretend they are closer to the community than you and I and everyone else, we who also live in this community and who also talk daily to our fellow community members. There is an certain arrogance when Elected Members believe they connect better with the ‘silent majority’ than all of us do.

Council gives us the impression that they are following the wishes of that so-called silent majority, the same majority that did not bother to vote for them, and will not vote for the candidates at the October 17 election, because they simply are not interested in local government.

So what is the mandate Fremantle Councillors have if they don’t listen to the ‘vocal minority’ that voted them in and who constantly engages with them. Is second-guessing the ‘silent majority’ better governance than listening to those of us who speak out? I don’t think it is.

Fremantle Council ignored the wishes of a very vocal group of people on Planning Scheme Amendment 49, on the Esplanade Youth Plaza and on the J Shed tavern, to name just a few.

It is not important that the EYP is a great success because hardly anyone was against the skate park. We just wanted it shifted off the grass and into the car park to the south. The heritage of the future buildings that were promised during the PSA 49 debate never happened, we got boring bland boxes instead.

Councillors compare the J Shed tavern and outdoor live music venue with the Fremantle Arts Centre. but the issue is not about a whole lot of people hating live music, but about the fact that the location for the venue is in an inappropriate area of our city. It is an area that attracts thousands of people each week because of its heritage significance. The area does not need to be changed into an entertainment area that will diminish the historic importance Arthur Head is for our city and state, but somehow the Councillors don’t seem to get that, like they did not get the EYP protest.

Some of the J Shed artists are themselves musicians, so are some of the people who live in the West End of Freo. They are not over the hill geriatric music and fun haters who have something against Sunset Events or young people. They are a cross section of the community who believe Fremantle Council is yet again trying to make something fit in the wrong place for the wrong reasons.

The Bathers Beach House has helped to activate the area and Kidogo Arthouse is in the process of building a big deck, the Ball&Chain bar at the Esplanade Hotel is opening a large alfresco area on Friday and Little Creatures has been a huge success. There is no need for another entertainment venue near Bathers Beach and there are much better locations for outdoor concerts than the small A Class reserve at Arthur Head.

No one will be able to enjoy the lovely city beach, no one will be able to have a quiet wedding at the Roundhouse and Kidogo because music from the concerts will spill all over the West End and will become nuisance noise and nothing else.

The people have spoked Councillors! It is time to listen to those who vote. Stop pretending you are representing a majority, and stop ignoring our written and verbal submissions and our special electors meetings.

Roel Loopers

ROEL FOR FREO! Beaconsfield Ward. Truly Independent.

Written and published by Roel Loopers of 5 Maxwell Street, Beaconsfield 6162


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Life is all about perspective, so here a different one of the Fremantle Esplanade Hotel I took yesterday afternoon.

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Esplanade bike hire

A fantastic new initiative has been introduced at the Fremantle Esplanade Hotel, bringing the future of bicycle hire to Freo.

The automatic bicycle station, which is solar powered, is located outside the entrance of the Esplanade Hotel on Essex Street. it is as simple as to insert your card, grab a bike and ride. Return your bicycle to the station, 24 hours a day.

A central computer system tracks each Spinway bicycle’s data including distance, duration, calories burned and carbon offsets are captured for the ride too. The Spinway mobile app allows you to check availability and reserve bikes.

Great idea hey, Freo!

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OLE for FB

I happened to walk past the Esplanade Hotel when this performer of the Spanish OLE group had a bit of quiet time from performing at the Fremantle STREET ARTS FESTIVAL. It made for a nice photo.

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The Fremantle Esplanade Hotel are doing their bit to promote and support MOVEMBER, the month where men grow a moustache for 30 days to raise funds for research and support for prostate and testicular cancer and other men’s health issues.

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