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The beautiful hall of DADAA, the former Fremantle Boys School at Princess May Park, was packed full this morning for the launch of the CENTRE FOR ACCESSIBILITY  by Stephen Dawson MLC.

The CFA’s aim is to promote digital access for people with a disability. This is not about compliance, but about people!

A short video showed the major issues for disabled people when accessing the internet. “Every website has got too many words. Very difficult to find stuff” “You want my cash, make your website accessible”

Stephen Dawson MLC said the Centre for Accessibility was about effectively engaging with on-line content and that it needs to be stressed that it is about independence for people with a disability.

The on-line informations needs to be available to everyone, as every person has a unique contribution to make to the community. Abled people sometimes take for granted what others don’t have. It is about breaking down the barriers!

The first three targets to improve on-line information are local government, providers of disability services and arts organisations. Many others will no doubt follow and make their on-line content more accessible to disabled people, e.g. add captions to video content, provide a transcript for audio-only content such as podcasts, audio volume needs to be adjustable, when using audio alerts also provide the visual equivalent.

The former Chair person of DADAA Helen Errington gave a very insightful speech with a lot of humour. She was not impressed with the early 8.30am launch and suggested to take the A out and make it a lunch next time.

Access to the internet means independence for us, she said, as it enabled her to do on-line food shopping, socialise via Twitter and Facebook, do research, find tradespeople and services, etc.

We were isolated before the internet and going out is often an ordeal. “Through the internet the mountain has come to Mohammed. We just want to be included”

I believe the Centre for Accessibility is a significant step forward toward real equality. It is practical and achievable rather than tokenism. See:

Well done to all involved. This is a great initiative, so very disappointing that I did not see anyone from the City of Fremantle in the crowd.

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A good number of people attended the Fremantle MARRIAGE EQUALITY rally and concert in Pioneer Park on Saturday afternoon.

I did not stay on for the music, so just a few photos of the start of the event.


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Marriage equality Aug 25


An early warning that there will be a marriage equality rally held in Fremantle on Friday week August 25 at 5 pm.

It will be under the Freo Rainbow container artwork at Canning Highway, opposite Cantonment Hill.

I support the rally and marriage equality, but question the location at that time of the day, as it will be dangerous crossing the very busy road during peak hour traffic.

I do appreciate the symbolism of the rainbow artwork, but is it really safe to have the rally there?


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It is International Women’s Day today, so a good opportunity to celebrate all the great and strong women all over the world.

In Fremantle we are lucky to be represented in State Parliament by Simone McGurk and Lyn McLaren, and we have three female Councillors in Hannah Fitzhardinge, Ingrid Waltham and Rachel Pemberton.

W.A very first female Senator Dorothy Tangny is recognised in a mural at the Norfolk Hotel.

Notre Dame University is also lead by a female Vice Chancellor Celia Hammond and the Fremantle Chamber of Commerce CEO is Olwyn Williams.

There is an abundance of wonderful, strong women in Fremantle who are community leaders in their own right.

Equality remains a dream unfortunately when women still get paid less than men and the top positions in Australia are predominantly occupied by men. That needs to change!

I am not a fan of quotas though because I believe women can make it on their own merit. Quotas are a bit of tokenism to make political parties, or governments look good.

I do recognise however that it is difficult for women to climb the corporate and political ladders when the majority of decision-makers are men.

Today is a day for women to celebrate their achievements and for men to contemplate why women are still not treated the same in 2017 and why there is still so much domestic violence against women.

We need to do a whole lot better and that starts with one simple word. RESPECT!

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Fremantle Network organisor Em Bagg, Dr Noel Nannup, Councillor Rachel Pemberton.

Fremantle Network organisor Em Bagg, Dr Noel Nannup, Councillor Rachel Pemberton.


The talk by indigenous elder Dr. Noel Nannup organised by the Fremantle Network last night felt a bit like one big bear hug from this very likeable man who never made accusations or portrayed himself or his people as victims.

Noel was all optimistic about the future of Fremantle and our journey together and said that we share this place now and it has to be done together. “Let’s take advantage of the awesome place we share.”

He told us he was exited about the opportunities we have at our finger tips to take Fremantle to a whole different level and said “Let’s take up the challenge of making this the best place to live in in the world.” But to not wait for governments to make things happen, but do it all together.

Noel said that the relationship between Aboriginal people and Fremantle Council has strengthened and that the healing process has already begun. “There is no room for heroes, only room for a better outcome.”

He expressed his deep admiration for his mother and women in general and told us he, like his seven siblings, had all left school at 14 but none of them had ended up in jail. The jail system is making money out of our people but the future is education, health and housing, Noel told us.

But it is important to lay a complete pathway for the future and do things better,  and not just talk and talk about action. “We have so many opportunities here in Fremantle.”

I walked away inspired and with hope and delighted to have met such a delightful man. Thanks Noel!

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It is INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY today, so here a small tribute to all women around the world, especially those who still have to fight for basic rights and equality. It is also a tribute to my very strong mother Annie and my equally strong sisters Marja, Bep and Anita.

I was amazed to learn last night on Q&A on ABC TV that women and girls in Australia still earn substantially less than men, even at executive levels where men on average receive $ 100,000 a year more than women in similar positions. It was also a surprised to learn that often girls receive less pocket money from their parents than their brothers do.

It’s time to let go off gender discrimination as it is ridiculous. Women rock!


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May Day poster

The annual MAY DAY celebrations and parade will be held in Fremantle again this Sunday on the Esplanade. There will be live music and entertainment, food stalls, a bar, and of course the unionists will march through the city centre at midday, so come and join the fun.

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Almost 300 people attended the Fremantle Notre Dame University talk on indigenous recognition in the Australian constitution by Fred Chaney. Chaney is a very inspirational, measured and likable man, who made it clear that “the devil is in the detail” when it gets to the stage of adding the recognition of Australia’s Aboriginal people to the constitution, and the referendum it requires to do so.

He quoted Aboriginal and Wadjela leaders and that it is the question of how the country deals with its history. Recognise how and recognise when, is the question, Chaney said, and that Edward Burton was right when he said there is no racial quality,there is inner quality.

Chaney was optimistic about the future and the changes he had already observed in Australia, especially with the mining/commercial industry no longer working against Aboriginal people but with them. It was also good that there is political unanimity with all parties supporting the recognition.

He asked if we will ever close the gap between non-indigenous and indigenous people, who die on average 15 years earlier than white people and he warned that closing the gap for many meant assimilation instead of equality.

Australians should admire, respect and glorify the magnificent survival of the Aboriginal people in this harsh continent and embrace their culture.

I have long argued that Australia will only have its real identity when it truly acknowledges and embraces our indigenous culture. Tokenism and empty words are not enough and the move toward recognition in the constitution is long overdue.

On that note, go and visit Fremantle’s Aboriginal Cultural Centre on Arthur Head, just five doors down from the Round House. Say Kaya(G’Day), sign up for a course and look at the beautiful art. 

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Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott is a thought-bubble kind of guy, like many of his ministers. The PM called for all people who live in our country to be part of “Team Australia” but he forgot that the coaching staff and team selectors of “Team Australia” are not that inclusive when it comes to who can play in our country.

Disabled people, Aboriginese, pensioners, single mothers, university students, the unemployed, asylum seekers, motorists, etc.etc.etc. are all not part of the team, or if they are, they are supposed to bring their own ball, have their own sports ground, and they can’t expect any support from that great Australia team.

“Team Australia” is not about looking after one’s team mates because it is only an opportunity for a select few.  Tony’s Team would be a much better name for “Team Australia” because that would indicate that Tony decide who can be on the team.

To have a real Team Australia we would need a much better and more compassionate coach….. Prime Minister.

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Women are very close to my heart, I just adore them, and with three sisters I learned early in life to respect them totally. So I just want to copy a Facebook message I posted about author Tara Moss‘ participation in this evening’s Q&A on ABC TV. What an outstanding woman!

Tara Moss I love you! What a great, eloquent and brave appearance on Q&A this eve. You are a remarkable person and your remarks about misogony and violence against women just need to be heard and heard and heard, until society yells and screams so long and loud that those men who believe they are the alpha males with a right to abuse women will finally get the message!

Roel Loopers

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