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International language students were on a fact finding mission in Fremantle on this glorious autumn morning, so I had to take these photos and give them some info about the Roundhouse and Whalers Tunnel.

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Former Fremantle Ports CEO Kerry Sanderson has been appointed the new Governor of Western Australia by Premier Colin Barnett on behalf of the Queen of England. She was the CEO of the Ports for 17 years and the Agent General in London after that.

Now bring on the republic so we can get rid of the monarchy in Australia, and these archaic institutions, that cost taxpayers a huge amount of money.

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This Fremantle operator received a Fremantle Chamber of Commerce Business Award for excellence in tourism, but that obviously does not apply to the banners promoting the great sailing experience. YATCH? I know typos. I am pretty good, or is that bad, at them myself. ; >)

Come on Starsand ‘yatch’ operators. It’s spring and the start of the new season, so get some new banners made with the correct spelling.

Join one of their sunset sailing tours. Very relaxing! They operate out of the Fishing Boat Harbour at the back of Little Creatures Next Door.

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Posted in australia by freoview on November 29, 2011

Is look the new like? For many years we have heard excited young people say like every third or so word, but now grown-ups seem to have their own like in look.

I noticed last season that many AFL coaches answered questions during media interviews, starting with the word look. I also heard ABC football commentators doing the same.

It is annoying, but even more so when a Minister in the Western Australian Government does it. This morning Minister Bill Marmion was ducking and weaving to try not to take any responsibility for the disastrous bushfires at Margaret River, during an interview with ABC’s Geoff Hutchison, but it was almost more annoying to hear this man start each and every sentence of his response with look.

The state government has a huge media department, so surely someone could make the minister aware that he sounds like a less than articulate half-wit. What is his media secretary doing? Just writing spin, instead of advising the boss to speak like a proper grow up person, I assume.

And look, guys, if you need a word to start a sentence with, listen would be the appropriate one to look for. You know, we look with our eyes and listen with our ears, so if you want to be heard, you’d better hope people will listen to your answers, instead of looking for them.

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P.S. I realise people in glasshouses should not throw stones. As a foreigner I make heaps of mistakes when writing and speaking English, but hey, listen, I’ve got an excuse. This is my third home language and I am still learning, so bear with me. %> )


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The constant attacks on the dress habits of Muslim women in letters to the editors and on talkback radio are the voice of intolerance. The “When in Rome, do as the Romans do” argument is a shallow one. If this applied why do thousands of Australians visiting Bali each year totally ignore the culture and habits of the people there, and have those who complain about the Muslims given one thought to the fact that when the English invaded Australia they absolutely ignored and dismissed the culture and tradition of the Aboriginal people who had been living here for many thousands of years?

Those who believe people coming here should change should walk the talk themselves. Freedom also means freedom of fashion, and thankfully the elegantly and colourfully dressed Muslim women often stand out in a crowd of overweight women in mini skirts, as I witnessed again on the Fremantle Esplanade on Sunday.

Rome is a long way away and also where the Vatican is, which is not actually an icon of tolerance. When in Rome…

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Posted in fremantle by freoview on March 15, 2011
Harbour Theatre presents…

Harbour Theatre, Fremantle’s only and original community theatre for 46 years,
is proud to present for our first production for 2011

By Peter Quilter
Directed by Tina Barker & Peter Kirkwood
(A Community Theatre production by Kind Permission of Dominie Pty Ltd)

Renowned British playwright Peter Quilter (Glorious!, End of the Rainbow), with more than a nod to Neil Simon,

mixes humour and pathos in “DUETS”,

Harbour Theatre’s first production for 2011. Directed by Tina Barker and Peter Kirkwood,

“DUETS” brings together four sets of characters, four crucial moments in a gloriously funny examination of love,

relationships and why the grass is never greener.

In Quilter’s play four very different and feisty mature age ‘couples’ appear in situations that could go any which way.

Jonathon (Trevor Dhu) and Wendy (Elizabeth Jansen) are two singles on a blind date, feeling their way very gingerly.

Janet (Paula Sayers) reveals her feelings for her boss, Barrie (Andy Markland), whilst waiting for party guests to arrive.

Shelley (Sherrilee Walsh) and Bobby (Rory Innes) go on holiday and arrive in their hotel room in Spain. Rather odd,

considering that they only recently been granted a divorce!

Angela (Ann Speicher) is having last minute tremors as she is about to take wedding vows for the third time,

and is having a heart to heart with her brother,

Toby (David McGarr). is a gloriously funny examination of the chaotic world of love, relationships

and why the grass is never greener.

An hilarious tribute to the strength and madness of the human heart.



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It’s the silly season, so since I am living in Fremantle, the city of artists, I decided last night that I would regurgitate my ARTSPEAK  lexicon, which I wrote a few years ago, out of frustration with the pretentiousness of language used by some art curators and writers. I won’t be putting the whole lot of them here, but only those made up words I like best. May it make you smile! @>)

ANGOSTURART: very bitter art, AORTART: painting from the heart, ARISTOCRART: art for the upper classes, ARTISOCIAL: not attending exhibition opening night, ARTPARITION: what artists see after drinking too much, ARTERCATION: dispute between artists, ARTHOLE: a void in artistic inspiration, ARTROCIOUS: very bad art, ARTITUDE: artist with inflated ego, ARTICLIMAX: exhibition opening night.

BASTART: unpleasant artist, CARTDAVER: dead artists, CARTERWAUL: artist reaction to bad review, CHARTLATAN: one who pretends to be an artist, COMARTOSE: artists after opening night, DALAI LAMART: head of national gallery, DESOLARTE: empty canvas.

EFFEMINART: gay art, EMULART: using other artists’ ideas, EXASPERART: art that irritates, FLABBERGART: astonished about art, GRAVEYART: unsold art works, GERIARTRIC: very old painter, HANSART: paintings for parliament, HIBERNARTING: having an artists’ creative block.

IGNORART: uninformed art, JUSTIFICARTION: explaining bad art, KAMASARTRA: erotic art, MAGNIFICART: painting of virgin mary, MARARTHON: an epic art work, OBSTINARTE: stubborn artist, OPERART: art by large people with big voices.

PARTHETIC: a bad exhibition, PROCRASTINART: having a show next year, or the year after, or…SABBARTH: a day of worshiping art, SALIVARTING: looking at erotic art, SCHOLART: person who studies art, SEPARARTE: when artists divorce, ULTIMART: highest form of art.

VERSARTILE: artists without own style, VOCARTION: urge to become an artist, VODKART: a lot of this makes all art look good, VULGART: indecent painting, VULVART: what male artists like to paint, WARTROBE: what artists wear, YART: the correct distance between paintings.

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