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Roundhouse school holidays


School holidays are a busy time for the Fremantle Roundhouse volunteer guides and it shows the dedication of the mainly seniors who come from wide and far to keep the Roundhouse open for visitors every day of the year.

Gino, who is pictured in the photo above, drives 45 minutes from Sorento to Arthur Head to provide his unique Italian charm. Other guides come from Darlington, Kelmscott and Rockingham to provide the invaluable tourist service. Without them the oldest public building in Western Australia might not have become the tourist attraction it is.

The Fremantle Volunteer Heritage Guides are in desperate need of more volunteers to do a day shift a week, or a fortnight. If you like to meet people from all over the world contact:

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The British frigate HMS Sutherland arrived in Fremantle Port on Thursday morning with all guns blazing.

We were surprised at the Roundhouse to unexpectedly hear the salute, which is a 16th century tradition when war ships entered foreign ports. It was to show that they had emptied all their guns and were no threat.

The HMS Sutherland is the first British navy ship to visit Australia in five years. It is a type 23 frigate and the 13th ship in the Duke class.

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FBH sunning


Those only interested in spewing negativity about Fremantle should take notice of the comments from overseas and interstate travellers who visit us.

The British Telegraph newspapers published an article stating that Perth was one of the coolest travel destinations in the world and mentions eclectic Fremantle that has undergone a huge transformation.

Food and drinks at the Coast on Port Beach and the East Freo Sweetwater rooftop bar are mentioned, and so are the Segway tours, Fremantle Markets, Maritime Museum and Arts Centre, and The Telegraph suggest to enjoy a swim at Bathers Beach.

And of course the Little Creatures brewery also got a mention.

I count my blessings daily that I live in Fremantle. We are so lucky to live here!

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I watched the very disappointing Time Walks episode by Tony Robinson about Fremantle on ABC TV last night.

I realise that it is probably priceless promotion for our heritage port city but I found it excruciatingly superficial.

As a presenter Tony Robinson is all about look at me, look at me, and his ‘reinactment’ of an historic moment at Fremantle Prison was at best bizarre, if not extremely weird.

I wondered what frantic Robinson was on and if maybe a Viagra pill might have gone the wrong way up to his brain.

It looked like one mad rush when in fact the TV crew would have been in Freo for several days, but the ‘doco’ lacked depth and forgot to mention 50,000 years of indigenous history. Ooops!

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What! A royal walkway in Fremantle to celebrate that Queen Elizabeth II occupied the throne for 63 years? A walkway at Arthur Head that only a few years ago became the Manjarree Trail to inform people about the Aboriginal history of the area.

Have people conveniently forgotten that British settlement of Western Australia did not happen at the invitation of the Wadjuk Nyoongar people but was forced upon them? Shall we ignore the atrocities at the Quod indigenous prison on Rottnest Island, the massacres and the Stolen Generations and the abuse handed out to Aboriginal children?

And why would we want to celebrate a selfish monarch not willing to step down and make way for her son Charles, who is now almost getting too old to become king,  because mummy does not care about his royal career.

Australia is well on its way to become a republic in the foreseeable future and we don’t need a path to celebrate the archaic institution of royalty.

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I have been thinking about the Committee for Perth suggestion that Fremantle should market itself as Little Italy because we have a high percentage of Italian restaurants and residents with an Italian background. It would be the same kind of  silly real estate marketing that suggests that Mandurah has a resemblance to Venice just because it has some canals.

Fremantle is Freo. It is unique and multicultural and has great character, and we have many Italians living here and many mainly mediocre ‘Italian’ restaurants. Let’s be honest, it is hard to find a true Italian restaurant in Fremantle that would be given more than a 12/20 rating by restaurant reviewers.

Our outstanding heritage architecture in the west end is British rather than Italian, so why should Fremantle pretend it is a little bit like Italy? It isn’t!

Fremantle is a fantastic summer festival city with the, in my opinion, outstanding Street Art Festival at Easter. That is what we should be promoting to overseas and interstate visitors, not the fact that we have a lot of restaurants who sell more or less the same kind of uninspiring pasta dishes.

Fremantle also has a real multicultural feeling with people from all over the earth living here, and making it even more exciting are all the international students at Notre Dame University who add colour and vibrancy to our city.

Fremantle does not look or feel Italian, it feels just like Freo and that is a very good thing and a great brand to promote, so why bother putting it into a drawer and pretend we are more Italian in Fremantle than Croation, English, Greek, German, Macedonian, Dutch, Irish, or whatever.

Freo is a great place to live and tourist who visit love it because it is so different from Perth. Only last week a couple who had just driven around Australia said for them Fremantle was the most beautiful city they had visited on their long journey. That is the stuff we need to be proud off and promote, not just one ethnic group who have made Freo their home.


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The times of just having a whinge on talkback radio, blogs or in letters to editors is over with the introduction of COMPLAINT CHOIRS all over the world. An innovation ideally suited to the grumpy, but creative and musically talented, Fremantle community I believe.

Complaint Choirs were conceived in Finland, made their way to Birmingham in the UK, and there are now 11 of these negative noise groups in Korea.

The Freo community, that feels ignored by Fremantle Council, would probably start a concert with All We Need Is Love, followed with an adaption to the Dylan song For Freo Council Needs a Changing and They’re The Devil in Disguise.

The lack of community consultation could see the revitalisation of the Pat Boone Song Lost Letters In The Sand, but FRRA could prefer Cauldron of Hate by Canibal Corpse or Def Leppard’s When Love and Hate Collide.

Freo Council under conductor Brad Pettitt could respond with its own Choir and sing the Bicycle Song by Red Hot Chilli Peppers, or Bike Ride to the Moon by The Nits. It only takes an additional word to make The Golden Bike Path a new version of the Chemical Brothers rendition.

The possibilities for great complaint concerts are endless and they could in time replace the boring community consultation session local governments run.

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The heat kept people away from Fremantle Australia Day celebrations and the numbers were well down from last year, but from 5.30 on the crowd started to turn up at Bathers Beach and the Esplanade.

The Citizenship Ceremony was as always relaxed and very enjoyable. Jamie van Egmond was awarded the Fremantle Citizen of the Year and the Fremantle Foundation the Community Group of the Year.

The fireworks are going off just now, so I hope everyone enjoyed them.

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I don’t want to be a party pooper, but when you watch the Australia Day fireworks today live in Fremantle or Perth, or on the TV from around the nation, think about how much better we could have spent the money instead of blowing up explosives in the sky. How often do we hear local governments tell us they don’t have funding for maintenance or new infrastructure and whilst acknowledging the history of the beginning of British settlement is appropriate, I wonder if we are not getting over the top with it and should use the money we spend on fireworks on something more worthwhile, e.g. a memorial on Rottnest Island for the indigenous people who were inhumanely treated there with hundreds of them dying on the island.

It is quite amazing that the carbon neutral, One Planet and ever so environmentally conscious City of Fremantle would organise fireworks because it creates pollution in the ocean and in the air we breath, and it scares the hell out of dogs.

Fireworks, according to experts, create smoke and dust that contains heavy metals, sulphur-coal and compounds and noxious chemicals. Barium creates intense green colours but is poisonous and radioactive, copper gives the brilliant blue colours but contains dioxin which is linked to cancer.

Cadmium, lithium,antimony,rubidum,strontium,lead,potassium nitrate are also commonly used for different fireworks effects.

I wonder what amount the City of Fremantle spent on today’s fireworks and the Council party they always have on the waterfront. Happy Australia Day!

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The cute little KELP BAR at Kidogo Arthouse on Fremantle’s Bathers Beach will be open on Australia Day from 12 midday to 11 in the evening. The place could long have been a permanent small bar if it weren’t for Fremantle Council creating new hurdles on the way to build toilets there for years.

Sit at the Indian Ocean in this lovely arty and relaxing heritage building and enjoy the fireworks and that we live in a country of freedom and beauty.

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