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The monthly Fremantle Network events are always interesting, and for those inclined so, they are also good opportunities to meet new people and network.

This evening Monday July 24 at 6 pm, upstairs at the National Hotel will have two speakers.

James Eggleston is undertaking groundbreaking research in the renewable energy sector, working on a pilot project at the WGV development that seeks to enable strata developments Australia wide to the benefits of solar PV and battery storage.

James is a PhD Researcher at the Curtin University Sustainability Policy (CUSP) Institute on an Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) scholarship.

Game changing transition to a more sustainable energy future is happening right here in Fremantle, come along to find out how.

Godfrey Baronie is a Freo local and the CEO of Mates in Construction, a non profit organization that works to reduce the extremely high rate of suicide among construction workers

Incredibly, 190 Australians working in the construction industry take their own lives every year, this means we lose a construction worker every second day to suicide.

Construction workers are six times more likely to die from suicide than an accident at work. For our young workers, the facts are that they are well over two times more likely to take their own lives than other young Australian men.

Godfrey’s joyful manner and lust for life is a shining light for people experiencing dark times.

Bar and kitchen will be open, so stay on for a bit, have dinner and support the National Hotel!

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WP 2

WP 1

Western Power must have won the Powerball as it is hard to imagine how our financially broke state can afford 41 vehicles attending one job at Hampton Road in Fremantle. I counted them.

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The future of Fremantle’s proposed solar power station on the former tip site is in doubt with approved tender FIRST SOLAR withdrawing from the project because of the power generation market and concerns about the limited site capacity.

The due diligence process was always going to be interesting as the heavily contaminated site would require costly intense soil removal and cleaning. As the contract photographer for the Midland Redevelopment Authority for 11 years I personally witnessed the huge and very time-consuming clean up of the former railway workshops area there, and one has to question if it is financially viable for a relatively small solar plant to invest that much money into the Fremantle project.

Sydney-based EPURON, who were the runner up during the tender process, will now do their due diligence and see if a smaller than the originally proposed 10 MW plant is viable. Time will tell.

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Fremantle will become one of the stops to recharge electric cars on the RAC-sponsored “Electric Highway’ from Perth to Augusta, the West Australian newspapers report today.

The charging time will only be 30 minutes but it is my understanding that at least two stops would be needed for a 300km trip, so that would add an hour of travel time to the journey. I wonder how attractive that is going to be in a modern world that is in a constant mad rush to get from here to anywhere and where the attention span of the information super highway is about 15 seconds.

I wonder where the Freo charging station will be.

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 Paul Connett, Professor Emeritus in Environmental Chemistry at St Lawrence University in Canton, New York will share his expertise and scientific knowledge about incineration impacts and safer zero waste solution. 6pm Tues 17th Feb 2015 Conference room Lotteries West House, 2 Delhi st, West Perth.

Dr Connett is also author of Zero Waste Solutions: Untrashing the Planet One Community at a Time.

This public forum is brought to you by The Alliance for a Clean Environment and Zero Waste WA.

The WA EPA has approved four waste to energy incinerators for WA, despite claims that these technologies will increase recycling and provide renewable energy. The reality is that they are the dirtiest and most expensive form of energy production, releasing more ghg’s per unit of energy than both coal and gas, as well as toxic persistent organic pollutants, for which there is no safe level of exposure.

Where these plants operate elsewhere in the world they undermine the recycling sector by having to burn recyclable materials to maintain commercial viability. This is not the sustainable waste management future WA needs or deserves.


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Info from the Fremantle ECOBURBIA mob:

 A father’s search to find the healthiest building materials leads him to the completion of the nation’s first hemp house.

Hemp with lime is a non-toxic, energy-efficient, mildew, fire and pest resistant building material.

The drawback — although research is legal in some states, hemp remains off-limits to almost all U.S. farmers.  Industrial hemp is a non-psychoactive plant, grown in 31 other countries that makes 1,000′s of sustainable products and offers solutions for global warming, nutrition, poverty and deforestation. 

In the U.S., hemp could be a money-making crop for farmers and create jobs. But why can’t Americans grow it?

BRINGING IT HOME tells the story of hemp: past, present and future and a global industry that includes textiles, building materials, food products, bio-plastics, auto parts and more.

There will be a speaker and time for questions and discussion about the use of hemp in WA after the movie.

This movie will be held at Replants, 96 Wray Avenue this Friday August 1. Doors will open at 6.30pm for dinner and conversation. The meal is BYO. The movie will start at 7.30 so we can have some discussion afterwards. Come prepared to share your thoughts. The venue is not heated or cooled so please dress appropriately and bring doonas etc



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building the new


It’s sometimes good to listen to the old fellas, like Socrates, so take these thoughts on your journey today, Fremantle.

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It is a great worry for the environment so close to Fremantle that the conditions in Cockburn Sound are getting worse, with seagrass in alarming decline and the cray fishing industry despairing that there is not much to catch in the Sound. Fishery was closed in the Sound for about three years and only re-opened a year or so ago, but the environmental decline means that crabs have all but gone.

The Cockburn Sound Management Council reports the seagrass decline is partly to blame on abnormally high ocean temperatures, but that other factors might also play a role and that needs to be investigated.

The way we humans treat the environment is pretty disgraceful. We leave our rubbish everywhere, are still burning coal as if there is no tomorrow, while alternative energy research does not get enough support to have a major impact, unlike some European countries who strongly support, solar, wind and other alternative energy providers.

The report that W.A. might have serious problems, in only six years from now, to have enough natural gas for our domestic supply adds another worry to our energy problems. It’s time our governments took the environment more serious, protected it better and invested much more in the research of alternative energy technology.

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I received the email below from CUSP student Christine, so would like to help her of course:

My name is Christine, I’m a PhD candidate at CUSP (Curtin University). I’m starting a project in Fremantle, where I’ll be looking at the energy consumption and sustainability of 10 houses, investigating the links between household behaviour, consumption and house design.
The aim of this project is to understand how adequate is the current housing standard in WA and how household sustainability and policy could be improved. I’ll be working with Josh Byrne, who is the owner of ‘Josh’s House’ (

I’m now in the process of selecting the participant households. I would like to if you would be able to help by publishing a small article on your blog describing the project and calling for participants.

Many thanks,


Christine Eon MSc
PhD Candidate
Curtin University Sustainability Policy (CUSP) Institute
Research and Graduate Studies| Faculty of Humanities

Tel | +61 4 6644 7551
Email |
Web |



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The City of Fremantle is considering the development of a large solar farm on the former South Fremantle dump site. The City owns approximately 18 hectares of the site and tomorrow night the Strategic Planning and Services Committee will decide if it will go to an Expressions of Interest period to see if anyone wants to put a solar farm on the heavily contaminated site.

No doubt the contamination would make it a costly exercise, but in our climate solar energy should have a good future.

Attempts to get a wind farm in Freo have all but blown away because of Fremantle Ports’ decision not to allow it at Rouse Head and the North Mole.

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