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The new electric car free charging points at Fremantle’s Cappuccino Strip car park are now live.

The four 22 kilowatt charging points are compatible with most electric vehicles, with a one hour charge giving between 18-40 kilometres of driving distance depending on the car.

There are also two standard 240 volt charging points, which means all current electric cars can be charged up using the appropriate cables.

The chair of the WA branch of the Australian Electric Vehicles Association Richard Baird said the new charging points would be greatly appreciated by the owners of electric cars.

“Fremantle has always supported electric vehicles and it’s fantastic that they’ve allocated four electric vehicle charging bays for the Cappuccino Strip and all EVs are welcome,” Mr Baird said.

“Around Perth there are probably about 50 or 60 of these charging points but that’s growing all the time, and as more electric vehicles are sold onto the market we’ll see more charging stations go in.

“Most people charge at home overnight but when you’re out and about doing errands these charging points are fantastic.”

While the drivers of electric cars will still have to pay for parking, charging their cars will be free.

The charging stations are just one of the environmentally friendly features of the new Cappuccino Strip car park, which was built using recycled road materials and also features solar lighting, storm water capture and water-wise native plants.


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The new Cappuccino Strip carpark on the former Stan Reilly site near Fremantle Hospital and Fremantle Oval is scheduled to open early April.

Bitumen made of recycled road milling is being put down at present. It will capture rain water run off that will be used to water the water-wise plants.

There will be 156 car bays which will be lit at night by solar lighting, and there are also electric car charging bays.

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Dutchman Wiebke Wakker will soon be crossing from Indonesia to Australia and will hopefully also visit Fremantle on his epic journey.

Wakker, which means awake, has been on the road for 687 days in an electric car, visited 31 countries and has driven 60,000 kilometres without having to fill up at a petrol station.

His Plug Me In project gets him to ask people to allow him to recharge the car batteries and he has been welcomed everywhere. See more on

The always innovative and change embracing Dutch have a target of 200,000 electric vehicles on the road in the Netherlands by 2020. That’s a whole lot more than the meagre few hundred on Australian roads.

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The City of Fremantle will not build a charging station for electric cars on the Esplanade, that was going to be part of the RAC Electric Highway from Perth to Margaret River.

It turned out the solar charging station would need Western Power back-up and that would have driven the cost well over the budget council had allocated for it.

The sale of electric cars in Australia is very low and there are only a few in W.A. so it was always a waste of money in my opinion.

The City could also save money by not going ahead with the Esplanade hub near the Tourist Wheel, where it plans to build a food outlet for a burger bar.

I hear senior CoF officers are also not in favour of the hub and there is already the Fishing Boat Harbour hospitality hub just across the railway line with Joe’s Fish Shack, Little Creatures, Cicerello’s, Kailis, Char Char Bull, Bathers Beach House and Sweetlips.

It is just a ten-minute walk down Collie Street to the Grill’d burger bar and the same distance down Essex Street to Hungry Jacks.

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A report in the West Australian yesterday that the sales of electric cars in Australia has dropped by 90 per cent made me wonder what is happening with the Fremantle solar charging station as part of the RAC electric highway.

Sales of electric vehicles in Australia have always been very low so the One Planet $ 50,000 investment by the City of Fremantle appears to be money not well spent, as only a handful of drivers would use the charger.  The charging station at the Esplanade was supposed to start early last year but I have since been told by staff that the City is looking for another location for it.

Another One Planet project, the solar parklet near the Lenny the Ox cafe at Wray Avenue, is also very slow. The last I heard from the project manager was that it would start in December last year but that has not eventuated.

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Fremantle resident Andrew Luobikis’ Thinking Allowed in the Fremantle Herald today is worth reading as it makes some important factual points about electric cars and the City of Fremantle investing $ 130,000.00 in an electric vehicle charging station at the Esplanade carpark.

I have pointed out in previous blogs how low the use of electric vehicles in Australia is, but Luobikis, who works in the auto industry, adds a few more facts to that. There are only 170 registered electric cars in WA and the sale of electric cars is going down. According to Luobikis 100,000 cars were sold in 2015 but of that there were only 73 electric ones, so that is an extremely low percentage to justify the $ 130,000 outlay for a charging station hardly anyone will be using. In Australia more than one million vehicles were sold in 2015 but just 890 electric vehicles, Luobikis writes. I think that gets the point across very well.

Fremantle Council has been spending large amounts of ratepayers money on low hanging, low-impact, fruit that has no major benefit for the general community and is pure tokenism to minority interest groups. Have they even asked themselves why so few local governments on earth have signed up for One Planet, probably because more mature and realistic councils see it as a gimmick that wastes money that could be spent on far more worthwhile projects?

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According to a report in today’s Fremantle Herald the City of Fremantle will pay $ 130,000 for a super charging station for electric cars to be installed at the Esplanade Italian Club carpark as part of the RAC Western Australian so-called electric highway.

Freo Mayor Brad Pettitt told the Herald that some people will criticise the City for spending money on it but that it will hopefully attract more people to the city. This is plainly fanciful rubbish by the Freo Mayor as only 2,341 electric cars were registered in Australia between 2010-2014, so even if all of them would visit Fremantle it would hardly increase the visitors’ numbers to our city. When it comes to green issues our Mayor prefers to live in la-la land rather than dealing with facts.

$ 130,000 could pay for a few CCTV cameras that would help keep the actual visitors to Fremantle and its residents safe, instead of a charging station that will only be used a handful of times each month. It is also interesting to note that a Council that wants car parking on the periphery of the CBD and fewer cars in the inner city will install the charging station at the Esplanade instead of on the way to the south where the ‘electric highway’ is supposed to go from Perth to Margaret River.

Many people in Fremantle are seriously concerned about the lack of reality at the City of Fremantle where Council spend a lot of money on non-essential and low-priority issues rather than attacking the real challenges this city faces.

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The West Coast Eagles playing in the AFL Grand Final today probably means there is an official day of mourning in Fremantle, so why not have a great Sunday and get rid of the footy hangover.

Start with breaky, great coffee, fresh produce and heaps and lots of things at the delightful BIG GROWERS GREEN FARMERS MARKET, open from 8-12, move on to Kings Square to have a look at the future of motor vehicles-electric cars at the EV Festival, and from there walk on to the Fremantle Arts Centre for the first of this season’s Sunday Concerts from 2-4 pm.

Have fun in one of the best places on the planet!

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The EV Festival electric cars and bikes day will be held this Sunday October 4 from 10-4 at Fremantle’s Kings Square, so go and have a look. You could even win a scooter!

The City of Fremantle has been supportive of electric cars and even will be part of the ‘Electric Highway’ from Perth to Margaret River with a charging station here, but how realistic is that?

Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt wrote on Facebook “I am of the view that the future of transport is going to be increasingly electric and Freo has been supportive of these emerging and transformative technologies.” but his optimistic views are not based on reality. According to Wikipedia the number of highway-capable plug-in registered electric cars in Australia in December 2014 was only 2,314, so one can’t really say the public is embracing the new technology. To put that in perspective. 95,423 new vehicles were registered in Australia in August 2015.

When electric cars become cheaper, when charging times come down significantly, and when creative ways are used to include solar energy in the power mix for electric vehicles, we might get much higher numbers of electric cars on our roads. Up to then governments, especially small councils, should be prudent with their finances and invest in projects that make a difference to a large number of people and road users.

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ROEL FOR FREO! Beaconsfield Ward. Truly Independent.

Written and authorised by Roel Loopers of 5 Maxwell Street, Beaconsfield 6162


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Fremantle will become one of the stops to recharge electric cars on the RAC-sponsored “Electric Highway’ from Perth to Augusta, the West Australian newspapers report today.

The charging time will only be 30 minutes but it is my understanding that at least two stops would be needed for a 300km trip, so that would add an hour of travel time to the journey. I wonder how attractive that is going to be in a modern world that is in a constant mad rush to get from here to anywhere and where the attention span of the information super highway is about 15 seconds.

I wonder where the Freo charging station will be.

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