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The Town of East Fremantle has published a draft vision report for the East Fremantle Oval Precinct Revitalisation Project.

See it all here:



The precinct should be revitalised

A community and sporting space that is open to all

An inter-generational, inter-connected open space

A sporting precinct – with or without WAFL games

Preference to retain the entire precinct as a Class A Reserve

Affordable and equitable revitalisation with multiple funding options

Improve physical and visual accessibility into the precinct

Create shared facilities that meet the needs of clubs and community

Preference to retain the social heritage of existing clubs

Maximise use of existing areas, and better utilise underused space


There are two vision concepts with Vision Concept 1 Opening The Park, which supports to retain the current functional arrangements on site with the least/minimal intervention and extensive landscaping.

Vision Concept 2 Community Hub, supports the oval as a community hub in the heart of the precinct, surrounded by parklands which maximise connectivity, and visual aesthetic to all boundaries.

East Fremantle Council has stated it prefers the East Fremantle Football Club to stay at the oval and not as was flagged move to  Fremantle Oval and share facilities and playing ground with the South Fremantle Football Club.

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I went to East Fremantle Oval on Sunday afternoon to watch the Year 12 WAFL grand final between the Melville and East Fremantle football clubs.

My very special young friend Kyle Hutchison plays for Melville, but it was not to be. The Sharks boys won by about 4 goals, I think, but it was a fun game to watch any way.

It was disappointing to hear the mature East Fremantle supporter in rubber boots mouthing off on other spectators and the young umpires, even threatening a P-Plate driver he would find out where he lives. Sadly there are always a few in the crowd who need to be abusive.

Roel Loopers

CORRECTION! Sharks won by eight points!


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The Town of East Fremantle Electors AGM was a bit of a shock for the elected members when close to 150 people turned up to show their opposition to the planned East Fremantle Oval development. Two of the Town’s previous mayors spoke against the proposed sell off, with Jim O’Neill putting following motion to the meeting: “This meeting calls upon the TOEF Council to-not to proceed with any further planning of the rezoning of the East Fremantle A class reserve which is bounded by Marmion, Fletcher, Moss and Allen Streets and it remain as an A class reserve in its entirety- leave the croquet and bowling clubs in their present locations with their current land holding-a community group be formed that will work with the Council to ensure better public access and passive recreational development and landscaping to the East Fremantle Oval A class reserve that better address it’s A Class reserve status and community recreational needs”  The vote on the motion was 136 in favour, 2 against.

The huge majority vote contradicts statements made by the East Fremantle Mayor Alan Ferris that there are a lot of people who support the development plans for the A Class reserve. Those alleged supporters clearly could not be bothered to attend the Electors AGM.

A comment from the floor that those opposing the development were a group of Allen Street residents with a self-interest appeared off the mark. As someone commented “It must be a bloody long street then.”

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The proposed development of the East Fremantle Oval by the Town of East Fremantle is upsetting many of the locals who don’t want to lose one of the green lungs of their community, to bail out a struggling footy club. It is suggested part of the land will be sold for residential development or build other amenities on it. The development plans include Locke Park and the bowls and tennis club courts. The land was proclaimed an A Class Reserve in 1903 “for the purpose of the recreation of the people of East Fremantle”

I believe with the departure of the Fremantle Dockers from Fremantle Oval, the two councils and footy clubs should start talking to each other and consider a joined use by the East and South Fremantle football clubs of a newly developed Fremantle Oval. It would mean weekly WAFL games in Freo, which attract many people, while the green space in East Fremantle could be retained or even enlarged by only developing the site of the actual footy oval. That would make a significant contribution to enhance and improve the Marmion Street area. To have two rarely used football ovals only a few kilometres from each other seems very parochial and commercially not sustainable.

Roel Loopers

P.S. After I posted this three hours ago I was made aware that Graham Morgan suggested something like this on his Freo Ramble blog. I did not see that post, as I do not read every blog or blog article written in Fremantle, but of course I don’t have a problem to acknowledge Graham as a like minded blogger on this issue.

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