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There is nothing more annoying for me than sitting in the public gallery at Fremantle Council and Council Committee meetings and not being able to hear everything the Councillors are saying.

I admit that I am an old fella whose hearing is no longer as good as it was when I tried to pretend I had not heard my parents, and later on when I grew up, my gorgeous partners, when they told me off, but I just wished the elected members would take my less than 20/20 hearing into account and actually speak INTO the microphones supplied to them.

Councillors Ingrid Waltham and  Jenny Archibald have the softest voices of all elected members, but they keep the microphone somewhere left or right of a shoulder so I find it very difficult to hear their valuable contributions to the debates.

Other Councillors do have the microphone in front of them but then turn their head away to address the Mayor and that makes the mike rather useless, and it makes my life pretty frustrating when I do my very best to get a proper and fair account of the debate, so I can report it on Freo’s View.

Thank you so much for your consideration Councillors! Should I wish for hearing aids for Christmas?

Roel Loopers


Posted in fremantle by freoview on May 18, 2012

It is good to see that when all parties are willing to collaborate and talk, rather than starting legal action, that good outcomes can be achieved. The Fremantle west end wheel squeal issue has shown that Fremantle Ports, National Rail and FICRA worked together to find a solution for the awful noise, and achieved to do so after many tests.

Nowadays there is hardly any wheel squeal because the rails are being sprayed with water before and during container trains pass through the curve at Arthur Head. Although the tests would have cost quite a bit of money, the rails reticulation cost would hardly be an issue. Great outcome!

Roel Loopers

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NOISE! It drives me mad at times. There is noise everywhere I go. The quiet morning coffee with a newspaper in Fremantle is spoiled because kitchen and waiting staff in cafes need their noise fix, without it they can’t perform their duties it appears.

In bars and restaurants one has to shout to be heard, and often one just sits nodding, pretending to hear what the other person is shouting at you.

Why do people need all that constant music. Are they afraid silence will force them to think and connect with the inner self?

Joggers can’t listen to the silent of the morning, but need to have earphones in to listen to mindless music, instead of the sound of waves, wind, or their own footsteps.

Televisions are left on while people entertain guests, so we all hear the noise we are not actually listening to, or interested in.

The BOOM, BOOM, BOOM music in nightclubs and bars mixed with alcohol and drugs surely must be partly to blame for the aggressive behaviour of many patrons. The mind cannot relax, there is no way of communicating over the extremely loud and repetitive noise, so let’s glass someone for the fun and boredom of it all.

Many of us go out to socialise, meet up with friends, report the latest gossip, talk politics, football, kids and schools, but the mind numbing music takes over and does not allow us to enjoy the moment. Why do we have to endure that?

Like most people I enjoy good music. I love to go out and listen to a good band now and then, have a dance and fun, but there is a time and place for it. 24/7 music is not what I need or want, and I don’t want it forced upon me by those who lack consideration, especially not if I am a paying guest.

Turn your music way down you guys in the hospitality industry, or you’ll have to do without my business and that of many of my friends. We want quiet quality time together, not anti-social noise pollution!

Roel Loopers

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