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kings square paving


It’s all fenced off and obscured from people observing the ‘secret’ pavement trial at Kings Square.

This is being done so Council can approve what the pavement at Kings Square will look like once the new Civic Centre has been built.

I had a peek over the fence to keep my Freo’s View readers in the loop.

Roel Loopers


Posted in fremantle, markets, perth by freoview on October 13, 2015

Swan River Community Markets

I don’t often promote things that are happening in Perth because Freo’s View is a Fremantle, blog but the new SWAN RIVER COMMUNITY MARKETS at the new Elizabeth Quay is managed by our own Freo’s Kylie Wheatley of Red Tent Events and I’ll be the supervisor, so come along and support us!

We are starting this Saturday October 17 from 8 am till 1 pm. Not ideal for me because it is Council election day, but that’s just the way it is.

Leave your car at Murdock station and hop on the train to the Esplanade station and you’ll be there, or take the train from Freo to Perth and walk 15 minutes from there to the Belltower.

And all of you from all over Perth, please do come and support the market as it is a six-week trial, so if you don’t turn up the market will not continue.

See you on Saturday! SHARE THIS POST PLEASE!

Roel Loopers

ROEL FOR FREO! Beaconsfield Ward. Truly Independent.

Written and authorised by Roel Loopers of 5 Maxwell Street, Beaconsfield 6162



Posted in city of fremantle, elections, local government by freoview on September 23, 2015

Three community concerns got most of the attention at last night’s Election Forum for the Beaconsfield and Hilton Wards. Trees, tiny houses and traffic were discussed most, and rubbish left on verges for months.

We want more trees, protect the ones we’ve got better, and don’t kill all of them whenever we develop a piece of land. And more care could be taken about our parks and public green spaces in general.

Tiny houses filling up back yards were also a concern. What about social issues, noise, parties and parking and putting dwellings in green spaces will reduce the green lungs of our suburbs, will remove more trees and bushes and might create more problems than solutions. How many tiny structures should Council allow in a backyard, what about the design and visual appearance of them?

The Hilton townsite traffic problems and the danger of crossing South Street between Hilton Fresh and IGA at Paget Street was a serious concern. How can we slow motorists down and actually make them stop at red traffic lights near the pedestrian crossing. Visual communication through large planter boxes, etc. need to make people aware Hilton is not a four-lane semi-industrail area but one where the community goes shopping.

Community forums before elections are very important for the community to let candidates know what their concerns are and ask questions. There is one this Thurday for South Ward at the LOCAL, former Seaview Hotel from 7 and one on October 8 at the Fremantle Tennis Club for City Ward, so go and take part!

If candidates are more interested to tell the electorate what they are going to do instead of listening to the electorate telling them what they should be doing, community consultation is not happening. If they have all the answers without knowing the questions, be aware of fast talking candidates who fill up the forums and waste time with self importance.

Roel Loopers


Written and authorised by Roel Loopers. 5 Maxwell Street. Beaconsfield 6162


Posted in fremantle by freoview on May 10, 2015


Change is often hard to achieve because so many people fear it. They rather hold on to a mediocre status quo than embracing change. If change means positive progress and a way of doing things better to the benefit of the community we should all embrace and support it. We don’t have to reinvent the wheel though.

Roel Loopers


Posted in fremantle, western australia by freoview on September 17, 2014

There is a good opinion piece in the West Australian today about the local government reform process and the fact that so many councils do not want it to go ahead, or want it but with different boundaries. The question is if the WA State Government will be brave enough to push through the controversial forced amalgamations, which would constitute another broken election promise for the Barnett government. It could well become a huge election platform at the next election with the likelihood that many communities would be very angry with the Liberal Party for implementing boundary changes they don’t want.

Especially in the Liberal stronghold western suburbs this could become a real issue and while that might not personally affect Colin Barnett, who is unlikely to continue, it would make it much harder for his predecessor and his party to win another term in government.

I see great benefits for a Fremantle merger with East Fremantle and strategic parts of Melville and Cockburn, but to combine seven or nine western suburbs would be a far more challenging process, especially since most of them are against it. But even further east Bayswater is not happy to go with the City of Swan, or whatever.

The whole process of getting more submissions to more proposed changes to council boundaries is starting to look more like a shambles, that the National Party does not want to be part of.

Local Government reform will fail anyway because State Government is not brave enough to also want to implement it in the country where amalgamation probably would be very effective for the smaller councils.

Can we anticipate that the Barnett government will keep delaying the implementation of the reform in fear of an election backlash? If so, what would that mean for the individual councils who really can’t engage in long-term strategic planning unless the time line for amalgamations is firm and definite. Investors and developers would also want to know where they invest their money, so an indefinite delay is unacceptable.

Let’s see what Local Government Minister Tony Simpson will announce in a few weeks from now.

Roel Loopers


Posted in fremantle by freoview on April 12, 2014

I went to the PECHA KUCHA event at the Fremantle Fibonacci Centre last night and what a ‘food for thought’ evening it was. What impressed me most was that the audience was made up mainly of young people under 35 and that the place was packed. It shows that only when groups do things differently they remain relevant. Some struggling established community, political and artistic groups should take heed off that.

The format was very simple. Invite 12 people from different parts of the community to show 20 images and speak about each one for twenty seconds. Toby Whittington from Green World Revolution, graffiti artist Lady Bananas, Paul Pule from Men Alive Australia, the founders of Higher Ground Coffee, Fibonacci’s own delightfully quirky Robby Lang, photographer Aaron Bradbrook, designer Sheree Dornan from Love in Tokyo, games designer Kate Raynes-Goldie and Freo Mayor Brad Pettitt all talked about REVITALISATION, that was the theme of the night.

It was a fascinating, inspiring, thought provoking and a very relaxing evening, and it was also nice to see that the organisors were happy to only charge $ 5.00 entry fee and the same price for beer and wine. The Blinco Street Cafe served yummy curries.

I will make sure to remain in contact with the worldwide Pecha Kucha movement and be at the next events in Freo or Perth.

Roel Loopers



Posted in fremantle by freoview on January 29, 2014

I am happy to report that Fremantle Council this evening agreed to defer the Queensgate development until clarity has been received from the Design Advisory Committee on the status of Exceptional Design Quality of the proposal. Councillors Massie and Pemberton at the Planning and Services Committee rightly questioned the ambiguity of the advise given and that it not clearly stated it was of exceptional design quality, as I did here on the blog, and so did several people who left comments about it.

No matter how annoying it might be for some Elected Members, proper process needs to be followed, and one should not make assumptions about the intent of an expert panel. The DAC need to be clearer in its reporting to council, so that unclear recommendations do not unnecessarily delay development in our city.

The Henderson Street Warders Cottages attracted some debate, but at the end Council agreed to keep negotiating with the Department of Housing about a freehold lease and substantial contribution by State Government to the initial conservation costs.

Councillor Andrew Sullivan saw it as a priority to sort out the future of the cottages in context with the substantial Kings Square development, while Councillor Bill Massie did not support it because the State owns the cottages and they should not become a ratepayers’ liability.

Councillor Josh Wilson warned that the estimated costs for renovating the cottages would not be anywhere near the real costs because heritage buildings always cost a lot more, and said council should be clear they are the only party who want action on this, and that the State is not even doing basic stewardship on the buildings. He preferred if the State gave a 99 year peppercorn lease to a private company.

The most passion in the debate came from Councillor David Hume, who said the cottages were some of the most important and iconic buildings in Western Australia and that Council had a responsibility to Fremantle and the State to look after them. He had no confidence that any State Government would spent anything on the cottages now or in the future. “We have to do something to preserve this heritage” Hume said, even if it did not add up in a financial sense. How can these derelict buildings be attractive for tourism, he asked.

I agree with my friend and President of the Fremantle Society Henty Farrar, who said when we left council, that to leave the cottages and do nothing, would be akin to having dog shit in front of your house door, that the whole family constantly steps into, but refuse to clean it up because it is not yours.

The Warders Cottages are a Fremantle icon and we need to preserve them at any cost, even if the State Government is derelict in its duty.

Roel Loopers




Posted in fremantle by freoview on August 22, 2011

I had a look on Saturday at the new paving at Queen Victoria Street and the bits they have done so far look very good. One of the city workers on site said it was a shame they put it there because no one walked there and it was very expensive footpath surface to put down.

One has to wonder why the City of Fremantle is spending so much money in that location, while no concrete plans exist yet for new buildings to be erected there any time soon. Inner city traders would have been delighted to get the drab footpaths in the Mall and on the Cappuccino Strip replaced with something more appealing, so who at the CoF decides what the priorities are?

Even from a practical point it does not seem right. Should any new buildings be created along Queen Victoria Street, parts of these very expensive footpaths would have to be demolished for drive ways, etc. and might get damaged anyway from heavy trucks, delivering building materials and concrete, driving onto them. Seems a waste of money to me.

Roel Loopers



Posted in fremantle by freoview on August 10, 2011

Just imagine for one frightening moment that this could be the Fremantle Town Hall, let’s say 15 years from now. Would you like it?

Photographed of course in Perth, the city that elected height over heritage,  and allowed many of the majestic old buildings to be demolished.


Posted in fremantle by freoview on June 28, 2011

The W.A. Planning Commission has approved plans to start the redevelopment of the Eastern Gateway to the city at Queen Victoria Street.  Up to five storey buildings will be allowed along that street, while those on Beach Street facing the harbour can be as high as seven.

This will not please everyone in Fremantle and I fear that buildings of such heights could create a windtunnel and also lack of sunlight in Queen Victoria Street, however I feel the area is well suited for multi-storey buildings, although I personally would have preferred a maximum of 4 storey buildings there and only 5 at Beach Street.

There is no doubt that Fremantle needs development, more vibrancy and more inner city residents and this is a start. I just pray to all the gods in the whole universe that we get really beautiful buildings there, and not the cheap, easy and fast, boring blocks we see all over Perth. That is now the challenge for the council. Don’t approve cheap and boring, PLEASE!!!

Roel Loopers


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