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A small article in today’s West Australian reported that David Templeman, the Minister for Local Government, had announced that 15 per cent of, or 22 local councils in W.A. were considered to be high risk by the department.

They include the City of Perth, Fremantle, Kalgoorlie, Exmouth, Derby, Carnarvon, etc. but the article did not go into detail as to why these councils are judged to be high risk.

The claim about Fremantle’s finances has been made before, and rejected by the City, but I thought it would be prudent to ask them for a comment. Here it is:

Today’s page 14 newpaper article in The West Australian: ‘More councils high-risk’ has named the City of Fremantle as being identified by the Department of Local Government as ‘high risk’.

The City assumes it was included in this list due to a one-off low Financial Health Indicator (FHI) score for the 2015/16 financial year. The lower than usual score was caused by a combination of factors including a change in accounting methodology used by the City to simplify the way overhead costs are recorded. This change artificially inflated the year-on-year operating expenditure in 2015/16.

With this anomaly addressed in subsequent budgets, the City’s FHI score will normalise back to its long-term healthy trend when the 2016/17 audit is completed.

In previous reports issued by the Department of Local Government the City of Fremantle has not ever been classified as being in any risk category, let alone a high risk.

The City is independently audited each year and no audit has ever indicated any fundamental issues or problems with the City’s medium or long-term financial viability.

I wonder if it should not be a matter of course for the Department of Local Government to notify local councils of their findings and concerns and offer support to them, and clarify how they reached the findings.


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It looks like a lot of people will be going to church this Sunday, but it will be the one in Subiaco, if we can put any faith in the big banner of the Roof&Wall Doctor in Freo’s Essex Street.

“In Ross we trust” the banner screams at us, so supposedly Ross is the big G and his Derby tactics the bible. OMG how blasphemist.

It is near certain the Fremantle Dockers will defeat the depleted West Coast Eagles, but while you’re enjoying the big win just keep it in perspective. It’s only a footy game, we Eagles supporters will tell you Dockers fans, and there are far more important things in the world. Yep, like buying lots of tissues and booze to cope with the loss. It will be a blue Monday. ; > (

Roel Loopers


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Hippy Roel

I thought you could all do with a bit of a smile before the extreme seriousness of a football game called The Derby.

This is a photo of a very young Roel Loopers, when I worked as a press photographer in Nuremberg, West Germany in the 1970s. How life has changed!

Roel Loopers


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Portrait of Alfred Umbugai by Tessa McOnie

Portrait of Alfred Umbugai by Tessa McOnie

I mentioned the RETURN.COUNTRY exhibition by Tessa McOnie at the Fremantle PS Art Studios in Pakenham Street before it opened, but finally went and had a look at it today. Don’t miss it!

This young lady can paint alright. Her large realist portraits of the beautiful character faces of the Mowanjum Community near Derby are sublime, and when one meets Tessa one understands why. She is such a delightful person everyone would relax with. Instead of a big ego she has a delightful personal quality and painting skills.

The exhibitions is only open for three more day until the 27 so go and see it NOW!

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Portrait of Alfred Umbugai by Tessa McOnie

Portrait of Alfred Umbugai by Tessa McOnie

There is an art exhibition opening this Friday September 12 at 6.30 pm at the PS Art Studios in Pakenham Street, Fremantle.

RETURN COUNTRY is a show by 24 year-old artist Tessa McOnie of fascinating portraits of the great character faces of the Mowanjum Community near Derby in the Kimberley region of Western Australia.

The show runes till September 24 and is open daily from 11 am to 4 pm.

It is also a good opportunity to try out the great coffee and jaffles at Studio 37 Coffee Bar.

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I have to be careful not to make this blog a noticeboard full of free advertising, but my friends at the Fremantle Workers Club asked me to help promote this Heritage Festival event, so here the info about the Beatles Singalong there on Saturday evening.

It’s the night before the Dockers will get trashed by the mighty West Coast Eagles, so you Dockers tragics might as well built up positive energy on Saturday night to help you with Sunday’s disappointment. Go the Eagles!

Roel Loopers

Bernard Carney presents his popular Beatles sing-along                                         
Fremantle Workers’ Club 9 Henry St                       
Saturday 26 May 8pm
Re-live the music of your youth and sing your heart out.

Full Beatles band with John Reed, Reuben Kooperman and Rob Kay.
Tickets:  $15/ $10 Children and Workers’ Club members.

Available from the Club 93351840 or and Bodkins Bootery, 72 High St.


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Aboriginal artists from the Mowanjum community near Derby will exhibit their exquisite paintings at Japingka Gallery in High Street in Fremantle. Opening is 6pm today, Friday. October 15.

Don’t miss the stunning Wandjina spirit works by Donny Woolagooda.

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