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The Fremantle Spare Parts Puppet Theatre building is getting a modern facelift in form of a so-called exo-skeleton. It’s a kind of Zimmer frame for buildings, as the images above show.

The Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries commissioned North Fremantle Slavin Architects to help solve a problem identified with the Spare Parts building at Pioneer Park.

Slavin Architects were engaged by the Department to assess the external walls which were showing signs of potential structural instability.

Instead of demolishing and rebuilding the walls, which would have had a dramatic impact on Spare Parts future programs, Slavin Architects took a more lateral approach which was to brace the outside of the building with an ‘exo-skeleton’ or space-frame. Not only was the cost substantially lower than rebuilding the walls, but the time lost was minimal.

“The minimalist works provide an elegant and sculptural solution to a building of cultural and social significance to the City and the State.


Posted in fremantle by freoview on September 14, 2013

While Fremantle mayoral candidate Matthew Hanssen says he supports amalgamations, without saying which one he’d prefer for Fremante, the SUBIACO POST newspapers reports that the Department of Local Government has admitted in a 100 page guide book that council mergers will be very expensive and “will not be achieved without incurring some significant and contingent costs.” It goes on to say that “Experience has shown that the logistics associated with changing signage etc may be significant and will more than likely incur substantial contigent costs.”

It is clear that IT technology would also costs council amalgamations a lot with new websites, computer and telephone systems, etc. and the guide book to the councils admits that “Information technology may involve significant costs and implementation resources as well as staff training requirements.”

State Government is yet to come clear on who is going to have to cover these costs, but it is likely the local councils will have to carry the burden of it, at the expensive of services and improvements to the councils.

I highly recommend you read the editiorial on the front page of the Subi Post by its owner/editor Bret Christian, who rightly points out how important local councils are and the enormous workload they already have. Let me quote the last paragraphs of Bret Christian’s article: “My best guess is that the new councillors will disengage. Important decisions will be delegated to staff, to be made without scrutiny. Democracy will suffer-and suffer badly.”

It is my personal opinion that local councils are being taken for granted by the community and State Government, and that the community does not recognise how important local government and access to councillors is.  Once lost we will regret we did not act and try to retain this essential form of government and democracy.

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