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I had an early 6.30am catch up coffee with former Fremantle Councillor Dave Coggin at Il Cibo this morning. He is a man I greatly respect and really like and he is now working at the WA Premier’s Department.

When we walked out of the cafe Dave pointed at the railway station, saying “Look at that light!” I wandered over of course to take this stunning photo of it.

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The lease of the DADAA building at Beach Street and the establishment of a new Aboriginal cultural centre was debated at length at full council of the City of Fremantle last night. I am happy that common sense prevailed and that an amendment by Deputy Mayor Dave Coggin was endorsed by his fellow Councillors.

Coggin said that it was important to resolve the process and then decide on the location of a new cultural centre for the Whadjuk Noongar people.

“I don’t believe we have enough information to understand the needs for a potential new indigenous cultural centre or any other type of indigenous community centre that might be positive in Fremantle. We should be taking a best practice approach to this issue by identifying and understanding the needs, engaging with the community, and identifying potential delivery models, with a focus on governance, funding and management.

Once we have been through this process, we will be in a position to make an informed decision about our support for such a facility, with the full knowledge of why it is needed, what it can achieve, and what is appropriate governance, funding and delivery model.

This report agreed at 1-3 will separate the issue of indigenous cultural centre from the availability of 21 Beach Street. It is likely that the process will take 12 months, and it is not appropriate for a valuable community asset at Beach Street to go unutilised during that time. Furthermore, the availability of Beach Street is currently driving the policy process, which is suboptimal.”

Councillors Hannah Fitzhardinge and Doug Thompson said it was putting the cart before the horse nominating Beach Street as the preferred location, before proper  communication had been done. Thompson also said he was not really sure what a cultural centre means was. “Get Beach Street out of the equation or we might end up with a sub-optimal solution.” But Councillor Rachel Pemberton feared that if the Beach Street property was leased to others ‘We might end up with no location” for the Aboriginal centre.”

Councillor David Hume said there is always another building and that it was a poor concept.

Councillor Jeff McDonald was worried about legal ramifications for the City as far as the equal opportunity and racial discrimination acts are concerned.

Here the full wording of the amendment:

Council endorses a process for officers to prepare a report that reviews and considers all issues in relation to the provision of an indigenous cultural centre in Fremantle.

That this process includes, but is not limited to, the following elements:

Identification and data-driven explanation of local and regional indigenous community needs in relation to indigenous cultural centre/s, community centre/s or other community-related facilities.
A comprehensive engagement plan that: identifies and engages with all indigenous community members in the Fremantle region; obtains advice from South West Land and Sea Council regarding the project and consultation; and, engages with other regional indigenous service providers.
Analysis of the performance of the current WACC since its opening. Identification of external funding opportunities.
Identification of options for potential models, including evaluation and description of potential governance, management and operational elements.

Council approves funding of up to $20,000 be provided through the budget review process to undertake this review.

That Council approve the request for proposal (RFP) process for 21 Beach Street, Fremantle outlined in the report to Finance Policy, Operations and Legislation Committee on February 8 2017, and based the following selection criteria:

Strategic alignment (20%): The use of the building must assist in achieving some or all parts of the following Strategic Community imperatives:

  1. People – Create places for people through innovative urban and suburban design
  2. Green – Develop environmentally sustainable solutions for the benefit of current and future generations.
  3. Health and Happiness – creating an environment where it is easy for people to lead safe, happy and healthy lives

Page 3

Additional Documents – Ordinary Meeting of Council 22 March 2017

d. Create – A dynamic innovative city with a strong knowledge economy and arts sector.

  1. Financial sustainability (15%): the building’s use will be supported by a self-sustaining funding model and/or evidence of sufficient seed funding to enable a sustainable model to be developed – allowing it to operate successfully for the entirety of the agreed lease term.
  2. Precinct integration (20%): The building’s use will integrate and/or compliment the surrounding community facilities and activation of the surrounding Reserve.
  3. Community Development Outcomes (30%): to what extent the proposed use of building delivers community development outcomes.
  4. Capacity (15%): Proposal promotes optimal use of the premises including land/building area utilisation and time frames of use throughout the week.

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East Ward Councillor Dave Cogging was this evening elected the new Deputy Mayor of the City of Fremantle in a contest with Councillors Jon Strachan and Rachel Pemberton.

Councillor Coggin has been an astute, no nonsense member of Fremantle Council since 2009 and serves on the Strategy and Planning Committee, the Finance, Policy, Operations and Legislation Committee and on the Library Advisory Committee.

The election became necessary after Josh Wilson resigned from council to contest the Federal seat of Fremantle for the Labor party.

Congratulations Dave!

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The concept plan for the Fremantle Park Club amalgamation of the Fremantle Lawn Tennis, Fremantle Bowling, and Fremantle Workers clubs was on the agenda at Wednesday’s City of Fremantle Strategic Planning and Services Committee, which was tightly and professionally chaired by Councillor Dave Coggin.

The “clearly defined project” could become a model for other clubs in the area and is considered major infrastructure in the inner city, with the possibility of also building a City carpark on the Parry Street site.

A merger of the clubs would be very good for the east of the inner city and would create much-needed recreational and sports facilities for new residents, like those of Heirloom by Match, moving into the area. It would sit well close to the Leisure Centre and only a two-minute walk from the future Hilton Hotel, so hotel guests could also benefit from the new clubhouse, that should include a gym.

I believe this would be an exciting development for the rather dull area along Ellen and Parry streets that could invigorate the clubs and that part of the city.

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The Saturday event at Kings Square, organised by Mayor Brad Pettitt, was yet again one of those lovely Fremantle community building moments. Following on from the very successful and delightful Cappuccino Strip Street Club, Brad organised a morning of ping pong, bocci and coffee, which was enjoyed by the young, the old and a couple of dogs.

Councilor Dave Coggin and his partner made fresh coffee, while Councilor Robert Fittock showed off his wild beard growth while dancing around the ping pong table.

The Mayor proved he is a gun at table tennis, but made the tactical mistake of beating me at it, which means his chances of re-election will be slim, as my vote will go to the person who lets me win a game in any sport. &>)

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