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The new shade structure in front of the Fremantle Port Passenger Terminal is nearing completion with workers putting the glass panels on top of the steel frame this morning.

The upgrade of the terminal was an important factor in Princess Cruises’ decision in making our port their home port this season.

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I took this photo of Fremantle Port from Cantonment Hill this morning, just from below the Fremantle Volunteer Sea Rescue signal station.

In port are the cruiseliners Europa and Seven Seas Navigator. The $ 100 million private yacht EOS is also still at berth at Victoria Quay.

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Spanish shipbuilder Navantia is considering spending millions of dollars on building new port facilities south of Fremantle at Henderson.

The new port would service big LNG tankers and navy vessels, but it would need to make substantial expansion to the dry dock facilities.

At present the multinational oil and gas  giants mostly send their LNG tankers to Singapore for maintenance, but Navantia believes they could do that closer to the oil and gas fields on the WA west coast.

It would be nice to create more employment close to Fremantle as that might trigger residential relocation of workers to our port city.

Interesting to note a protest leaflet by the Maritime Union of Australia against the push for a new outer harbour at Kwinana by Kwinana Mayor Carol Adam. The MUA claims it would cost 6,000 jobs and that Fremantle Port believes a new port is not needed until 2035-2040.

It is very busy in Freo Port today with two cruiseliners I had not seen before; the Europa and the Seven Seas Navigator are at berth at Victoria Quay and three container ships and one RoRo vessel at North Quay.

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cruising 2

cruising 1

According to the Fremantle Ports ‘shipping movement’ this morning the Queen Mary II was scheduled to departure at 5.30pm, but after an hour and a half of waiting the cruise liner had not moved from berth. It turned out when I got home that the new departure time is 10.30pm instead.

But my waiting on the South Mole was not in vain as I got a nice shot of the Astor and QM II together and Astor leaving port just before sunset.

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The majestic Queen Mary II cruiseliner arrived in Fremantle Port early this morning for a day visit to our historic city.

Thousands of passengers are roaming the streets of Freo so say hello and give them some directions if they appear lost.

The ship will be leaving at 5.30 pm this afternoon.

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It is a very busy day at Fremantle Port this Friday with ten vessels at berth.

At Victoria Quay there are three cruise liners, the delayed Regatta that was supposed to sail out last evening, the Astor, and the Silver Shadow, which arrived just after 1 pm.

There is also a RoRo vessel and two supply ships at Victoria Quay.

At North Quay there are three container ships and one scrap metal vessel.

Lots of pleasure boats also passing through the port plus the Rottnest Island ferries.

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maritime museum sunset


WA Premier Mark McGowan announced on board the Sea Princess cruise liner in Fremantle port today the state government’s $ 7 million commitment to upgrade WA ports so they can better accommodate cruise ships.

This will allow Carnival Australia’s Sun Princess cruise ship to have her home port in Fremantle from next year.

According to the Premier that’s 400 jobs for Western Australians, and around $135 million for the WA economy.

Mc Gowan said that we want people from all over the world to visit WA and cruise ships are an important component of our plans to boost tourism and create WA jobs.


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cruise 4


The Pacific Eden cruiseliner floated into Fremantle Port this morning and since the P&O Line has announced they will no longer call Freo home, I thought to capture this historic moment of one of the last P&O cruiseships in Fremantle.

The railway lines symbolise the end of the line.

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It is always interesting to hear different views on Fremantle issues, so I read with interest what David Bornmann, the General Manager of the Esplanade Hotel had to say to the FREMANTLE GAZETTE.

Bornmann warned against America’s Cup style rejuvenation and that there is a danger Fremantle might end up with an oversupply of hotel rooms, but he also said he believed some of the hotel development proposals are only speculative.

Even more interesting for me is¬† David Bornmann’s criticism on how Fremantle handles tourism. He thinks it is a rather amateurish approach to get the Fremantle Tram to pick up cruiseliner passengers and drop them off at Kings Square near the vacant looking MYER building.

I have long wondered why there is such a reluctance at Fremantle Council to emphasise the city as a tourist destination, why the City does not invest more money in creating more tourist attractions, and why on cruiseship days, there are no roaming tourguides in the West End to give directions. And of course good wayfinding signs would help, but I have been calling for them for three or so years now without much success.

There is little communication between the City and the tourguides at the Round House, Maritime Museum, Fremantle Prison, etc. when there should be a weekly sheet of events send through to all the tourist destinations in town, so guides, hotels, B&B operators, etc. can tell visitors what is going on in Freo. Often they do not know about free concerts, new markets, art exhibitions, Kings Square events, etc. Why for example don’t we offer a free Tram ride to the Sunday courtyard concerts at the Fremantle Arts Centre for cruiseship passengers, why is there no art galleries tour, no indigenous tour and interaction with local Nyoongar people. There is so much more that can be done to make the Freo experience even better for our visitors.

There is nothing abhorrent about being a sleepy coastal tourist town with a great port, great beaches, cute cafes, quirky art, and great heritage buildings, that visitors love, but the City of Fremantle does not want to live in the present and concentrates far too much on the distant future, when maybe around 2020 we might see some CBD development happening. Let’s look after what we’ve got already. Let’s improve how we interact with tourists and use modern digital technology to communicate better by installing multilingual information points. If we can entice visitors to stay longer by offering them more to do and see, they will also spend more money, to the benefit of our retailers.

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