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The FPOL Committee of the City of Fremantle will tomorrow authorise the CEO to engage with Art on the Move to finalise a lease for 21 Beach Street, the premises where DADAA used to be, opposite the East Street jetty.

DAADA moved into the old Boys School at Princess May Park earlier this year and initially Fremantle Council was considering making the Beach Street building the new Aboriginal cultural centre. That plan was abandoned, as Councillors believed a longer period of consultation with the Whadjuk Noongar community was necessary.

Art on the Move takes art exhibitions to the country and spreads culture all over WA, so it is a very important concept that makes art more inclusive and not cities-centric.

Beach Street would become the national headquarters of AOTM, so that is good for the Fremantle brand as well.


Roel Loopers





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There is a long weekend coming up again and no doubt more people will die on Western Australia’s roads, and no doubt politicians will blame police and police the government.

Since I arrived in WA in 1984 I have been aware that very many drivers here are not very good and not very considerate and that far too many have no sense of awareness and anticipation. They would not last half an hour on a German Autobahn.

The problem on our roads is not with the police or government or lack of signage, but with inconsiderate motorists who drink and drive, exceed the speed limits and basically don’t care a bit about other road users. They sit in their little castles on wheels, like kings who care little about those peasants who share the roads with them and are just a nuisance that stop them driving from A to B very fast and in the most reckless way.

When did WA allow people to drive cars without knowing the road rules? When did using indicators go out of fashion and when were speed limits just something that made you go faster instead of slowing down?

I drive my car every day and have near misses at least twice a week with people who ignore road rules. They speed through roundabouts and orange and red traffic lights, they ignore stop signs and have no idea how to merge, or they do but don’t care because it is more important to get one car space ahead in the traffic jam.

On Fremantle social media people complain how unfair it is that they have received speeding fines and lament the 50kmh limit is not signed and that it is all about revenue raising. It should not have to be signed because the road rules are clear, so learn the rules or get off the road and out of your car, because not knowing the rules makes you a danger on our roads and you’ll kill other people!

I know many people who drink and drive at least once a week and who believe there is nothing wrong with it, and I witness the aggression on the road daily with people yelling and screaming in outrage with pumping fists because someone sticks to the speed limit.

In WA it is a sport to make sure one gets ahead of the car in front when lanes merge, and no one gives a XXXX about giving way to pedestrians when they round a corner with their car.

The photo-mad egotistic selfie society turns into a selfish society when people get into their car. It’s all about me and I don’t care if that endangers other motorists, cyclists, bike riders or pedestrians

Why are we in such a mad hurry, why do we need to communicate every second of the day and can’t wait to read text messages till we have reached the end of our road trip? Why do we take unacceptable risks and don’t think about the consequences. What is wrong with us?!

It’s double demerit points, so use your brain and common sense and show some consideration on the roads this Easter weekend!

Roel Loopers


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FAC concert 1 FAC concert 2

It is a bit early to promote Sunday events but I won’t have the time to blog on Saturday as I’ll have a very early start helping to set up the first Swan River Community Markets at the Belltower in Perth. Hop on the train and visit the big smoke to support an event run by Fremantle locals!

The Fremantle Arts Centre Sunday summer concerts are on again from 2-4 pm each Sunday and this Sunday will see the Galloping Foxleys performing their country, folk and blues music. The afternoon starts off with Indiefolk singer Helen Shanahan.

Come along. Great atmosphere. Very family friendly. Beautiful historic setting!

Roel Loopers

ROEL FOR FREO! Beaconsfield Ward, Truly Independent.

Written and authorised by Roel Loopers of 5 Maxwell Street, Beaconsfield 6162



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It amazes me that after years of reading and hearing complaints about Fremantle and other local councils, the voter participation in the Perth metropolitan area is very low. Do people really believe it is enough to whinge, bleat, attack and worry about their Council in newspapers and on talk back radio, but not vote?

Voting is a democratic right, and it is a privilege that we should be grateful for. We can have a say about who will represent us at the true grassroots level of government like local council, so why don’t people vote. It is only a matter of making a tick on the ballot paper, sign and date the envelope and sticking it in a post box, so surely that should not be too much to ask.

In Fremantle only 4,092 people out of 20,227 eligible voters have voted so far and that is just 20,29%. That is very disappointing I believe. In contrast 53.25% of people voted in the country town of Cue. Still not great but a whole lot better than we city folks are doing.

Postal votes have to be in by Friday October 16, so allowing for Australia Post to maybe take up to three days to deliver your envelope should be mailed latest by Tuesday. Alternatively you can still go and drop it off at the Fremantle Townhall all day till 6 pm on Saturday the 17th when the votes will be counted. VOTE! IT IS IN YOUR OWN INTEREST!

Roel Loopers

ROEL FOR FREO! Beaconsfield Ward. Truly Independent.

Written and authorised by Roel Loopers of 5 Maxwell Street, Beaconsfield 6162.


Posted in fremantle by freoview on August 9, 2013

I believe it is time metropolitan local councils, or the state opposition, should start legal action in the High Court against the discriminatory council amalgamations the Colin Barnett Western Australian government want to force upon us. It can’t be right that council mergers will not be enforced in the country because the National Party put pressure on the Premier, while those in the city will lose their voice and democratic right to decide what they want for their community.

The fact that the Liberal/National government wants to remove the Dadour Act from the Local Government Act shows Barnett is concerned the people do not want mega mergers and lack of community consultation and input. The Dadour Act allows electors of local government to request a poll on any proposed mergers.

It is not acceptable we will lose the democratic right to decide the destiny of Fremantle and it is not acceptable the government wants to discriminate against one section of the Western Australian population. What’s next Premier, a law that discriminates between those who were born here and those who migrated?

 We live in a democracy and Colin, the wannabe dictator, should pull his head in and listen to the people instead of lying and breaking pre-election promises faster than the crockery at a Greek wedding.


Roel Loopers


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