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South Ward voting


Andrew Sullivan won the Fremantle South Ward local government by-election and will return to his seat at Fremantle Council.

Sullivan received 50% of the votes and got 856 votes, while the two other candidates also got 50% of the vote; Marija Vujcic 608 and Chris Williams 248. Nine votes were invalid.

Voter participation was around 44 % so that is fairly good.

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Over the last ten years that I have been scrutinising Fremantle Council, by attending most council and committee meetings, I have come to understand how diverse and challenging local governance is.

Councillors need to be interested in almost everything and have good common knowledge of what goes on in Fremantle. Elected Members vote on every item that comes to Council, so it is important for the Freo community that Councillors are not only interested in their own backyard, street or suburb.

During local government election campaigns in Fremantle we hear claims of uniqueness, as some candidates state that they are only one with certain qualifications to do a proper job as Councillor, because they live or work in the ward they have nominated for.

Elected Members need to make a positive contribution, have ideas, and aim for solutions and good outcomes. Stubbornly sticking to a philosophy, or just being negative about decisions of the past, does not make for a good Councillor.

Integrity, consistency, outstanding communication skills, willingness to compromise, and convincing fellow Councillors, so that we get the best outcomes, are essential skills for elected members. And so are innovative and creative ideas, long-term strategies, and deeply listening to the community.

One candidate claims that no one else can claim her local government activism and knowledge. But this candidate only attended Council when she wanted to protest about something that happened in the West End. Here ends her Fremantle interest.

The three other City Ward candidates don’t attend council meeting, so their  interest in Fremantle local government is questionable.

I have lived all over Fremantle for 25 years. I registered my commercial photography business in WA in 1985 and had my office in Freo from 1992 to 2016.

I am the only one of all five City Ward candidates who can honestly claim to have attended most Council and committee meetings for over ten years, and therefore have a thorough understanding of local government process.

I walk the City Ward streets every day of the year and engage with the community, so say hello and have a chat with me when you see me!

There is a whole lot more expected from a Councillor than looking after your own interest, street and suburb, so VOTE ROEL FOR CITY WARD!

Roel Loopers

Let’s cut the crap and get some substance: CITY WARD CANDIDATE FORUM Thursday September 28 at 6.30 pm, upstairs at the National Hotel!


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The Fremantle Inner City Residents Association-FICRA has joined the Fremantle Society in their criticism of City Ward Councillor Simon Naber.

The Society last month asked Naber to stand down, which he refused to do, and now FICRA in a letter in the Fremantle Herald says that “His attendance record is patchy and his record of effective advocacy totally non-existent.

As a mate of Simon Naber I too am disappointed with his performance at council where he rarely speaks at public meetings and if he does his opinions are shallow and appear not well-informed. For that reason I asked him last year if he would resign before the October election so I could stand for City Ward where sitting member Rachel Pemberton’s seat was contested, but he decided against doing that.

It is quite clear that Simon Naber, who is a really nice man and operates the very popular Moore&Moore cafe, is not passionate about and involved enough in Council business. At the two Notre Dame University community meetings about the proposed new building in High Street Naber was a noticeable absentee, although this is a huge issue for the inner city and the heritage preservation of the West End.

As a friend I suggest Simon should have a real hard look at himself and seriously question whether he is representing the inner city residents and businesses well enough, because most people in City Ward are very disappointment with his lack of commitment, some to the point where they have told me they also boycott Naber’s cafe.

Local government relies on passionate and well-informed community members to step up. If one does not have the time or passion to do that one is not the right person to be a Councillor.

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It is interesting to read in the Fremantle Herald this morning that Subiaco Councillor Julie Matheson has told them she will stand as an independent in Fremantle for next year’s state election.

Matheson stood for the senate in the recent federal election and she founded the Scrap the DAP movement that is calling for the abolition of the highly controversial WA Development Assessment Panels.

I am disappointed though to read the platform Matheson will try to get into parliament on as it is quite naive.

Matheson told the Herald that all that is needed is to put a new passenger terminal at Fremantle Port to boost tourism and there will be no need for container and sheep transport at Fremantle as that all can be moved to Kwinana.

According to state government, Fremantle Ports, and experts though a new Kwinana Port would be an overflow port only and Fremantle Port would be needed for container freight for at least another 25 years.

While I agree  a new passenger terminal closer to the railway station would be good, it also has to be acknowledged that the vast majority of passengers hop on buses to the Pinnacles and Swan Valley and don’t spend a lot of time and money in Fremantle.

After extensive community consultation plans have been drawn up by Fremantle Ports for the development of Victoria Quay and they don’t involve moving the terminal, so that too is unlikely to happen in the foreseeable future.

While the DAP is controversial in the Perth metro area the Labor and Liberal parties support it, so whatever the outcome of the state election it is unlikely the DAP system will be scrapped.

I admire Julie Matheson for being very active in the Subiaco community and beyond, but hope she will make more informed statements about Fremantle Port if she stands as an independent for Fremantle in March next year. Just shifting Freo port to Kwinana is not going to happen in my life time, but as I have expressed many times before a Kwinana port needs to be a priority for the WA government as it will take a very long time for it to become a reality.

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East Ward Councillor Dave Cogging was this evening elected the new Deputy Mayor of the City of Fremantle in a contest with Councillors Jon Strachan and Rachel Pemberton.

Councillor Coggin has been an astute, no nonsense member of Fremantle Council since 2009 and serves on the Strategy and Planning Committee, the Finance, Policy, Operations and Legislation Committee and on the Library Advisory Committee.

The election became necessary after Josh Wilson resigned from council to contest the Federal seat of Fremantle for the Labor party.

Congratulations Dave!

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This style of bike will be used and has repair and first aid kits aboard.

This style of bike will be used and has repair and first aid kits aboard.


The City of Fremantle’s strong support for our city’s bicycle culture has been taken to the next level with Mayor Brad Pettitt announcing today the creation of BIKEMATE, Australia’s first ever bike support group, that is based on the RAC roadside service model. Together with the BUG cyclist group the City will establish a volunteer organisation that will attend to bicycle breakdowns in Freo. It was the idea of bike-mad City Ward Councillor Simon Naber who also created the seacontainer bike parking facility at Paddy Troy Lane.

From the middle of this month when cyclists in the Fremantle area have a flat tyre or other mechanical problems they no longer have to walk home and push their bike. All they need to do from Monday April 11 is call toll-free number 1300 7388488 for one of the volunteers to attend and repair their bike on the spot for just $ 5.00.

The City will sponsor BIKEMATE and pay for the cargo bikes, tools, uniforms, painting of the bikes and the free phone service. The cargo bikes will be ocean blue with the white BIKEMATE logo on either side.

Only a few weeks ago the Freo Mayor tweeted that thanks to the $ 2,2 million investment the City has made in bike infrastructure since 2013, people on bicycles in the port city have increased by 46%.

I believe that BIKEMATE is a really good initiative. I have not heard that this service is offered in any other country in the world, where bicycles are far more prevalent, so well done City of Fremantle for being a leader in bike innovation!

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City of Fremantle Councillors, staff and the community will show their support for refugees by marching in the annual Palm Sunday Walk for Justice for Refugees this Sunday 20 March.

The group will gather at 11.30 am at Pioneer Park (opposite Fremantle Train Station) and board a train to Perth to join the main event at 1.00 pm outside St George’s Cathedral.

Fremantle councillor and refugee rights advocate Cr Sam Wainwright said the Walk For Justice aimed to shed light on the injustices refugees face when attempting to seek refuge in Australia.

“Overwhelming evidence indicates severe and systemic abuse of asylum seekers’ human rights is occurring within Australia’s immigration processing system,” Cr Wainwright said.

“We’ve seen a recent surge of concern about the conditions in Australia’s offshore detention centres in particular as a result of the impending deportation of 267 asylum seekers. A lot of this attention was focused around the fate of “Baby Asha”, who doctors in Brisbane only agreed to release on the condition she would not be returned to Nauru.

“It’s completely unacceptable to detain people like this and I’m really proud of the actions the Fremantle council has taken recently to help defend the rights and raise the profiles of these innocent people.

“We’re now calling on our famously compassionate local community to stand together to support refugee rights by attending the march with us,” Cr Wainwright said.



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The Greens have selected Freo lawyer Kate Davis, who also stood in 2010, to contest the federal seat of Fremantle now that Melissa Parke MP will retire.

Kate Davis is a lawyer at Tenancy WA and was at the Women’s Law Centre before that. She has been a member of the Greens since the age of 13.

This means Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt will not be in the running for the seat for the Greens, so will he try for another four years as Mayor, stand for State Government, or move back to academia?

We will know in due course if the Labor party will do the sensible thing and nominate Deputy Fremantle Mayor Josh Wilson or take a huge risk with MUA honcho Chris Brown to contest the Fremantle seat, that can no longer be seen as a safe seat.

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It probably comes as no surprise to anyone in Fremantle that the West Australian reports today that Freo Mayor Dr Brad Pettitt is contemplating nominating for the federal seat for the Greens if Maritime Union of Australia organiser Chris Brown gets the nod of the Labor Party. Pettitt would not contest the seat if Deputy Mayor Josh Wilson gets the Labor party’s approval.

I believe it would be extremely foolish for the Labor party to believe they will win the seat with just anyone and that the quality and profile of the candidates does not matter. A strong campaign by the Greens and a very good Liberal party candidate will threaten the seat and will make it very hard for the Labor party to hold on to it. Brad Pettitt has a very large supporter base in our city and while it seems unlikely the Greens could win the seat they might just get enough votes to make Labor lose the seat

Fremantle demographics have changed considerably and even a weak candidate like Matthew Hanssen received a substantial percentage of votes for the Liberals at the last election, so the warning lights should be flashing at Labor HQ and they should be very careful to not let internal factional wins become party losses.

With the threat of an early election as early as July it is questionable if Labor would manage to improve the brand awareness and raise the public profile of the largely unknown Chris Brown, while Josh Wilson has been a household name around town for many years and is very well known and respected.

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East Fremantle Councillor Michael McPhail is one of those near perfect species on this planet. Not only is the very likeable, intelligent and handsome young man dedicated to his community, but he also turns out to be a great photographer.

He took this photo last night when the thunderstorm struck Fremantle and what a sensational pic it is! Thanks Michael!!

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