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Lone Star rib house


Although I never visited it it is disappointing to see that the Lone Star rib house in Fremantle’s Essex Street has closed its doors.

Many hospitality outlets, including some of high repute, have closed all over Perth recently, so times are clearly tough and not only for retail.

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The City of Fremantle noticeboard advertisement in the Fremantle Gazette today announces the weekend closure trial of Market Street starting the weekend of March 27. The street will be closed from 5 pm on Friday until 11 pm on Sunday, as part of a trial to make Market Street into a pedestrian only zone.

If the closure applies to all of Market Street it would also mean one way traffic along the Cappuccino Strip as traffic from the north would have to be diverted along Phillimore Street and the West End, while traffic coming from the South along South Terrace would have to be diverted either through Collie or Bannister street.

It would also mean blocking off Cantonment Street, so there will be traffic chaos galore unless very good traffic management is in place.

Roel Loopers

STOP PRESS!  the City now advises me this only applies to the tiny Market Street ‘piazza’ behind Gino’s between Nairn Street and South Terrace. Not sure why that was not communicated in the advertisement. It would have helped to avoid misunderstandings.


Posted in city of fremantle by freoview on August 24, 2014

Fremantle Mayor Dr Brad Pettitt told the Sunday Times that the Cappuccino Strip could be closed for traffic on weekends and busy week nights, and I believe that would be a very good step to create a true hospitality entertainment lingering space in the CBD.

I disagree with Cappuccino Strip traders spokesman and co-owner of Benny’s Bar&Cafe Ivan Dzeba that Fremantle does not have the population to support the closure. Fremantle does not have the population to support all the cafes and restaurants. They survive because of the mass influx of people out of Fremantle who come on weekends and Friday nights. They wont stay away because they can’t drive through South Terrace, they’ll park at Collie Street, Queensgate, the Esplanade and west end streets, as they do now so nothing will change in that regard.

It is beyond me why a weekend closure of South Terrace can be seen as a threat to cafe operators on the Strip or retailers in the CBD, because there would be no changes to the parking facilities in the area which motorists have to use now as well. All it does is create a cleaner, safer and more attractive environment for people to enjoy a meal and watch buskers and the passing parade of pedestrians, instead of unhealthy, pollution spewing busses and cars. Wouldn’t it be nice if children could safely play while their parents have a coffee on the Strip!

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Posted in fremantle by freoview on March 30, 2014

Yet again this morning there was an event on the Fremantle Esplanade and along Marine Parade that required the closure of Henry, Mouat and Cliff streets and I am wondering if the events organisors will be asked to pay compensation to the cafes whose trade were significantly down today. It is the third time in about six weeks that there was no car access to the Moore&Moore Cafe in Henry Street for example, so that was very bad for the breakfast business and is unfair to them.

I do realise our City masters want us all to only ride bikes around town, but it is not acceptable that time and time again the same west end businesses are out of pocket because of street closures due to events on the Esplanade. The burden needs to be shared around town and places like Fremantle Park could be used for some of these events.

A bad weekend morning trade can mean a very bad week for some small businesses and the City of Fremantle needs to be more considerate of that, because it can kill a business. We know that cafes are already struggling because we have too many of them in inner city Freo, so the COF needs to be more supportive and look after them better.

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Posted in fremantle by freoview on January 28, 2014

I am really very sad to hear that the magnificent NEW EDITION bookshop in Fremantle High Street will close its doors at the end of February. New Edition has been a true Freo ikon for many years,  and is my favourite bookshop. Even when they were still at the Cappuccino Strip, New Edition had that special ambience, and that only improved when they moved to the much larger and more beautiful premises in High Street.

Of course the closure affects the Grumpy Sailor Cafe, who are looking for an affordable new location in the Freo centre, and also fashion designer Velvet Sushi, who will have to move.

It will be a truly sad day for Freo when New Edition leaves and I suggest we have a wake to thank and goodbye them.

To end on a more positive note; Hush Cafe is moving from Market to High Street, just two doors away from the Bodkins Bootery.

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