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What horror to see that infamous Queensland mining millionaire Clive Palmer is back on the political scene. Make Australia Great. Yes please, but we don’t need your help Clive! Thanks.

I noticed the billboard on the left at Little Lefroy yesterday and thought it best to juxtapose it with something much more significant; Marriage Equality.

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Posted in australia, fremantle by freoview on April 7, 2014

Like many people I did not get very exited about Saturday’s Senate re-run of the election and did not engage much with it, as elections tend to be Ground Hog days. We’ve been there before, and it is all much the same. In Fremantle many are disillusioned with our Council and State Government, and not too impressed with what the Abbott Government in Canberra is doing either, hence there was quite a bit of apathy.

Why anyone voted for insipid PUP candidates and their very rich but shallow master Clive Palmer, who loves conspiracies, is beyond me. It seems  people are fooled easily with promises that can never be kept.

The Labor Party has lost the plot and unless they stop the influence of the unions, they will go down further. Voters want the best candidates to represent them, not the ones that are in the right faction and have union support. Labor is a shambles federally and in Western Australia and it needs to become relevant again and show us that they are very different and to the left of the Liberal Party. Labor lacks the guts to stand up and be different, for fear of losing votes, but they are losing them any way, so they might as well differ substantially from their opponents instead of trying to be more or less the same. Neither Bill Shorten nor Mark McGowan have the personalities to pull voters with them.

The Greens ran an impressive and believable campaign that was clearly well received by voters and Scott Ludlam is back in the Senate for another six years. I am not sure why the Fremantle candidate partied in Leederville though.

Unless ballot papers are lost again, we won’t have an election for a while, so time to recharge and hoping that humanity will come back to politics and that budgets don’t simply mean making life more difficult for those who need support most.

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Posted in australia, fremantle by freoview on July 9, 2013

Queensland mining billionaire Clive Palmer’s Palmer United Party(PUP) is going places for the next federal election. PUP announced that former Fremantle Dockers player Des Headland will be the candidate for the seat of Durack. Des now works at the Clontarf Football Academy in Broome.

PUP also got a new candidate for the seat of Fremantle in IT specialist Vashil Sharma, who takes over from Teresa van Lieshout, who was disendorsed by Palmer for not sticking to the PUP party line.

With polling showing that the new Kevin Rudd Labor Party has caught up with the Tony Abbott Liberal/National coalition it could well become a nail-biting election. It would be great if it was about policies only instead of personalities and negativity.

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