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Thank you, thank you, thank you! to all those dedicated volunteers who regularly clean up our beaches from the rubbish people leave behind or throw into the Indian Ocean.

It is an utter disgrace that there are so many people who believe others will clean up after them, as we see also at markets, festivals, concerts etc. where people simply walk away and leave food and drink containers as if it is none of their business to dispose of it properly in amply supplied rubbish bins.

I spotted a small group of Tangaroa Blue Conservation Volunteers at Fremantle’s Bathers Beach this Sunday morning. Well done!

Roel Loopers



Posted in city of fremantle, graffiti by freoview on December 15, 2015

A survey of 22 local councils has revealed that the City of Fremantle spent $ 325,000 on the removal of graffiti, which is a substantial increase from the $ 248,000 spent in 2013-14.

But Fremantle is not alone. Our neighbouring City of Cockburn spent $ 526,948 on removing the ugly tags and silly vandalism sprayed on buildings, fences, etc.

Roel Loopers


Posted in city of fremantle, election, local government by freoview on August 13, 2015

North Fremantle Councillor Robert Fittock has confirmed he will be contesting the Local Government election in October. There is already another candidate for that ward so it looks like more seats will have to be fought for at this election. Fittock was unopposed four years ago, so this will be testing the waters in North Freo.

Robert has been an astute participant at Council and Committee meetings, so it will be interesting to see if the North Freo community appreciates what he has done for them or if they want a change and go Green.

Just back from holiday in Europe Fittock remarked at the Special Projects Committee last night about filthy toilets he had encountered there and said that the public toilets in Fremantle are very clean. That bowled a few people, including me, over because more often than not the state of our toilets is a disgrace. The one at the Roundhouse is disgusting and toilet paper is missing by mid morning, the one in William Street with the automatic doors was a pigsty the last three times I wanted to use it, and the ones at Kings Square and on the Esplanade are hit and miss.

That brings me to the point on how often Council Chambers get cleaned. Rubbish is left in the public area for weeks and the media bench had weeks of dust on it last night. Not great for the decorum of our civic chambers!

And why is the sound system such a mess and the public can barely hear what is said in chambers? Are we waiting for a new civic centre that is many, many years away before we get improvement there? It would help a little if Councillors gave us the courtesy of actually speaking into the microphone and get closer to it, but for some of them that seems too much hard work.

Roel Loopers


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It is a common occurrence in Fremantle that event organisors put up signs to forget all about them after the event is over, and the removal of them becomes someone else’s problem. It does not look as if the City of Fremantle sees it as their job to get rid of the ugly signs because many of them are left for many weeks after the events, although rangers, parking inspectors and other COF staff would no doubt have driven or walked past these eyesores many times.

This broken sign at Mews Road near Cicerello’s was for the bicycle criterium on the Esplanade on March 26, but it was still there on May 2, five weeks after the event. Why? Are there no requirements when Council gives approval for events to clean up signage afterwards, and why do COF staff not believe it is their job to remove them? The big electronic sign for that same event was still flashing away in Pioneer Park eight days after it was over, so something needs to improve and organisors should be fined for not removing signs.

Roel Loopers


Posted in city of fremantle, local government, toilets by freoview on March 24, 2015

I thought I’d better write this straight away as I might otherwise have a sleepless night from thinking about toilets too much.

The City of Fremantle is doing a business survey to find out if businesses would be interested to become de facto public toilets. A visitor survey has identified that there is a shortfall of public toilets in the port city. That will surprise absolutely no one who ever needed to use one in a hurry.

The City is wondering-hence the survey-what incentives it would take for businesses around town to open up their toilets to the public. Of course many local hospitality businesses already are de facto public toilets, like the ones in the Fishing Boat Harbour and along Bathers Beach and the Cappuccino Strip.

I thought a public toilet committee had been set up about three years ago to identify locations and solutions for the lack of public toilets, but that may have fallen by the way side.

The COF missed a great opportunity for a combined public and bar toilet at Bathers Beach in connection with the application for toilets for the Kelp Bar at Kidogo, when costs could have been shared. Maybe it is time for some Elected Members to go to OPSM to get rid of their short-sightedness.

Fremantle is the number one tourist destination in Western Australia but there are not many public toilets and the ones that are there are pretty filthy, as I discovered at Arthur Head this morning. Could we get the cleaners to lift the lids and also clean underneath them instead of only power hosing the cublicles? YUK!

Roel Loopers


Posted in city of fremantle, local governmet by freoview on February 26, 2015

With the disappointing demise of local government reform and the regular criticism by residents of local councils I believe it is a good time for Fremantle community groups to start collaborating to find the best possible candidates for Fremantle Council at the next election. We need to find passionate and suitable community members willing to step up and go into local government.

It would be positive and pro-active to try to find outstanding candidates who will strengthen and improve our Council to get better governance and a better performing administration. The community is often frustrated because it believes Council no longer communicates well and only listens selectively to its residents on many issues.

It is reasonable for the community to expect more than tokenism when it comes to community consultation, and it should not constantly have to complain about inadequate services, street cleaning, rubbish collection, the maintenance of beaches, parks, gardens playgrounds, and the protection of its amenity and assets. The community wanst the preservation of, and increase in, public open green spaces.

While law and order are State and Police responsibility the City of Fremantle can help with better lighting and keeping our city tidy and well looked after. The neglected look of some parts of Fremantle is unbecoming for a tourist destination and attracts anti-social behaviour.

Residents and business owners want a consistent Council that represents them and is not dictated by certain ideologies or political orientation; a Council that well understands and supports our struggling retailers; a Council that cares for all ages and acknowledges it needs to provide for the ageing population as well as a youth culture.

We want consistency in planning approval with less compromise; a Council that insists on high-quality development and rejects mediocrity, a Council that implements and adheres to its own Local Area Policies and Masterplans.

Freo residents want a Council that delivers quality services and that is pro community more than it is pro developers. Community groups should be positive players and part of the solutions for our city. They are not a negative force whose protests prolong inevitable council-desired outcomes. We want a Council that protects our unique lifestyle and heritage and that better balances community wishes and needs with necessary economic development. Better and respectful communication will create better collaboration and best outcomes for all.

So who are the individuals needed to stand for office at the October election? Who are the outstanding community members we should ask to give new energy and expertise to Fremantle Council? I believe this is a conversation the Freo community needs to have well ahead of the next Local Government election in October. This way suitable, open-minded, non-aligned candidates might be found who will contest seats against some of the present Councillors. It is not good democracy (and not in the best interest of the Fremantle community) to have uncontested wards at elections and we need to make sure we have candidates to contest every seat for Fremantle Council. We want the very best for Fremantle and the community believes there is scope for improvement at every level.

So what about organising a public meeting on this in the near future to find people willing to step up and stand for Council at the next election? The call for community representation-instead of political representation-at Councils is very strong all over Perth and should be noted and embraced. The recent high participation in the Dadour poll on amalgamation shows that communities deeply care about their cities.

With new development and higher density under way new residents and ratepayers are coming into the Fremantle municipality. They will have issues and priorities and a public forum would give them a chance to connect with their new community, voice their opinion and suggest candidates.

Let the search for outstanding candidates begin. Put your hands up!

Roel Loopers

P.S. It is my understanding the contract for Fremantle’s CEO Graeme McKenzie is nearing its end. Will Council advertise the position and look for alternative candidates for the important position or simply extend McKenzie’s contract?


Posted in city of fremantle, rubbish by freoview on January 2, 2015

Fremantle has been full with people enjoying the festive season holidays and a very long weekend and Bathers Beach has become popular again, so why has the place been looking like a mess since New Year’s eve when there was a DJ dance event on the northern side of the beach?

We had nearly 600 visitors in the Round House yesterday, and the J Shed area is a short cut for many tourists to get to and from the Maritime Museum, but this is what they have to put up with because the City of Fremantle once again has not cleaned up the rubbish left there.

Once or twice a week cleaning of prime tourist destinations is not enough and not good enough. This has to be a daily routine, even-or even more so-during the festive season when more people come to Fremantle.

Roel Loopers


Posted in fremantle by freoview on November 3, 2014

markets 1 markets 2

I should really do a whole photo essay on all the Fremantle inner city eyesores, as it is a horrible sight to look at all the neglected buildings around town.

One only has to wander up the steps to the Round House, the State’s oldest public building, to see that no one cares, and the Town Hall has been in a disgraceful state for years.

The Henderson Street Mall is an embarrassment with the neglected Warders Cottages still not near renovation although Premier Colin Barnett announced six months ago the government would splash out with a whopping $ 2 million for repairs.

Opposite it the Old Shanghai upmarkets desperately need a coat of paint.

There are ugly tags all over the inner city that no one bothers to remove.

The City of Fremantle is at a point where it is all about the far-fetched future and development and little care for the reality of the present. A bit like a child wanting a new room because it can’t be bothered to clean up the one it already has.

Freo needs to go back to the basics of care, cleaning and maintaining, instead of a future focus only, and that applies to land and building owners as well. Those who have neglected their buildings for years should not get additional height approved if applying for development.

Roel Loopers


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It is satisfying to see the City of Fremantle administration is listening to the community and will act on complaints published on this blog. I have never seen the rubbish collectors west of the railway line so often daily and more bins have been placed around Arthur Head as well.

I took a very long time to get a reaction to the complaints, but better late than never, so thank you COF!

Roel Loopers



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Miracles do happen, God does exist and the City of Fremantle listens to the concerns of residents. I’ve got proof off it!

Today a herd of wheelie bins were put up around the Fremantle Round House and yesterday the cleaning buggy actually visited Arthur Head and drove along the beach path at Bathers Beach. Hallelujah!

It now needs to be seen if we end up with four overflowing bins at the Round House or if they will be emptied daily.

Thanks for listening COF. Have a happy clean weekend!

Roel Loopers


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