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I just had such a wonderful and bit nostalgic time with artist Ron Nyisztor, who is exhibiting at the great PS Art Space in Fremantle’s Pakenham Street.

Ron’s abstract paintings show BC-AC Body Clock Atomic Clock will be on show till June 21, so go and have a look and buy some works!

Ron and I were reminiscing about the good old times when my then partner Brigitte Braun had the ARTPLACE gallery in Claremont and where so many now well-known WA artists, like Ron Nyisztor, had their first exhibition and were represented by Artplace in Sydney and Melbourne and some even had artist in resident times in Nuremberg, Germany.

There were very many young artist who got their first chance at Artplace and among them were Joana Lamb, Indra Geidans, John Cullinane, Julie Dowling, John Paul, Olga Cironis, Garry Anderson, Michael Doherty, Kati Thamo and many more.

Ron Nyisztor now also has his own gallery in Melville on Canning Highway, so go and check it out.

Oh, those good old times, hey Ron!

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Retail vacancies

I pinched this graph from Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt’s blog who responded to some of the negativity on social media on his blog. Read his blog post here:

This one is about comparing the retail vacancies in the major shopping streets in the Perth metro area. It is always good to have the facts at hand and it shows that there are a lot of empty shops in a lot of streets.

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The issues Fremantle faces with urban infill, demanded by the State Government, are not unique to our city as an editorial by POST community newspapers editor Brett Christian shows.

Claremont residents are up in arms against proposed high density near the Loch Street train station. Christian writes “Distress in voices heard in the council chamber revealed the anxiety felt by home owners selected for high density infill.”

“These are real people with real fears who cannot be dismissed as being NIMBYs.”

Brett Christian says that the WA Government is keen to forcibly cram more housing units around transport hubs, which leads to permanent changes in the lifestyle.

The editor writes that Government planners naively believe that new residents will abandon their cars and use public transport when evidence proves the opposite.

Let me note here that public transport use in Perth has dramatically decreased over the last years and that only a very small percentage of those living within a ten minute walk from a railway station do use the train to work, according to government figures.

Christian rightly laments that local councils are being caught in the middle of the infill mess created by the state.

In Fremantle we are getting more and more inappropriate and unacceptable high rise development that will change the unique character of our city forever.

Yes, we need more people living, working and staying here to boost our local economy, but any development needs to show sincere consideration for the heritage, streetscapes and amenity, and that is not happening.

Fremantle Council has done well to encourage substantial development but it now needs to scale back and stop approving mediocre architecture in our inner city.

Tell developers and architects that if building proposals are not exceptional and great they are not good enough for Freo!

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free parking


It is pretty annoying when journalists only tell part of a story, as is the case with the article about parking by Kate Emery in the West Australian today.

Emery reports that the Town of Claremont no longer issues parking fines for first-time offenders and then goes on to write that Subiaco and Perth recently introduced free or discounted parking, without mentioning  Fremantle.

She does however point out that Fremantle issued the second-most parking fines of 29,280 after Perth 89,476 and Vincent coming a close third with 24,072 fines.

Why did Kate Emery omit to mention that there is first hour free parking in Fremantle and that local residents can park for free till 11am every morning and from 3pm every day of the week?

The West never corrected their inaccurate article about the City of Fremantle wanting to have alcohol-free sections in pubs either. A rubbish story that they continued by publishing letters to the editor about it, although Freo City had issues a media release stating the West got it wrong.

Not great journalism but who cares when you have a monopoly hey!


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World of Renovation is going to bring classy Claremont to Fremantle’s historic High Street.

The home improvement business will be opening soon and the facade already looks impressive, so keep an eye out for the official opening soon. I wonder if there will be a red carpet. ; >)

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The West Australian reports today that the people counters of Fremantle-based ABEAUTIFULCITY in Fremantle, Claremont, Subiaco and Victoria Park have recorded a 5 percent decline in foot traffic along the so-called high streets of those cities during the first quarter of the year. This will come as no surprise to our retailers who have been struggling for quite some time, but it is something the City of Fremantle needs to combat with urgency.

I have had some surprising feedback lately from people who believe there are too many festivals and events on weekends in Fremantle and that because of them people stay away because of a perceived shortage of parking. I don’t agree with that but it might be worth looking into and decentralising some events to Fremantle Park, South Beach/Wilson Park or the the big southern lawn of the Fremantle Arts Centre for example. Smaller events could be accommodated at Princess May Park.

High Streets are a fascinating problem as they really should work because of their attractiveness, but for some reason people prefer the sterile ‘ambience’ of shopping centres. Freo’s gorgeous heritage High Street in the West End should be buzzing with people each and every day, but when one looks down from the Round House the street is nearly deserted on weekends and mainly Notre Dame uni students and a few tourists seem to be using it.

I have suggested for years that the City of Fremantle and the West End Traders, BID, etc. promote High Street as the heritage shopping street that ends on a beach, because delightful Bathers Beach is also under-utilised and hence it does not create foot traffic through High Street. I have yet to find eye-catching signs along High Street pointing to Bathers Beach, and that is also to the detriment of the flailing Bathers Beach Art Precinct.

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In a very belated attempt to convince State Government to not create a mega Western suburbs council, Mosman Park will put a submission to the Local Government Advisory Board to amalgamate North Fremantle, Mosman Park, Cottesloe, Pepermint Grove and Claremont.

It is anyone’s guess how they could have missed the deadline, but they will desperately try to get heard although council submissions closed on Wednesday. They only want the residential area of North Freo of course as it is not very classy to include the industrial port parts.


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Fremantle is doing alright as far as mural graffiti art is concerned but the wow factor is sometimes missing in our urban art. I discovered this stunning mural in Claremont this morning and thought Freo could do with some if this.

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art in claremont



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I know we whinge too much about the price of everything. Water, gas, power, coffee, groceries, rent, property prices, restaurants, you name it, we complain about it. Maybe it is because the prices are more suited to the minority of people in this state who benefit from the mining boom and earn $ 150,000+ a year, while the rest of us are just trying to get by. However the price for locally grown grapes at Farmer Jack’s in Claremont, as advertised in the Subiaco Post is excessive. $ 4.99 per grape?

Time to sack the proof reader maybe? ; >)

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I hope I am not pervert here but I took the iron Westrail monster to Claremont to have a look at the naked street design of Bayview Terrace and to pick up any ideas that might work at Kings Square and elsewhere in Fremantle.

Nude is good as the shared road works well in Claremont, although I question the angle parking and the dog leg slalom ride when parking suddenly is on the other side of the street just before one hits St Quentin Avenue. A clearer sightline would have worked better in my opinion, with all cars parked on the same side. Ideally I would have had no parking along the street at all or only a few bays parallel to the footpath.

The benches are modern and look much better than what we’ve got in Freo and even the tree protectors are good looking. The paving however could have been more creative I feel, but maybe that’s just me being too arty.

The speed limit on Bayview Terrace is only 20 Kph so that should make it pretty safe for pedestrians.

The let down is Quentin Avenue as it is pretty much the same lame street as before, so I hope the City of Claremont will give that street the same facelift as Bayview Terrace.

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