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Fremantle’s DADAA is in a new partnership with Channel 7’s Telethon for 2018 and 2019.

Experience Collider is a dynamic and original arts project designed especially for teenagers with high support needs. It aims to offer young people exciting ways to build physical strength, communication skills, confidence and resilience, while developing new friendships and networks to help them connect.

“DADAA is delighted to be supported by Telethon in this innovative and collaborative arts project,” said DADAA’s Executive Director, David Doyle. “Teenagers with disability and high support needs can become socially isolated, lonely and depressed. This project will break down these barriers through quality arts participation and engagement.”

Experience Collider will also involve researchers from the Telethon Kids Institute to further their Quality of Life research program.

Experience Collider will blend digital media with dance, circus and theatre through a series of workshops over 18 months, culminating in a professional festival-style performance showcase in 2019.

This new project sees DADAA joining creative forces with Circus WA, enhancing the new creative hub activated since both organisations co-located to the historic Old Boys’ School at Princess May Park.

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Sign up to enrol for the WA Circus School now.

The big top is at Princess May Park or check it out on line:


Circus WA


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Circus WA


School holiday has started and my mother used to call it a circus when all five kids were home, so why not get your children to join the circus in Fremantle.

CIRCUS WA has school holiday workshops in the big top at Princess May Park, so contact them for details: or 0435 374 492

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circus wa


Bad luck for Fremantle Circus WA in their new home at Princess May Park. The big top tent blew up in the first storm of the winter season on Wednesday night and now they are doing urgent repairs on it.

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The preparations for the relocation of the circus school CIRCUS WA from the Artsource building at Phillimore Street to their temporary new home at Princess May Park next to DADAA at the former Boys School are well underway.

A spring floor has been built and this morning the big top was put up, so it won’t be long until the kids can train their circus acts in a real circus tent.

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Now here is a innovative approach by the City of Fremantle to try to  accommodate Circus WA.

The community group has been given notice by state agency Artsource to vacate its existing premises on Phillimore Street by 7 April 2017.

Circus WA is seeking approval from the City to licence a portion of Princess May Park to temporarily accommodate its operations. It plans to erect a large tent to the west of the Old Boys School that will allow it to operate for up to three years while it identifies appropriate long term premises in another part of Fremantle.

Nearby businesses DADAA, Clancy’s Fish Pub and The Fremantle Education Centre are supportive of the temporary move.

The proposed licence is for 1 year with two further terms of 1 year each at the City’s approval. This means that the City has the option not to extend for the second or third year should the license conflict with the development of 2 Point Street.

I am not sure how practical this is going to be with the imminent development of the Hilton Doubletree Hotel just west of the proposed location for the tent, and also the security of the tent with Princess May Park being infamous for being a favourite location for homeless people day and night.

Circus WA has been looking for new premises in Fremantle for many years and wanted to share the Naval Stores at Cantonment Hill with Enkel but that fell unfortunately through.

The item is on the agenda for Wednesday’s FPOL Committee.

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It appears not all was as well with Fremantle’s CIRCUS WA as indicated at a recent Fremantle Council meeting where Councillor Rachel Pemberton was reassuring that ARTSOURCE would look into relocating Circus WA in their Phillimore Street building and would not force them out. This was at the Council discussion about giving the, largely unknown, ENKEL group a long-term lease of the Naval Stores at Cantonment Hill, after talks between Enkel and Circus WA to share that building had failed.

This morning I talked to one of the managers of Artsource Fremantle who told me they want the ground floor space to create an arthub with gallery, cafe, a space where they can have events with their artists etc. and that initial talks with the City about doing that in a COF owned building had not proceeded because Artsource wants the cohesion of doing it all in their own building, and that makes sense.

The question now is where Circus WA will go and if it will stay in Fremantle because Artsource has generously given them five years to find another location, but so far they have not succeeded in finding an appropriate building high enough for trapez, etc.

Would Fremantle Council have voted to give Enkel the lease if they had known Artsource would no longer accommodate Circus WA, or might they have made a different decision and insist on Enkel and the circus school sharing the Naval Stores? We will never know.

What is next I wonder. C Shed on Victoria Quay is vacant and hardly used. Could the circus school be moved there or in the rarely used part of B Shed? Has the City of Fremantle talked with Fremantle Ports about it?

With the development of Kings Square still uncertain maybe the former Queensgate cinema space would be suitable for the circus school. Whatever happens Fremantle City needs to make sure Circus WA will stay in our city as we cannot afford to lose more of our cultural organisations. Fremantle also prides itself on its youth culture and that can not be restricted to the Esplanade Youth Plaza only.

And what about this info I just received vial email from Enkel:

It’s time to launch our new collaboration space in East Vic Park : The Vic Park MiniLab!

enkel will lease the space at 874 Albany Highway for one year. The majority of our activities will now happen here, and we consider East Vic Park our home base for now.

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Fremantle Council last night deferred the decision on the controversial new parking permit laws with Councillors expressing it was important to get it right and Andrew Sullivan suggesting the proposed new policy could contravene Council law. The so called grandfather clause needs to be fine tuned and the community should be made aware that the new measures would only be implemented over time on a need be basis and would not affect the free parking for residents before 11 am and after 3 pm.

Council also deferred the decision to lease the Naval Stores buildings at Cantonment Hill to the ENKEL group to allow Circus WA and Enkel to continue talks about sharing the space.

Councillor Pemberton made some good points that she wanted to see Enkel in Fremantle but believed it would be better if they occupied premises in the CBD and that the PUBLIC 2015 symposium had been inspirational and Enkel was precisely what Freo needed.

I like it that Rachel Pemberton is always well informed and she always thinks about issues and often comes up with alternative ideas, but I question the process at Council when the idea to accommodate Enkel in the CBD only comes up now and has not been suggested and addressed with the group earlier. The Cantonment Hill plans have been worked on for years with community input, consultants, four Councillors on working groups, etc. but when Council last night could have approved the lease to Enkel good new suggestions turn up that might change everything. Of course we would first need to know if Enkel would be interested in for example the much smaller former Boys School at Princess May Park, or other premises the COF might suggest to them.

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CIRCUS W.A. better known as the Fremantle circus school, will remain at the ARTSOURCE managed Old Customs House for a little bit longer, until the end of June, so that is good news.

Artsource wants to change the large ground level space into an art gallery and cafe, so Circus WA needs to find alternative accommodation for the very popular and successful school.

Together with the Fremantle Foundation Circus WA has lodged a long-term application with the City of Fremantle to lease the former Naval Stores building at Cantonment Hill. The historic hill and Signal Station are due for significant development to become one of Fremantle’s major public open spaces with endless ocean and river views.

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The Fremantle CIRCUS SCHOOL on Phillimore Street is great fund for the kids and a good way of staying fit, so why not wander over and let your children have a go at it.

The future of the school still appears to be in limbo as no new home has been found for it yet and Artsource wants to create a gallery and cafe space where the Circus School is now. The City of Fremantle should do anything it can to keep the school in town as they do good community work.

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