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Posted in fremantle by freoview on October 31, 2011

It has been a tradition for many years that I supply my friends with tips for the Melbourne Cup, so this year I looked deep and hard for clues all over Fremantle and beyond. I gazed at stars, looked into crystal balls and empty wine glasses, talked to psychics, mind readers, and horse whisperers, to make sure I was well informed.

Let me make it clear that this year’s Cup race is more unpredictable than ever, and I personally blame Qantas for that. The Queen’s visit to Australia might also have upset some horses, paranoid of being bitten my Her Maj’s corgis, so it could get messy tomorrow at Flemington.

* Americain does not do it for me. We used to have steak Americain in Holland when I was a child. It was minced meat, not horse I think.

* Jukebox Jury will have many fans in retirement villages and RSL clubs, so lots of pennies will be put on her.

* Drunken Sailor will have huge following at yacht clubs around the nation. It might have had a change if it could stand on two legs, let alone gallop on four.

* Unusual Suspect is a great bet for the W.A. Police Force who will spend their well-earned CHOGM overtime money on this horse.

* Presedence will be my bet this year, as trainer Bart Cummings always pulls a bunny out of the hat on big occasions.

* Lost in the Moment is for the star gazing lovely Librans out there. It might not win, but it will still feel good to see it floating in the air.

* At First Sight is a big no-no for me, as it reminds me too much of falling in love and broken hearts.

* Tullamore needs dew, so for that horse the race starts far too late. It might have had a chance if the Cup was run at 6 a.m.

* Older Than Time. This world heritage listed horse will remain just an impressive part of Melbourne Cup history.

Jockeys and trainers will tell you it’s all about one race at the time, while for those of us who speak horse language, the message is loud and clear that it is one stride at the time.

Will you be much richer tomorrow just after noon W.A. time? Very likely in experience only, and you will tell yourself, like you did last year and the years before, to never bet on the Melbourne Cup ever again.

Good luck and have fun! I’ll be at Fremantle’s Clancys of course.

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Posted in perth by freoview on October 29, 2011

Perth CHOGM party? Who cares, when one can just relax in the sun and have a nap.

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Posted in fremantle by freoview on October 29, 2011

It has taken a very very long time for the Moore&Moore cafe in Fremantle‘s Henry Street to finally get the license to put chairs and tables on the purpose built alfresco deck they created about two months ago. Here we had the ridiculous situation that approval for the deck was unanimously granted by full council, but once the deck was built, another application had to be lodged with the City of Fremantle to put chairs and tables on the deck. Who makes these silly rules that stifle creativity, and disadvantage business owners?

So yesterday the deck was finally put to the use it was built for, and CHOGM Friday was a very good day for the cafe, turning over more by midday than they average all day during busy Saturdays.

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Posted in fremantle, perth by freoview on October 28, 2011

I proved to myself again today that there is madness in most Dutchman, as I actually took the train into Perth to have a look at the CHOGM celebrations on this holiday Friday. It wasn’t a big deal really, some market and food stalls, movies on a big screen, and bands playing on a stage in front of PICA. But holy Moses, the people! Multicultural, international, you name it, and they were there from dark black Africans to coffee brown Indians, our own blackfellas and plenty of Wadjelas (it means white people in Noongar language). Very CHOGM indeed, and the colourful clothes matched all those gorgeous skin tones.

There was police everywhere and although I like to feel safe, I am looking forward to far less on the beat than I witnessed today. It is intimidating and I am sure that was meant to be so, but it did not feel good. I accept though that it was essential to have a large police presence with so many foreign dignitaries in town.

There was a protest march and every conceivable action group appeared to be there. It was very colourful as well.

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Posted in fremantle by freoview on October 23, 2011

Fremantle welcomed the 130 delegates to the CHOGM Youth Forum with the King’s Square Sounds today.

Here a few impressions. I could not stay long due to work commitment, so I am not sure if many people turned up.

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Posted in fremantle by freoview on October 20, 2011

A special welcome for the 130 delegates to the CHOGM YOUTH FORUM will be held in Fremantle on October 23. The Kings Square Sounds will rock the inner city between 1-5 this Sunday afternoon, so come along and party with our international visitors.

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Posted in fremantle, perth by freoview on October 15, 2011

Welcome to Western Australia, your Majesty! I wish you will enjoy your stay here, but would like to inform you about a few very peculiar local rules and habits.

I hope your Royal Highness, Prince Philip and CHOGM delegates don’t mind going to bed early, as in most of our cafes and restaurants the kitchens close at 9pm, because our chefs want to have a life as well. Even if the place is chogm block full, they’ll tell you it is too late to take your orders. Customers are still not kings in this state.

Your, not too firm on his feet anymore, husband will also be delighted we still have licensed venues where one is not allowed to be standing while drinking alcohol. At least he will not be regarded as being impolite when meeting new people, as he needs to remain seated when he is having a quiet one. You will be as surprised as I am Ma’am that we altered those rules for the ISAF 2011 sailing championships, but not when the Queen of England and the top leaders of the Commonwealth gather in this state. Sailors can hold their drinks while standing up, while royalty, diplomats and politicians are quite obviously too frail to do the same. I do apologise for this insult, your loveliness, but our Premier Colin Barnett and his Liberal mates don’t consider us mature enough to stand up and hold a glass at the same time.

I also urge you, to avoid arrest, to tell Prince Philip not to drink at the citicens barbeque, as this would be considered street drinking. This is another big no-no in this state, although we socialise outdoors nine months of the year, because unlike in your gorgeous country it hardly ever rains here.

While your motorcade drives through Perth, please do not get upset about cars tailgating your Rolls Royce. These are not terrorists trying to attack you, but just the way people in this state drive. You will also find you have buckley’s chance of merging lanes. Western Australian drivers charge into empty spaces between cars like bulls attacking a red cloth.

When having high tea, your most precious, please do not question the quality of your golden hearing-aids. They are perfectly fine. It is just that cafe owners in W.A. like to turn the music up, as deep in their heart they really wanted to open a disco, the poor confused souls they are.

I urge you also to wear a hardhat at the community barbeque, your specialness, because we like to kick the footy and engage in backyard cricket while eating our snaggers. It must take days to do your hair, so it should be protected.

Please do try to enjoy yourself and don’t have too much of a culture shock. Captain Fremantle only arrived here in 1829 and we are still trying to catch up with the rest of the world and the 21st century.

Roel Loopers


Posted in fremantle by freoview on September 21, 2011

People intrigue me. They make me smile, despair, wonder, infuriate me, and sometimes I contemplate just for a tiny moment of smacking them.

This afternoon I had one of such moments that just made me wonder how people tick. I had been told by a Fremantle Ports employee that people would be abseiling from the building there, so I wanted to get photos of that of course. As I arrived two people were standing there, so I said hello and asked them if they were working for the Ports, which was answered in the negative.

I stood next to them and photographed a man coming down in front of all the windows. No worries. As I often do I  gave one of the men my business card and told him I would put photos on my blog. Now another man arrived and asked if he could have a look at my photos. Sure, why not. Could we go inside the building so he good have a better look at them. Sure. I know I could have said no, but why argue about nothing. Could I delete this photo and that photo, because one could recognise the faces. Sure, I am easy and the photos were nothing to call home about anyway. At the end all photos were deleted.

It turned out these were SAS personal, and all they should have done is made me aware of it when I started photographing them. I could have walked away and take the same photos from just behind a building where I would not have been spotted by them, and anyway I was in a public open space so had every right under Australian law to photography anything and anyone. But that is not my point. If the men I stood next to had told me they were SAS and would I consider not taking photos,  I would have been happy to accommodate them. Just basic PR and social skills gents, would have wasted less of my time. I could also easily have recovered the deleted files here on the computer after the episode, but why bother. National Homeland Security is a priority so close to CHOGM, and Osama Bin Laden is a big fan of my blog.

Anyway, walking away I noticed people rigging the sailing ship Leeuwin, which looked far better than some guy in jeans coming down the Ports tower.

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Posted in fremantle, perth by freoview on May 16, 2011
I know it is an effort to leave good old Freo and cross the bridge to get to Perth, but I feel this event is well worth supporting. If you work in the city, please make Stirling Gardens your lunch break venue tomorrow to support the homeless, who are going to be displaced during CHOGM in October.
Roel Loopers
Location: Stirling Gardens (Corner of Barrack St and St Georges Terrace), Perth
Time: ‎12:00PM Tuesday, May 17th



Posted in fremantle by freoview on April 4, 2011

I am in the process of producing a photo book on Fremantle’s unique lifestyle and am looking for companies who might like to sponsor it. The book will be designed and printed in Western Australia and will be published well before CHOGM and the PERTH 2011 ISAF SAILING CHAMPIONSHIPS, which are held here in late 2011.

Substantial sponsors will be acknowledged with their logos printed in the book.

If you would like to know more or have a chat, contact me on 0419 850981 or

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