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The City of Fremantle will be holding a Freo Today-City Centre Forum about safety and crime in our city this coming Monday November 12 at 6pm in the Fremantle Townhall.

Senior Sergeant Brad Warburton from Fremantle Police will reveal the latest crime and safety statistics, and explain the new structure for WA Police which will see more officers stationed in Fremantle.

CoF Community Safety team leader Chris Scanlan will take about his team’s cooperation with Police and the roll-out of new CCTV cameras around the city.

Manager of Fremantle City Design Russell Kingdom will explain how good urban design can help create an environment in which people feel safe.

An additional 25 CCTV cameras will be installed soon thanks to a Federal Government grant of $ 928,000.

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The City of Fremantle will receive a $ 928,000 federal government grant to upgrade its CCTV system and also implement Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras, at the request of WA Police.

The CCTV plan 2019-2023 will see the installation of an additional 25 fixed high definition, 360 degree CCTV cameras, five of the ANPR, two mobile CCTV trailers and installation of optic fibre within the CBD.

Future expansion of CCTV in the suburbs at key locations is also planned.

Councillor Sam Wainwright was concerned at the Ordinary Council meeting last night that facial recognition technology might just be added without Council approval, but was assured Council would have to approve it before it could be implemented.

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The FPOL Committee of Fremantle Council will sign of on Wednesday on a CCTV Plan for 2019-2023 that will increase and improve CCTV monitoring thanks to a Federal Government grant of $ 928,000.

The Federal Government grant application was prepared with a request for $928,000 to allow:

• Installation of an additional 25 fixed High Definition 360 degree CCTV cameras; • Installation of 5 fixed Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras covering the following streets: Queen Victoria Street, High Street, Beach Street, South Terrace and Marine Terrace; • Purchase of 2 mobile CCTV trailers; • Installation of optic fibre within the CBD; and

• Future expansion will see CCTV located in the surrounding suburbs at key locations.

• Automatic Number Plate Recognition Cameras (ANPR) The proposed Plan considers upgrades to current infrastructure, improvements to crowded places, areas of gaps in the CBD and an expansion of the network to outer town centres.

Local police have requested the installation of Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras at strategic locations to monitor traffic entering the CBD as part of the application.

These locations were identified as:  Queen Victoria St x Parry St, Fremantle;  High St x Parry St, Fremantle;  Beach St x Parry St, Fremantle;  South Tce x Suffolk St, Fremantle;  Marine Tce x Norfolk St, Fremantle.

ANPR cameras work by scanning the number plates of all vehicles that pass a certain location. Following each plate read an evidential record is created for the vehicle compromising data (time, date & location) and images.

This record is only sent as a data file (SMS) to Police who may then cross check the image against a Vehicle of Interest (VOI) register. The records are stored for 30 days and are deleted at the end of that period. Only WA Police will have access to this data. The City will seek opportunity to receive gross vehicle numbers passing each point to use for analytical purposes.



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A  $ 928.336 Safer Community grant from the Federal Government will be used by the City of Fremantle to install automatic number plate recognition cameras at the entries to the city. The technology is similar to that used in WA police cars.

The new cameras would be an addition to the existing Fremantle CCTV network and installed at main roads into the CBD and also at Beach Street, Marine Terrace, Market Street, South Terrace and Queen Victoria Street.

The Fremantle CCTV system is controlled by the CoF and footage release on request to the WA Police, lawyers and members of the public as evidence in court cases.

The cameras scan all passing vehicles and identify persons of interest, unregistered  and stolen vehicles and drivers without a license.

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Idiotic vandals have yet again damaged the solar lights along the coastal path at Fremantle’s Bathers Beach. It is such a shame that mindless morons believe they have the right to vandalise public and private property.

It is time to get CCTV at Arthur Head as this has been an ongoing problem for years and is costing money.

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More vandalism has occurred at Arthur Head and the urgency for CCTC in the area is becoming more and more important.

Two days ago I reported on the overflowing skip bin at J Shed that Sunset Events left there since the last concert on Saturday, and last night an idiot or two set fire to the bin and  FESA had to attend.

And while this is happening at Arthur Head our city ‘leaders’ are sitting on their hands and do nothing about it, because admitting they were wrong would be far worse than the heritage precinct going up in flames.

The area needs immediate action, City of Fremantle. Do it now and stop the procrastination and favouratism of Sunset Events!

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Mindless morons did more damage at Fremantle’s historic Arthur Head this weekend with windows at J Shed and the public toilet being damaged and large graffiti painted on the fence at the Walyalup Aboriginal Cultural Centre.

It should be a priority for the City of Fremantle to install CCTV in the area and improve lighting and patrols and it’s time for WA police to ‘discover’ the historic precinct and patrol it at night as the vandalism can’t be allowed to continue.

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Drunken idiots left a trail of damage and empty beer and liquor bottles at Fremantle’s historic Arthur Head on the weekend that had local artists shaking their head and asking how much longer this will continue until the City of Fremantle installs CCTV and additional lighting in the area.

Most of the solar lights along the Bathers Beach dune path were vandalised, a car had its back, site and windscreen windows smashed and several windows of the J Shed art studios were damaged by rocks. Jenny Dawson who is working on a huge public artwork for Elizabeth Quay in Perth was clearly worried that the work she and Sandra Black have been working on for many months might get vandalised before it is being installed early next year.

One door of the brand new cute change rooms next to Kidogo Arthouse was also damaged by the mindless morons who get a kick out of vandalism.

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The City of Fremantle today announced its Zero-Tolerance to Anti-Social Behaviour policy in collaboration with WA Police.

City and police officers will target street drinking, loud and intimidating behaviour and begging.

There will be increased undercover and uniform police patrols, additional CBD liaison and safety officers and more regular and visible patrols in the suburbs by Rangers.

Lighting in the CBD and suburbs will be increased and the City will investigate if it is viable to install CCTV in the suburbs.

Fremantle City discourages donating money to beggars and will instead install Spare Cash Collection Points where people can donate money that will then be distributed to those in need by charities.

One of the main issues I see in Fremantle is that there is no ‘pick up’ for people who come from breakfast at St Patrick’s. They are left without guidance and support for most of the day and meander aimlessly through the CBD from Princess May Park to the Woolstores shopping centre, Kings Square, then to Pioneer Park and on to Bathers Beach.

To stop a lot of what is going on there needs to be a space where that group of people can somehow connect and feel cared for. That could be a park somewhere with a bit of shelter where social workers could drop in now and then for a chat, or a sheltered space in one of the City of Fremantle’s vacant buildings. It’s the roaming the streets that creates most problems, so if we can address that somehow we might see fast improvement.

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Here is the City of Fremantle 2014/2015 budget, approved by Council on Wednesday:

     $97.3m expenditure budget with $100k surplus.

  • ~$27m in capital expenditure for key strategic projects:

$8.5m for new community facilities / upgrade of existing buildings (including heritage building restoration)

$2.8m to upgrade community amenities at parks and reserves

$4.5 million on infrastructure projects including $1m for bike infrastructure

$7.8 million purchase of new council operations centre (depot) in O’Connor.

  • Increase of 5.9% inclusive of rates and waste costs.
  • Operating efficiencies improved by 3% (on top of 3% improvement in 2013/14).
  • $1m local government reform contingency to ensure smooth transition through the reform process.

 Key infrastructure projects (2014/15)

 Parks and reserves

–       $100k for Gold Street park and playground upgrades,

–       $130k for a playspace program at Fremantle Primary School

–       $100k for the development of a playground area at Davis Park

–       $350k for infield irrigation and playground upgrade works at Bruce Lee Reserve

–       $150k for stage one of the Cantonment Hill upgrade

–       $100k for Monument Hill Anzac Centenary Celebration

 Community facilities

–       $1.2m for a new Leighton Beach kiosk and changerooms

–       $1.1m to re-align the Fremantle Public Golf Course and for a new community integrated facility and clubhouse

–       $400k for Fremantle Arts Centre sustainability work

–       $340k for new facility for Mens Shed in Hilton

–       $200k to upgrade Port Beach changerooms

–       $165k for a full basketball court at South Beach

–       $55k for a basketball half court at the Esplanade Youth Plaza

 Arts and culture

–       An additional $100k for community arts program to provide for suburban art projects (total budget for community art projects of $140,000)

–       Ongoing financial support for a dedicated Arts and Culture Project Officer to develop Fremantle’s art sector


–       $1m allocated to upgrading Fremantle bicycle infrastructure

–       $1.4m road improvement program


–       $560k for restoration works of the Town Hall

–       Stage 1 of the upgrade of the Old Fremantle Boys School for $850,000

–       $500k for further conservation works at Fremantle Markets

–       490k for maintenance work at Victoria Pavilion (Fremantle Oval)

–       480k  for upgrade works on the Evan Davies building in South Terrace

–       $200k for Old Fire Station upgrades

 Land and buildings

–       $8m to develop the new council depot

–       $500k for design work and development application for the new $45m City administration centre in Kings Square

 Community safety

–       $350k to improve lighting in the Fremantle CBD

–       $65k for additional CCTV cameras


–       1% of rates to renewable energy reserve

–       $582k for Leighton beach landscaping

–       $100k to implement permanent street recycling bins in Fremantle CBD

–       $50k for greening the West End


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