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Sth Terrace Party Dec 6


The South Fremantle precinct group is hoping to create a bit of David Engwicht style placemaking this Thursday, to celebrate the traffic calming and new streetscaping between Little Lefroy Road and Sydney Street along South Terrace.

The South Terrace Pavement Party is from 5.30-7.30 on December 6 and the organisors hope that local residents will bring chairs, couches, board games, musical instruments, etc. to connect with the local community.

The street facelift of new furniture, trees, bike racks and painted road service is only stage one of the City of Fremantle’s project, that will go all the way to Douro Road to emphasise it is a residential area and encourage motorists to slow down along South Terrace.

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traffic calming 1

traffic 2


The traffic calming along South Terrace in South Fremantle has become a bit more creative with the City of Fremantle painting red patterns on the road near the intersection with Lefroy Road.

It looks great CoF!

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port 1

port 2


I went out to get some bad weather photos this morning, but while it was still blowing a gale on the Fremantle South Mole the sun popped out, so I took some shots of RoRo vessel Trans Leader entering the port.

The Nikon 80-200-F 2.8 I took the photos with is such a brilliant lens, but it was a challenge to keep it steady in the storm.

I love the working port and mis it that I no longer do the professional photography for Fremantle Ports. But I did it for 14 years, so I can’t really complain hey.

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Parking in Fremantle will be made easier thanks to a number of initiatives funded in the City of Fremantle’s 2018-19 annual budget.

The most significant change is the investment of $105,000 towards an improved pay-by-phone app, which will allow motorists to find and pay for parking on their mobile phone.

Parking will be timed down to the minute, so there will no longer be any need to guess how long your will need to park. Motorists will be able start a parking session when they arrive and stop it when they return to their car – all from the convenience of their phone.

Motorists won’t have to go to a meter, and won’t need to have  change on them and they won’t need to pay the minimum credit or debit card amount, which is currently set at $3.

The new app will also have a parking locator, where people can search for parking, based on criteria like the cost per hour, time restrictions, and going forward for loading zones or ACROD parking.

Businesses will also be able to set up a corporate account which will be very useful for tradies and corporate fleets.

People who don’t have a smart phone will continue to be able to start and stop parking sessions through a phone call, text message or interactive voice response.

The investment is also seeking to extend the capability to include residential parking permits.

The City of Fremantle says that residents will be able apply and pay for a permit online, and they’ll be linked to licence plates so there will no longer be any need to display a printed permit. Does that mean though that the current 20 hour free parking a day for residents will become a paid permit?

The tender to supply the new parking app, as part of a broader parking management system, is currently being considered by the Fremantle Council.

The 2018-19 budget also allocated $165,000 to replace the electronic parking signs at the main entrances to the Fremantle city centre on Queen Victoria Street, High Street and South Terrace, to make it easier for visitors to locate parking in the CBD.

A further $45,000 has been allocated to replace and rebrand the signs in the City of Fremantle’s carparks.

The new signs will be designed to encourage people to use the pay-by-phone system, make applicable fees and time restrictions clearer and update wayfinding information to help people find their way from the carpark to their destination.

There are approximately 5000 parking bays available in the Fremantle city centre, including over a thousand on-street bays and more than 2300 bays in the 28 off-street carparks managed by the City.

The Queensgate carpark is on track to be reopened before summer as part of the Kings Square Renewal project, however the Point Street carpark will be closed towards the end of the year to make way for the Ancora Apartments and DoubleTree by Hilton hotel develop


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A  $ 928.336 Safer Community grant from the Federal Government will be used by the City of Fremantle to install automatic number plate recognition cameras at the entries to the city. The technology is similar to that used in WA police cars.

The new cameras would be an addition to the existing Fremantle CCTV network and installed at main roads into the CBD and also at Beach Street, Marine Terrace, Market Street, South Terrace and Queen Victoria Street.

The Fremantle CCTV system is controlled by the CoF and footage release on request to the WA Police, lawyers and members of the public as evidence in court cases.

The cameras scan all passing vehicles and identify persons of interest, unregistered  and stolen vehicles and drivers without a license.

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A correction and some facts I just received from the City of Fremantle regarding the planned Integrated Parking Management System they are considering:

The estimated cost is $710,013 over the four years of the contract, not annually!

It’s also worth pointing out that the City expects to save $45,000 in the first year as a result of savings made in credit card, bank and transaction fees as more people use the Pay-by-phone platform provided as part of this tender.

The City currently pays a whopping $360,000 per annum in credit card, bank and transaction fees for people paying by card at the parking meter.

Also, the ‘enforcement management’ referred to in the agenda item does not mean the outsourcing of our parking inspectors. That is about ensuring all of the various systems our parking inspectors use are integrated (ie the systems can talk to each other), which is currently not the case, which should result in fewer infringement errors.



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The City of Fremantle is considering to award a contract for an integrated parking management system, but Councillors at the FPOL committee last night wanted more detailed information and assurance of data privacy protection before signing off on it.

The integrated parking management would improve customer parking experience and optimise the City’s parking network.

It would implement a pay-by-phone system, enforcement management, residents parking permits, promoting capability and reporting services and business intelligence, with dynamic pricing, commercial permits and staff and guest permits as desirable functions.

The contract would be for four years at a cost of $ 710,013 annually (exGST and with CPI to be added from the years 2-4 inclusive).

I am not sure if the enforcement management part of the contract means that the present City of Fremantle parking officers would become redundant and their job would be taken over by the preferred tender Database Consultants Australia.

The officers will provide full council with more information at its next meeting.

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Kidogo lawn parking


A reminder to the City of Fremantle that something needs to be done about vehicles driving and parking on the new lawn in front of Kidogo Arthouse at Bathers Beach, unless the ratepayers are prepared to spend thousands of dollars each year to replace and repair grass damaged by vehicles.

I photographed these two vehicles on Sunday and when I walked by an hour later another car had taken the spot of one of them.

This is regularly happening, so damage to the grass will be inevitable, unless Fremantle City prevents vehicles from driving onto the lawn.

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The  new Fremantle Cappuccino Strip carpark on the former Stan Reilly site is near completion with solar lighting now also installed.

It will be good that it opens as the Queensgate carpark will close after the long Easter weekend to accommodate the Kings Square Redevelopment Project.

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The new Cappuccino Strip carpark on the former Stan Reilly site near Fremantle Hospital and Fremantle Oval is scheduled to open early April.

Bitumen made of recycled road milling is being put down at present. It will capture rain water run off that will be used to water the water-wise plants.

There will be 156 car bays which will be lit at night by solar lighting, and there are also electric car charging bays.

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