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As part of the beautification of the vacant Fremantle Point Street development site a piece of a partly demolished wall was painted yellow and black.

I photographed just a part of the wall and that created an artwork of its own.

There is always beauty in the ordinary!

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Point Street


Work has started on the new public car park on the corner of Adelaide and Point Street in Fremantle, on the site for the planned Hilton Doubletree Hotel.

The construction of the hotel by SKS has been delayed till the start of 2020, so Fremantle Council insisted they would return control of the site to the City, so that the space can be used, instead of being an eyesore.

SKS will also put a portable sales office on the corner of the site.

The City of Fremantle will also manage the Point Street multi-storey car park from January next year, until SKS starts building in about two years.

The new car park at the Stan Reilly site next to Fremantle Oval is also due to open early next year, so that will help local traders.

And the City has added one-hour free parking during the Kings Square Project development in Queen, Adelaide and William streets. Check the signs though!


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I had my arty eyes in this morning so I took some industrial art photos at the Fremantle  Queensgate carpark. Art is in the eyes of the beholder, so love it or hate it, I don’t care. ; >)

Did you know that is cost ONLY $ 2.20 and hour to park there!

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Wherever I go in Fremantle I see buckets put down to catch the rain water leaking through the ceilings of older buildings. I’ve got three water catch containers at the place I am house sitting and the ceiling is sagging, so I hope it does not get any worse.

But there is beauty in the ordinary and reflections always make interesting photos so here some of the Point Street car park that soon will become a Hilton Doubletree hotel.

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no parking

I am impressed with the very fast action of City of Fremantle officers who adjusted the electronic parking sign near the Norfolk Hotel within a day of yesterday’s concerns about in here on Freo’s View.

The window for the Collie Street carpark no longer states there are zero parking bays available, but has been changed to OPEN. Well done COF. Great work!!!

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no parking

One of the priorities for the City of Fremantle should be to get the small things right. This electronic parking sign near the corner of Parry Street and Marine Terrace is an example of overlooking minor things that can have a big impact.

The parking sign shows 24/7 that there are no vacancies at the multi-storey Collie Street carpark and that is not factual. If I were the private operators I would be pretty concerned that the COF directs traffic and paying customers away from my business.

All it needs is to make the zero into a blank space, or if the technology does not allow for that, to block off the window with some tape or paint, so it does not give the confusing and inaccurate information that the Collie Street carpark is full every hour of every day of the week.

The other issue is why the arrow points out that to get to the Collie Street carpark one needs to turn left into Norfolk Street when Collie Street is the third street left when going straight ahead down the Cappuccino Strip.

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carpark 1 carpark 2

I often wonder about the lack of colour on new buildings, as I believe there needs to be contrast between the mainly white concrete buildings. A splash of colour here and there will make a lot of difference. Whilst I enjoy some of the very large new mural artworks in Fremantle I would not like to see it becoming common practise on a large number of buildings because that would be over kill.

I had a photo shoot in Subiaco yesterday and noticed how on a basically bland building they covered the street-level car park with these colourful panels that have a lot of small holes in them to allow fresh air to get in and car fumes to escape. It makes a big difference to the pretty boring building and streetscape I believe.

Bright, colourful and creatively designed buildings become an attraction and create a sense of beauty and well-being, so let’s have a bit more of it.

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Fremantle’s inner city residents who live within the Pink Zone of the City’s proposed new residential parking permit rules are not at all happy and are asking if this is another example of Fremantle Council’s ideology without a demonstrated purpose. 80 % percent of those who responded to the new policy were against it, so which part of our population, and those who voted for them, are our Elected Members representing when supporting the changes? I know the answer. It must be that silent majority again that never come to meetings, write letters to editors, or submissions to councils.

In the officer’s report it states that” ….as the city grows the pressure on on street parking increases” If that is the case why has the City of Fremantle sold the car parks at Pakenham Street, Queensgate and Point Street to private developers? Why also does the COF advocate parklets for cafes and bars and has replaced parking bays with bicycle racks? Non of that makes sense if we are stretched for inner city parking, which by the way the City denies by claiming there are hundreds of vacant bays at multi-storey carparks on most week days.

Councillor Andrew Sullivan’s comment that the Council wants to reset the dial to reduce the number of residents parking on street shows that this is very much all part of the anti car ideology of the present Fremantle Council that also encourages new residential and commercial buildings to be built without adequate parking bays for its occupiers.

As inner city residents pointed out in submissions to the COF the value of their properties could well drop if a new owner does not receive a parking permit. They also say the economic viability of living in the inner city would be significantly impacted if they had to pay some $ 300 a month for parking.

One also has to wonder how the proposed parking permit changes would affect developers of residential apartments from going ahead with building in the West End and CBD.

There are very many people in and around Fremantle who are getting tired of the pro bike anti car push by Fremantle Council because they consider it ideology driven rather than coming from a practical and need point. Change in culture cannot be forced overnight and Councillors need to accept that there is not yet a strong bike culture, as in Europe, in Western Australia. The refusal by some Elected Members to accept this reality is very disappointing and akin to trying to force one’s religion on others.

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It is a delight to see the mediocre retail building at Queen Adelaide and Point Street being flattened. By the end of today it will be demolished and I assume the next building to go will be the Westgate Carpark.

The new building in that location will be a Hilton Doubletree hotel with retail shops at street level and that will substantially help to revitalise the ‘Little Beirut’ part of Fremantle.

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It came as a surprise that the special meeting of Fremantle Council last evening was a confidential one and the public asked to leave the gallery.

The item listed as “Sale of 50 Pakenham Street-Acceptance of Rebate” had been openly debated in previous council and committee meetings, but I was not aware of a “rebate.” Does this mean Freo City made a bargain of the sale to a private operator who might put a couple of “affordable” units in the building?

Why the secrecy, we have to ask as the commercial confidentially excuse is always a great way to hide things that might just be a wee bit on the nose.

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