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Posted in fremantle, hospitality, tourism by freoview on December 16, 2015

alfresco 1 alfresco 2


Alfresco is the new black in Fremantle with new so-called parklets and other outdoor eating and drinking areas popping up all around town. The Newport Hotel on the Cappuccino Strip and the Ball&Chain bar at the Esplanade Hotel created two good-looking ones.

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men at work

Just another street photo I shot this morning at the Fremantle Cappuccino Strip. Smile. ; > )

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Evan Davies building

The City of Fremantle is seeking proposals for the commercial lease of the iconic Evan Davies Building which sits in the heart of the cappuccino strip.

The former KULCHA building above the DOME cafe includes a bar, stage, DJ box, open function space, office, male/female toilets, kitchen and a large balcony.

Proposals should include how it will add value to Fremantle and the community as well as demonstrate strong financial viability and a solid business plan. Proposals close Wednesday 8 April. Visit

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Posted in city of fremantle, TRAFFIC by freoview on February 10, 2015

The City of Fremantle noticeboard advertisement in the Fremantle Gazette today announces the weekend closure trial of Market Street starting the weekend of March 27. The street will be closed from 5 pm on Friday until 11 pm on Sunday, as part of a trial to make Market Street into a pedestrian only zone.

If the closure applies to all of Market Street it would also mean one way traffic along the Cappuccino Strip as traffic from the north would have to be diverted along Phillimore Street and the West End, while traffic coming from the South along South Terrace would have to be diverted either through Collie or Bannister street.

It would also mean blocking off Cantonment Street, so there will be traffic chaos galore unless very good traffic management is in place.

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STOP PRESS!  the City now advises me this only applies to the tiny Market Street ‘piazza’ behind Gino’s between Nairn Street and South Terrace. Not sure why that was not communicated in the advertisement. It would have helped to avoid misunderstandings.


Posted in city of fremantle, roads, TRAFFIC by freoview on January 11, 2015

With all the hype at Fremantle Council about traffic calming, road sharing and making the city more cyclist and pedestrian friendly, it is quite remarkable that there is still no shared/naked road in the entire city, unless one counts the 50 metres of Market Street behind Gino’s as one. Riding a bicycle in the High Street Mall is a big no-no.

Professor Peter Newman, of the Curtin University of Sustainable Policy, lauded his friend Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt on ABC radio last week for having doubled twice in two years funding for cycling, but what is the City of Fremantle doing with it?

A perfect share street project would be Adelaide Street west from Queens Street and following that through into William Street to Henderson Street, but it appears nothing will happen there unless Kings Square is being developed. We are waiting in high anticipation to see if Sirona Capital will actually start the project there this year or if there will be further delays. Why a shared road can’t be implemented along the Town Hall anyway is something I don’t understand. Waiting for Godot and a Kings Square development that might not happen for a long time-if at all-is not good city planning.

The Cappuccino Strip could become another good share road if one-way traffic was introduced there and busses and trucks banned, so pedestrians, cyclists and cars could equally share that street.

If High Street west was anywhere in Europe it would be a wonderful example of shared space with cobblestones, alfresco coming out further and a narrow all share street winding through it, making a real feature out of Freo’s most gorgeous heritage street.

Spin and hoohaa and painting pictures of bikes on green parts of some roads won’t do and real action and real road sharing should become a priority in Fremantle this year, anything less will be seen as hubris.

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Posted in fremantle, summer by freoview on January 7, 2015

summertime sunset dinner at Joe's

It has been unusually busy in Fremantle on week days lately and today was the same again with a large number of people at Bathers Beach and the Fishing Boat Harbour, but the alfresco cafes along the Cappuccino Strip were also doing well.

I took the ‘Sunset Dinner at Joe’s’ and ‘Summertime‘ photos around 7 pm today. It’s hard not to love Freo!

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Posted in fremantle, holiday by freoview on December 29, 2014

fbh 1

It was very unusual to see so many people in Fremantle on a Monday. Normally during the first half of the week good old Freo looks a bit like a ghost town, but the festive season and school holidays made a significant difference today. The alfresco cafes were trading well and people were parading along the Cappuccino Strip like they generally only do on weekends. The Fishing Boat Harbour was also not deserted so the whole place had a really nice buzz about it. If only we could have that all year. It would make our retailers very happy.

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For Fremantle artist and unique very Freo identity Horatio B. Birdbath Christmas arrived early today when he saw the planter boxes with his art design on the Cappuccino Strip. The panels were manufactured in Italy and took a little longer than anticipated but they look colourful and fresh and are a loveley addition to the strip.

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Posted in fremantle by freoview on December 17, 2014

WA TODAY reports that the giant waterslide that was going to be in Fremantle for the next four Sundays has been cancelled by the organisors Event Agency and Big Bang Productions because too many people had complained that there was not enough slip on the Perth slide last Sunday.

This was going to be a huge event for Freo with the closure of the Cappuccino Strip, extended alfresco areas at cafes, live music and entertainment, so this is a huge disappointment.

It is also disappointing for those who queued up for hours in Perth because of a broken water pump and who were promised free rides in Fremantle.

Many people I talked to in Perth complained about the very long waiting times and the lack of slope and slip, but one would have assumed a week is long enough for the organisors to come up with a solution for what appears to be a simple problem.

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Posted in city of fremantle, waterslide by freoview on December 9, 2014

The City of Fremantle has just announced an absolutely brilliant event to activate the inner city and make it more pedestrian friendly and attractive to families. A 315 metre long water slide is the centrepiece of Fremantle’s summer activities that will see the port city’s famous Cappuccino Strip (South Terrace/Market Street) and Essex Street closed to vehicles over four Sundays in December and January.

Slidestreet Fremantle will begin on Sunday 21 December and continue every Sunday until 11 January. Both Essex Street (where the slide will be located) and the Cappuccino Strip will be closed on these days between 3.00 am – midnight.
Several local businesses including The Monk, Sail & Anchor, Benny’s, Grill’d and San Churro will be extending their trading areas into the street and stalls from the Fremantle Markets will be trading on South Terrace. There will also be a kids’ water slide, a climbing wall, a photo booth and sea containers on the strip which will act as change rooms.

To keep people entertained while they wait to slide, there will be a stage outside Benny’s with Fremantle Dockers’ player and musician Luke McPharlin and local favourite Matt Gresham performing an acoustic set on 21 December.

Freo Mayor Brad Pettitt said the reaction from the local businesses community has been excellent with businesses getting right behind the concept of closing Cappuccino Strip. “Freo businesses have been very supportive of what we’re doing with most extending their trading areas to activate Cappuccino Strip and we’ll also have lots of other supporting activities and entertainment for people of all ages.”

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