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Posted in city of fremantle, development, local government by freoview on September 30, 2015

I am not sure at all that the residents of North Fremantle near McCabe Street are going to like this, but the headquarters of the Mediterranean Shipping Company at 15 McCabe Street is for sale. The real estate agent says the 1690 sqm. site has “significant redevelopment appeal” so maybe the locals there are in for another battle to stop highrise buildings in the area.

The MSC staff will relocate to their new building in Cliff Street later this year, and that is a welcome development for the West End of Fremantle and no doubt good for the cafes along High Street.

Another development will be going ahead in the centre of Fremantle soon, with Council giving approval to the Match group to redevelop the former Energy Museum site at Parry Street.

The heritage-listed building will be developed into a Bread in Common-style food and beverage venue and behind it a four-storey apartment building will be built that will house forty 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments. I hope the apartment building will compliment the heritage building with good matching design and not negatively overshadow it.

I am not sure if the initial idea to also have a micro brewery on site has been dropped after protest from residents and St Patrick’s so stay tuned.

I believe a Bread in Common style venue would be great for the East of the CBD and will become a real attraction for the hundreds of people who will move into the area once the Heirloom development is finished in 2017. It would fit in well with the Hilton hotel development, the upgrade of Princess May Park and new tenants for the former FTI building.

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Posted in art, city of fremantle, hospitality by freoview on September 17, 2015

What a breath of fresh air and wanting to make a positive PIMBY(Please In My Back Yard) contribution to the inner city last evening’s address by Nairn Street resident Helen Hewitt to the City of Fremantle Strategic and Planning Committee was.

Helen explained she and her elderly husband Bob did not intend to speak but only came when they heard the City officers had recommended not to approve the proposed alfresco parklet at the stunning new Strange Company bar opposite their home.

Helen said the new bar and Bread in Common around the corner in Pakenham Street were a positive benefit to the inner city and had brought a better environment and people to the area. It was a real improvement to the street amenity and the noise others had complained about was merely “A warm bubbling murmur.” Strange Company is a wonderful asset to Nairn Street she told Councillors.

With the proposed closing of Little Market Street behind Gino’s that will become a piazza, the unattractive area might well become a real vibrant part of the CBD, especially should the run down buildings on the Southern side of Nairn Street be developed.

Small bars is exactly what the City of Fremantle should be supporting instead of allowing totally inappropriate live concerts and a large tavern at J Shed on Arthur Head that will have severe and negative impact on the West End amenity for residents, visitors and businesses. Why do we need more outdoor summer concerts in the inner city when they are well catered for at Port and Leighton Beach, the Fremantle Arts Centre, the Blues&Roots and Laneway festivals and live music venues like the Fly by Night, Clancy’s, Norfolk Hotel, Sail&Anchor, etc?

Saturday concerts almost every weekend in summer at Arthur Head could well kill off the very popular and family friendly Bathers Beach Sunset Food Markets as parking would become a huge issue in the area and the music invading from the concerts would create a very unpleasant second-hand noise environment that would drown out the market music by local musicians.

I am not against live music. I am not against, mainly young, people having fun outdoors, but it needs to be done in the right locations around our city and not in our most historic precinct where a sculpture park on the A Class reserve at Arthur Head in front of the J Shed art studios would attract tourists seven days a week throughout the year and make the Bathers Beach Art Precinct cohesive.

Roel Loopers

ROEL FOR FREO!. Beaconsfield Ward. Truly Independent.

Written and authorised by Roel Loopers of 5 Maxwell Street. Beaconsfield 6162.


Posted in bar, fremantle, strange company by freoview on August 13, 2015

The owners of the brand spanking new STRANGE COMPANY small bar assigned me to do photography for them, so I thought to do some value adding for them and promote the stunning new venue here on Freo’s View.

The place has such a homely atmosphere that I’ll probably have to become a regular there. The wooden panels and bamboo create such a cosy ambience that makes one fall in love with the bar in Nairn Street, just behind Gino’s, immediately.

The bar was designed by Freo architect Michael Patroni, who also designed the beautiful Bread in Common, just around the corner from the new bar.

They had a special evening for friends and contractors and the food looked yummy, especially the prawn sliders.

Strange Company opens tomorrow, Friday the 14th, and will be open from 2 pm till midnight daily.

Roel Loopers

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Posted in fremantle, hospitality by freoview on August 1, 2015

bread in common

Enjoying the winter sun this Saturday morning at BREAD IN COMMON in Pakenham Street, Fremantle. Freo is rich with cute cafes hidden away from the main strip and well worth exploring for visitors to our city.

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Posted in fremantle by freoview on November 25, 2013

The Fremantle ESPLANADE HOTEL has new owners and a new coat of paint and now wants to create an alfresco area along Marine Terrace, where the present service road and taxi stand is. The City of Fremantle officers are not sure if this is actually a parklet since it does not go in a parking bay spot. I think it is a good idea, so hopefully council will approve it on Wednesday evening.

Parklets are on the agenda again with the City wanting to make it easier for food outlets to create small alfresco areas, like the one at the Moore&Moore Cafe in Henry Street and Bread in Common in Pakenham Street. The strange thing in the proposal that goes to council is that the suggestion is to only allow parklets in streets where the speed limit is 40kmp or lower, which would exclude Henry and Pakenham streets and also High Street west, that would benefit from alfresco areas along the street.

Roel Loopers

esplanade 2


Posted in australia by freoview on October 18, 2013

Colour, art, flowers, furniture and little details make such a difference to the ambiance of a cafe as this photo of the XWray Cafe in Fremantle shows. Wild Poppy in Wray Avenue has colourful throw-overs over the seats, Chalkys in High Street great murals.

It’s not just good coffee and food that attracts people to venues but also the atmosphere. Chalkys is a fine example of that, with previous operators sticking with a rather boring  fit-out and not surviving there long, while the present owners spent a lot of money on good art, great furniture and the business has been thriving since they moved in. It’s all about making a little effort and to offer something different.

The best recent example without a doubt is Bread in Common in Pakenham Street. What a stunning destination for lunch or dinner or just a glass of wine.

Roel Loopers

XWray cafe



Posted in fremantle by freoview on October 12, 2013

Fremantle is having another good run in the media with the WEST WEEKEND magazine of the West Australian newspaper publishing four Freo related articles.

Tim Winton is interviewed at Clancys and photographed at the Woolstores graffiti walls and talks about his new book Eyrie, artist Ian de Souza and his wife Rosslyn are the feature for the Yin&Yang column, while food critic Rob Broadfield writes a blinder of a review on the new BREAD IN COMMON restaurant in Pakenham Street. Broadfield likes the food, decor and ambience there so much that he wants to move in.

If you normally don’t buy the West, buy it this weekend or find a copy of the magazine in your favourite cafe.

Roel Loopers


Posted in fremantle by freoview on October 6, 2013

Fremantle is without a doubt on the move and has woken up from its development hibernation, and shaken of the lethargy and procrastination we kind-off got used to over the last 20 years.

The new Bread in Common restaurant in Pakenham Street is already immensely popular and a great new feature for the dormant West End of town, while two new developments are rising up fast close by in Bannister Street. The Fremantle Club hotel there will be a very welcome new addition for tourism.

A new short-term accommodation development is also planned for Pakenham Street north, but the design needs a serious new twist as the original plans are horrendous.

I am not sure if the Jarrahcorp furniture shop change into a bar/cafe is still going ahead, but PS Studios are rumoured to start a cafe as well, while further west a new hotel is on the cards for the corner of Henry and High and a stunning building will go up pretty soon in Cliff Street as well.

As cricket commentator Bill Lawry would say; It’s all happening in Fremantle!

Roel Loopers

Bread in Common Bannister St Hotel



Posted in art, fremantle by freoview on October 3, 2013

Don’t stay home on Friday but go out instead and support the Fremantle arts scene. There are three exhibition openings I know off; PSA Studios in Pakenham Street, the photo show about the Philippines at the Moores Building Art Centre, and the Landsacpes  exhibition at Kidogo Arthouse on Bathers Beach.

They are all in the West End of Freo so do an art tour and on the way try out the stunning new bar Bread in Common in Pakenham Street as well. And hey, all you cynics, I don’t get paid, or free art, or cases of wines, or free meals at any of the events and places I promote here. It’s just a community service I offer and many people appreciate.

Roel Loopers


Phillipines photo show



Posted in fremantle by freoview on September 19, 2013

Just half an hour ago today at 10 am, the all new BREAD IN COMMON restaurant, bar and bakery opened in Fremantle‘s Pakenham Street, between Collie and Bannister Street. I had a quick look and took some snaps and I believe it is one of the best looking hospitality venues in our city. It is big but feels very cosy thanks to the great design by Fremantle architect Michael Patroni. There is more local flavour with the large tables supplied by Marri and Jarrah specialists Brooker Furniture from High Street.

There is a large bar and great wine selection and an impressive kitchen, but a feature slightly hidden at the back are two large wood fired ovens from which yummy smelling and looking bread is produced and that is for sale at the counter as well.

I couldn’t  find a menu, so not sure what fare is on offer, but it promises to be a great new attraction for Freo locals and tourists. It’s open for lunch and dinner.

Roel Loopers

bread 1 bread 2 bread 3

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