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The Fremantle Network is taking on a different format with Politics in the Pubs this Tuesday August 28 in The Garage at The Local hotel in South Fremantle at 7pm.

Members of the Fremantle Refugees Rights Action Network-RRAN will start the discussion to explore the challenges, complexities, concerns and compassion of dealing with refugees.

I am disappointed that the Fremantle Network is changing, as it was always good to talk about Fremantle specific topics once a month. The Politics in the Pubs will no doubt largely be about federal politics, instead of being about the governance of Fremantle and WA, with topics closer to home and to our hearts.

The lines about refugees are clearly drawn in Canberra  with the Liberal/Nationals wanting to stop the boats and the Labor party not having the guts to have different policies.

I am personally very disappointed and disgusted about Australia’s lack of compassion for boat people and refugees because a rich and huge country like ours could offer safe haven to many more desperate people.

Roel Loopers



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Many people in Fremantle will be interested in this so hence the announcement that a RALLY FOR REFUGEES will be held tomorrow Saturday July 21 at Forrest Place in Perth from 1-3pm.

I found the way Australia treats refugees disgraceful and am very disappointed that the major parties support overseas detention centres, so there is little hope the Labor party would change the policy should they win the next federal election.

If the refugees where white Christians they would not be banned from Australia, but skin colour still makes a huge difference in Australia.

Roel Loopers


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A small group of Fremantle people hopped on the train at midday to join the Palm Sunday march in Perth in support of refugees, while others did the same at the Murdoch train station.

A friend in Canberra Tweeted that there was a big crowd for the Palm Sunday rally there. That is a good sign after Minister Peter Dutton was keen to allow South African farmers to immigrate to Australia while the government is doing its utmost to keep desperate refugees out of the country.

Roel Loopers



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Fremantle people will meet at 11.30am tomorrow at Pioneer Park opposite the train station to join the Perth Palm Sunday Walk for Justice for Refugees.

The Perth march starts at 1pm from St George’s Cathedral on St George’s Terrace, so our Freo attendants will hop on a train to march with them.

Roel Loopers



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Many hundreds of people marched through the Fremantle CBD at lunchtime on Saturday during the FREO SAFE HARBOUR rally, demanding the closure of detention centres and an end to off shore processing, and a more humanitarian approach toward refugees by the Australian government.

Roel Loopers



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Booyeembara tree planting


It is nice and crisp in winter and it is very inviting weather to walk around town or do some community work, so why not join the tree planting at Booyeembara Park in White Gum Valley tomorrow, Saturday June 25.

Do some physical work, beautify the area and connect with your community and have a bit of fun. The kids and dogs can run around while you are help planting the future green lungs of Fremantle.

It is on from 9 am till noon.

Also on Saturday from 12 to 2.30 is FREO SAFE HAVEN, help the refugees rally and walk, so join in after the tree planting. It is at Pioneer Park opposite the railway station!

Roel Loopers



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Retiring Fremantle Federal MP Melissa Parke gave her last, valedictory, speech in Canberra’s Parliament House today accusing the government of creating hysteria in Australia over asylum seekers.

“I came into this place to represent the Fremantle electorate and to engage in what I termed the war against indifference. Before I expand on that, I would observe that there have been many wars fought in this place — the war on terror, the war on drugs, the war on people-smugglers, the war on each other. Only the last one seems to have had any success, and that has been to the ultimate detriment of all of us, and of public trust in our political system.”

The ‘war on terror’ has too often become a tool used by governments around the world to suppress dissent, to shrink civil society, to curtail independent media, to increase surveillance of civilian populations, and to erode the rule of law and hard-won civil liberties. We are seeing this in Egypt, Turkey, Russia, Malaysia and Ethiopia, to name just a few countries, but we are also seeing it much closer to home.

“The war on people smugglers, accompanied by a faux concern for drownings at sea, has facilitated the profound deterioration in Australia’s treatment of asylum seekers and refugees,” Parke told Parliament.

The human rights advocate attacked the lack of transparency from an “increasingly militarised immigration and border protection agency”.

“The present offshore detention system is a festering wound that is killing people and eroding our national character and reputation. It needs to be healed.”

Melissa Parke proposed an increase in the present humanitarian intake and  said Australia should meet its international obligations and take in more refugees.

I want to thank Melissa for her tireless work for human rights all over the world and for her passion and integrity. I have found Melissa to be a absolutely delightful person and feel privileged to have met her on many occasions. I wish her all the very best and look forward to catching up with her in Freo.

Roel Loopers


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City of Fremantle Councillors, staff and the community will show their support for refugees by marching in the annual Palm Sunday Walk for Justice for Refugees this Sunday 20 March.

The group will gather at 11.30 am at Pioneer Park (opposite Fremantle Train Station) and board a train to Perth to join the main event at 1.00 pm outside St George’s Cathedral.

Fremantle councillor and refugee rights advocate Cr Sam Wainwright said the Walk For Justice aimed to shed light on the injustices refugees face when attempting to seek refuge in Australia.

“Overwhelming evidence indicates severe and systemic abuse of asylum seekers’ human rights is occurring within Australia’s immigration processing system,” Cr Wainwright said.

“We’ve seen a recent surge of concern about the conditions in Australia’s offshore detention centres in particular as a result of the impending deportation of 267 asylum seekers. A lot of this attention was focused around the fate of “Baby Asha”, who doctors in Brisbane only agreed to release on the condition she would not be returned to Nauru.

“It’s completely unacceptable to detain people like this and I’m really proud of the actions the Fremantle council has taken recently to help defend the rights and raise the profiles of these innocent people.

“We’re now calling on our famously compassionate local community to stand together to support refugee rights by attending the march with us,” Cr Wainwright said.



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I know my opinion will upset some of my close friends and people I respect in the community, but I believe it would be a mere gimmick for the City of Fremantle to cut ties with Wilson Security and other companies because they are involved with offshore detention centres.

Everyone who knows me and connects with me through this blog and social media knows that I am absolutely and totally against offshore and onshore detention centres. I do not believe that women, men and children deserve to be held behind razor wire for indefinite and very long periods. It is wrong, no matter what spin the Labor and Liberal parties put up about it.

Wilson Security does not make the policies of Australia, they are made by our politicians and government and to ban the company from getting contracts from Fremantle City will not make one iota of a difference to the asylum seekers on Nauru and Manus Island. Their conditions and lifestyle will not improve one bit because of it and the razor wires won’t come down just because the City of Fremantle makes a feel-good empty gesture that is meaningless.

We need to lobby our political parties and the federal government! To start blaming contractors is a pretty narrow view of what goes on and the bipartisan attitude of the Labor and Liberal leaders. That needs to change, not who runs the facilities!

There are federal and state elections coming up. Tell your politicians what you think about detention centres and how Australia mishandels the refugees crisis. That is where we might be able to make a difference and finally find political leaders who have the guts and backbone to change the inhumane asylum policies!

Roel Loopers


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Is it time for an independent political party in Australia, a truly balanced party that has values and morals and where elected members always have a conscious vote instead of having to vote along party lines?

Many Australians are very disappointed with the major parties. Cynicism about politicians and their egos, arrogance and power lust is increasing daily.

The lack of balance and only wanting to rubbish whatever the opposition parties are proposing is a mind-blowing show of narrow-mindedness and lack of intelligence.

Politicians are not interested what is best for our country, or state, they only want to get into or remain in power at all cost. Any values they or their party might have had in the past have all but disappeared in the greedy grab for power.

The gap between the rich and the poor is getting bigger and those who need society’s support most are being ignored more and more because our politicians look for the lowest denominator when it comes to increasing their popularity. It is much easier to dismiss those irrelevant minority groups, the narcissistic disabled, the always complaining aged and those nasty lazy dole bludgers, than to actually get millionaires pay tax.

Racism is yet again increasing in Australia because of a severe lack of leadership by those who take more and more freedom away from us under the guise of wanting to protect us from all those foreign nasties. Our Christian politicians are happy to implement inhumane laws and policies because they don’t care about people and compassion.

Our leaders are building monuments to show their greatness instead of shelters for the homeless and the poor. There is always money in the budget for impressive projects but less and less for education, health, social services and science.

There are millions of dollars available for a pedestrian bridge to a new and expensive football stadium but not to replace the dodgy Fremantle railway bridge.

I have long given up believing in what the leaders of the Labor or Liberal party promise because all they do is try to win votes at the next election so their hunger for power gets satisfied. I no longer believe that Bill Shorten would be a better leader than the disgraceful Tony Abbott is or that Mark McGowan would to a better job than the arrogant Colin Barnett, and it pisses me off that there are no alternatives and that my vote will be wasted again at one of the next elections, because there are no true leaders with true values who actually care. That is so frustrating and disappointing!

Roel Loopers

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