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Those in North Fremantle who claim Freo Council does not look after them can be silent now. These massive rubbish bins I photographed near the Propeller Cafe this morning are hopefully the start of a Fremantle wide roll out in the more frequented and tourist areas of the city where ugly plastic wheelie bins are still creating visual pollution.

Not sure why one of these bins was not made a recycling bin and disappointing the COF still needs to use plastic bin liners because it is probably the most practical way.

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Posted in city of fremantle by freoview on October 17, 2014

Miracles do happen, God does exist and the City of Fremantle listens to the concerns of residents. I’ve got proof off it!

Today a herd of wheelie bins were put up around the Fremantle Round House and yesterday the cleaning buggy actually visited Arthur Head and drove along the beach path at Bathers Beach. Hallelujah!

It now needs to be seen if we end up with four overflowing bins at the Round House or if they will be emptied daily.

Thanks for listening COF. Have a happy clean weekend!

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crap city

Visual pollution happens when lazy people can’t be bothered making functional things more appealing. These four bins in Fremantle’s William Street, opposite the Civic Centre are less than four metres apart and I think they look appalling.

Surely the City of Fremantle could buy bins that are more beautiful and place them so that they are not so close together. Four bins over a distance of six metres is overkill and it looks crap.

Freo is the No 1 tourist destination in WA, so we don’t need eyesores like these. Please make a bit of an effort, COF!

Staying with the rubbish saga, the constantly overflowing bin at Bathers Beach near the Whalers Tunnel, that the City neglects to empty regularly, so that the bin has split because of overfilling, has become such an eyesore that it was removed by people working in the area. Why put a bin there COF when your garbage truck people refuse to walk 100 metres to get the bin to the truck?

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bin 1 bin 2

The Arthur Head rubbish bin saga continues and that is not acceptable! I will keep pointing this out until this has been addresses and rectified, even if that means someone gets sacked or has to resign over this. Someone at COF is responsible for this, so why is (s)he not doing the job?

I started complaining about rubbish not being collected at Arthur Head nearly four years ago, after I moved into Captain’s Lane, and very little has improved since, and I keep getting calls from local residents and artists working in the area.

For heaven’s sake, City of Fremantle, this is our prime heritage and tourism area, so surely daily tidying up is not too much to ask for.

I realise I won’t win a popularity contest at the City, but community engagement is not about winning X Factor, but about caring for the city one lives in.

Clean up your mess, Fremantle!

Roel Loopers

Photos taken this morning. Bins were already full on Sunday, as is the recycle bin in front of Kidogo!


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recycle bins






Fremantle has new recycling bins in the CBD, so now hoping people will use them properly and not contaminate them with other waste. I hope they will be put at events on the Esplanade as well.

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This is the view tourists to the beautiful city of Fremantle were confronted with at Bathers Beach today. I did not photograph this mess very early but between 1 and 1.30 pm, so when the morning was well gone and cleaners should have been all over the place to make our little city beach pristine again. Cottesloe and Scarborough beaches are cleaned well before the early swimmers and joggers arrive, so why is that not happening in Fremantle? Does anyone care and does anyone actually know what is going on in this city? Where are the managers and supervisors? It’s a bloody disgrace!

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Posted in fremantle by freoview on June 28, 2011

Here some news snippets from Fremantle:

# Congratulations to the RED HERRING restaurant in East Fremantle for winning the W.A. Best Seafood Restaurant Award 20110. Well done!

# Also well done, well kind off, to Fremantle’s ever smiling and likable CEO Graeme McKenzie. He and all other local council CEOs will receive a 4.1% pay rise from July this year. Could we now please have more bins in the city and more regular cleaning around town, Graeme. We are far away from ever winning the Tidy Town award.

# We now have two CAT Bus loops in Fremantle, one serving the north, the other the south of the city and both commencing at the train station.

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Posted in fremantle by freoview on June 23, 2011

Following up from an earlier post on this blog this week I checked the number of rubbish bins in the West End this morning on my way to the Moore&Moore cafe for my hit of caffeine, and the lack of them is quite staggering. Between Little High Street and Henry Street there is only a single bin in High Street. There are no bins in Cliff, Mouat and Henry Street between Phillimore Street and the Esplanade at all. I did not check Packenham Street, but fear it might be the same there. That is a large area that has got a single garbage bin and that is not sufficient.

This is the University of Notre Dame area, where thousands of students use the streets every day and have nowhere to dispose off their rubbish. Time for a change COF!!

Roel Loopers


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