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The Turtle Festival is on this Saturday October 1 at Bibra Lake from 9.30 am to 12.30 pm, so go and find out all about the long-necked turtles there.

It is a fun day for the whole family, so take the kids to the Cockburn Wetlands Precinct at 184 Hope Road, Bibra Lake.

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Spring is in the air with many wildflowers popping up and the sun is finally out as well.

I shot this photo of the swan family at Bibra Lake this morning.

It’s a great time of the year for a walk and to discover some of nature’s beauty. Manning Park just down the road from Fremantle is looking great as well with fantastic views from the lookouts.

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A fire that has been burning near Bibra Lake in the suburb of Coolbellup in Cockburn has been upgraded again at midday as lives and homes are at risk according to FESA.

The fire started at 6 am at Pioneer Park near Progress Drive and is believed to have been deliberately lit.

The students of the nearby Waldorf School had to seek shelter inside the school when the fire broke containment lines mid morning.

I just came back from there and there are a lot of very worried people in the area watching the helicopters and fixed-wing planes dumping water on the fires not far from there homes. There was a strong breeze and that is not helpful.

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An estimated 3500 people turned up at Bibra Lake this Sunday morning to protest against the planned Roe 8 highway extension and the Perth Freight Link.

People laughed about the Sunday Times report that the State Government might change the name into People’s Highway, commenting that it would be extremely cynical for a government that has stopped listening to the community, some calling Premier Barnett Kim Yong Colin, in reference to the North Korean dictator of that ‘people’s republic’

City of Cockburn Mayor Logan Howlett told the crowd that Liberal backbenchers had reported to him that they had been told that the protestors were just rent a crowd and did not represent the affected communities. That had the very community orientated crowd in uproar.

There were a lot of Fremantle faces in the crowd, local councillors and of course all the politicians, but I did not see any from the Liberal or National parties.

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There will be a protest at Bibra Lake this morning at 8 am to protest against the approval for the Roe 8 highway by Federal Environment Minister Greg Hunt.

It is Stage One of the highly controversial Perth Freight Link to Fremantle Ports and would have severe impact on the Beeliar Wetlands.

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Over a thousand people turned up this Sunday morning for the Bridge Protest against the PERTH FREIGHT LINK. The crowd stretched all along Stirling Bridge and received many appreciative honks from passing motorists.

Politicians Melissa Parke, Lyn MacLaren, Peter Tinley and Alannah McTiernan were there, as were the Mayors and Councillors of affected municipalities.

Here photos of the event that all interested organisations can use free of charge on social media, as long as they give me a credit for it.

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With different community groups and different suburbs all wanting to fight the proposed Roe 8 highway extension I was wondering if the new slogan and stickers should just be a minor change. What about ROE2RAIL instead of the Road2Rail campaign slogan used by those opposing the Fremantle High Street/Stirling Highway widening.

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Is the proposed extension of the Roe Highway with a tollway from Muchea to Fremantle port common sense or madness, and why is rail the better alternative to Western Australia’s freight and traffic problems? It was the topic of the Freeway Madness forum at the Fremantle Workers Club on Wednesday.

Kathy Anketell talked about her experience with the anti Eastern Bypass campaign, while Barry Healy represented the Road2Rail group and Nandi Chinna spoke on behalf of the Save the Beeliar Wetlands fighters. Councillor Sam Wainwright was the fourth speaker.

Speakers agreed that this was not a NIMBY issue but affected the whole Perth metropolitan area and that it was “one road, one struggle!” A statement by the Minister from Transport that the road would carry 65,000 trucks a day was believed to be excessive, with Barry Healy claiming that soon 1,2 million containers a year would be moved to and from Fremantle Ports.

There were warnings that in other states all competing infra structure within ten kilometers of a tollroad had to be closed and that could mean the part closure of the existing rail line and suburban roads. Sam Wainwright said that while there was no proof, he believed in the long-term Fremantle Ports would be privatised and the tollroad would help to achieve finding a buyer for it.

Barry Healy spoke about a huge campaign of non violent civil disobedience, a mass petition with 20,000 signatures, and that he wanted to see “a total people’s victory”

Nandi Chinna said that previous Environmental Protection Authority reports had found that “the North Lake, Bibra Lake area was the most historical site south of the river and the most significant Aboriginal site within the Perth metropolitan region south of the Swan River.” 97 hectares of significant trees and bushland would be destroyed if the Roe 8 extension went ahead, she claimed.

Sam Wainwright said that the billions of dollars cost for the highway was madness and that rail would be cheaper and much better for the environment.  It would be an environmental and urban catastrophe, and we should not see Roe 8 as an isolated issue in the transport debate.

Let me  be the Devil’s advocate here and say that there are many people who don’t believe, or don’t care, about global warming and climate change and who will dismiss the environmental issues of additional freight traffic on our roads as irrelevant, but who could be swayed to support the anti Roe 8 protest if it can be shown that rail is the cheaper option. We (sadly) live in a world where money speaks louder that the environment. So what would it cost to probably have to built a new traffic bridge over the Swan River and to upgrade the existing rail network in the metro area and country, so it can cope with increasing and heavier freight trains that will need to be double stacked to be able to move the the volume of containers in our fast growing state?

It would be a worthwhile exercise for students of CUSP(Curtin University of Sustainable Policy) to try to put a figure on what it would cost to move most of the freight to Freo ports to rail, and that would probably mean moving it away from the present coast line, because of increasing residential buildings along that corridor.

The proposed Roe 8 extension is going to affect a large number of people in a large number of suburbs. It is going to affect areas of significant nature. It is going to affect people’s health and lifestyle , and it is pure madness that in 2014 governments still believe building roads to accommodate more and more vehicular traffic should be preferred over public and freight rail transport. It will be a very tough and very long battle, so get ready Freo!

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It appears Adventure World at Bibra Lake did some free value adding today when 20 people got stuck in the chairlift and had to be rescued by the fire brigade. Adventures are not supposed to be boring, so I hope that those who got stuck up in the air appreciated the irony and tried to enjoy the real adventure.

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The Fremantle Gazette reports that there is potential for the Roe Highway extension to use an already existing powerline easement between Bibra Drive and Pogress Drive, which would minimise the impact the highway extension would have on the Roe Swamp. Several other changes have also been made in the latest design.

It appears community protests have swayed the state government to look for alternatives, which shows we do have a voice and power and should not let authorities dictate how our future is going to be.

If the Roe Highway will ever be extended is another questions, as no Federal funding for the project has been allocated, and it is unlikely the Western Australian government will be able to do it without money from Canberra.

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