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A small group of Fremantle people hopped on the train at midday to join the Palm Sunday march in Perth in support of refugees, while others did the same at the Murdoch train station.

A friend in Canberra Tweeted that there was a big crowd for the Palm Sunday rally there. That is a good sign after Minister Peter Dutton was keen to allow South African farmers to immigrate to Australia while the government is doing its utmost to keep desperate refugees out of the country.

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I don’t mind that we celebrate Australia Day, although I am apprehensive about too much nationalism. I am also aware it is a day that is not greatly embraced by our indigenous people, who call the day survival day, or even invasion day. I am not a great fan of all the fireworks that are blasted into the sky all over Australia by local councils and state governments at a cost of millions of dollars, as I believe we should have higher priorities to spend that sort of money on.

It is not acceptable that Aborigines are still disadvantaged in our country and that they die on average much younger than white Australians. It is not acceptable that there is a steady increase in homeless people and that Western Australian state housing has got a five-year long waiting list for those people.

We claim to be the free and easy country but the inhumane way we deal with boat people is appalling. It is not right that people who come to our shores to start a new life free from war, oppression and hunger are treated as criminals and put in detention centres. We should welcome desperate people with open arms and a smile, no matter from what country they come, what god they believe in, or what their culture is. Australia a rich country and we need to learn to share our wealth better.

Our free and easy country still does not allow same gender people to get married. Can we not accept that love has nothing to do with gender?¬† We also don’t allow terminally ill people to receive¬† a pain relieving injection or pill so they can peacefully die, instead we force them to stay alive and endure excruciating pains for years. How humane is that? We would not treat our dogs and cats like that.

It’s good to celebrate our community on Australia Day, but we need to constantly be aware that Australia needs to improve at many levels. It is not good to claim this is the best country on earth, because such slogans stop improvement and progress. Australia needs to become more tolerant and less racist and it needs to find an identity that is not based on urban myths.

We’ve got a long way to go, let’s start improving Australia today!

Roel Loopers

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