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Fremantle Society president John Dowson likes to make outrageous claims, as long as they are negative about Fremantle Council, so this alleged statement by former WA Premier Colin Barnett surely must be taken with a grain of salt.

In his latest email message to FS members JD claims that: “Recent controversial decisions of Fremantle Council, particularly relating to Australia Day, and being told that the council still refuses to fly the Australian flag from the Town Hall long after spending $3 million to fix it up, led the former Premier to tell the Fremantle Society this week that : “If I was still Premier, I would put Fremantle Council into Administration.”

So are we really to believe that a state government would put a local government, which has been pro-active in encouraging extensive development and urban infill, into administration just because they don’t fly the Australian flag and don’t celebrate Australia Day on January 26? I doubt that very much!

Dowson also suggested in a recent email to FS members that Fremantle’s new destination marketing should be about telling stories, such as that Prince Phillip was in Fremantle Port for one day during WW II. Yep, that would get thousands of Chinese, Indonesian and Malaysian tourists rushing to Fremantle for sure. OMG!

And have the FS members noticed that their president talks about himself like the Queen? The Fremantle Society met the former premier, the Fremantle Society met David Attenborough, etc. when it was only JD meeting these people?

The AGM of the society was held last night and I fear we’ll be getting another year of unbalanced narrow-minded negativity and anti-change, anti-development and anti-progress messages from its president.

Roel Loopers



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flag disgrace


Good to see that the Sail&Anchor have taken down the badly damaged Australia flag I complained about and replaced it with a new one, and rewarding to note that this Freo’s View blog makes a little difference in our Fremantle community.

At Freo’s View I care about the little details because a lot of little things make up the big picture. From little things big things grow. ; >). (Thanks Paul Kelly!)

Roel Loopers


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flag disgrace


The totally ripped Australian flag on top of the Sail&Anchor in Fremantle is not acceptable as it shows disrespect for our national flag. This surely did not happen over night, so management at the hotel needs to take more care of details such as this.

Surely the pub can afford to buy a  new flag now and then, and if not they should stop flying the flag as this one looks awful.

Roel Loopers


Posted in western australia by freoview on January 20, 2010

Aussie flags are out en mass, as Australia Day (or Invasion Day as the Aboriginese prefer to call it) is approaching. I feel uncomfortable about the nationalistic aspect of the day and want to put some balance to all this national pride, parochialism, and believing in the urban myths we have created.

Let’s start with what should be obvious and state that Australia is not the greatest country on earth. No nation is. There are many countries that have beautiful scenery and stunning historic cities and towns. Many are democracies where people enjoy freedom of speech and choice, and many have more culture than our country. A lot of them have better food, better service and at better prices than we get here at home.

There are many great authors, artists, scientists, musicians, chefs and sports people in other countries as well. Outdoor cooking is not an Australian invention and neither are blond girls in bikinis, sunshine, or beaches.

I love living here and because I do I want to see change and improvement. As long as we are convinced however that this is the best place on earth, progress will only happen ever so slowly. After all, how can one improve perfection, and who would dare to try?

I do realise that some might find it un-Australian (whatever that means) to criticise our country. That is one of the weak points in Australia. Many people are walking around with their heads in the clouds, believing the myth of greatness, while embracing mediocrity.

The media will talk up the Australian spirit and bravery whenever people stand up in emergencies. All over the world volunteers and professionals will assist people in danger and need. It is not something exclusive to Australia. It is in our human nature to help others.

Our soldiers are not braver than other soldiers either. Look at the history of my native Holland, or France, England, etc. and the stories of sacrifice during the wars. And let us not forget the selfless and brave people all over the world, like in New York during 9/11, or the heroic acts of people affected by bushfires, tsunamis and earthquakes.

History shows that excessive nationalism can be dangerous, and often leads to wars. We need to be aware of that. Australia is a very good country, but far from perfect. I appreciate what we’ve got, but would like to improve what is not good enough.  Flying the flag should simply mean that.

Roel Loopers

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