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The City of Fremantle has released a new destination marketing video aimed at encouraging more Asian visitors to spend a night or two in Freo.

The video, produced in partnership with regional tourism organisation Destination Perth as part of the City’s destination marketing program, is subtitled in Mandarin Chinese.

It highlights Fremantle’s laid back atmosphere, arts and culture, unique heritage and vibrant café, bar and restaurant scene.

Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt said the aim was to entice Asian visitors to stay in one of Fremantle’s many new or refurbished hotels.

“Fremantle has always been a popular destination for tourists, but the lack of hotel accommodation has meant Freo has been more of a day trip instead of a place to stay,” Mayor Pettitt said.

“This video will be used to target the corporate sector and promote Freo as the perfect destination for business meetings, incentive groups, conferences and events.

“And because we’re in the same time zone and not too far away, Fremantle is an ideal option for Asian business travellers.”

The video will be featured by the City at the South East Asia Roadshow with Perth Convention Bureau next month, and be shared with Perth Convention Bureau’s corporate and incentive team to use in their work to attract corporate and incentive groups to Fremantle.

It has also been provided to StudyPerth to attract international students to Fremantle and will be posted on Chinese social media through the WA Trade Office in Shanghai.

With advice from Perth Convention Bureau, Tourism Western Australia and Destination Perth, the City developed a marketing plan for the 2017/18 financial year.

Actions included developing a Fremantle destination video in partnership with Destination Perth for promotion to interstate and international markets, promoting Fremantle as a destination for corporate business at the Asia Pacific Incentives and Meetings Event in Melbourne and the South East Asia Roadshow and a digital campaign in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur promoting Fremantle as a winter vacation destination.

To watch the video:




Fremantle will host the second only WIKIMEDIA ASIA OCEANIA CONVENTION next year from October 31 to November 2. The first one is held on Bali this month.

Between 400-500 delegates are expected to visit and stay in Fremantle for the convention at the Esplanade Hotel, so that is a boost for our local traders.

Wikimedia partnered with the Fremantle Society years ago for the Freopedia project, which put QR codes on historic buildings for tourist information, but unfortunately the project was later discontinued.

No doubt Fremantle will prominently feature on the internet and social media when all the international guests are in town.

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Fremantle welcomes the over 300 Asian tourism operators and 200 Australian travel agents of the Corroboree Asia trade show today from 5.30 pm at Bathers Beach.

A huge tent has been set up that will emulate the Fremantle Markets stalls, and local lobster and fresh fish will be on the menu while the delegates can enjoy a stunning sunset over the Indian Ocean.

Our northern neighbours are extremely important to WA tourism, so say G’Day should you see any of our visitors! Welcome to Freo!

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Fremantle welcomes the over 300 travel agents from all over Asia to the CORROBOREE ASIA industry trade show in Perth at the Perth Convention and Entertainment Centre from September 5-9.

You will no doubt find out during your visit here that the port city of Fremantle is the most beautiful part of Perth, so please do spend some time with us!

If you want a personal FREE tour I am happy to show you around the historic city of Fremantle, where I have lived for 25 years.

I am the Fremantle Citizen of the Year 2013, a photographer and a volunteer tourguide at Western Australia’s oldest public building the Roundhouse gaol, so I can show you all those very special Freo places.

Just email me at or text me on 0419 850981 and I’ll take you on a personal tour during the day or evening at absolutely no cost to you. I am just proud to show off this special place.

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OXFAM asked the question Is Australia Still the Lucky Country? and the report they released shows that most Australians don’t believe it is. Nearly 80 percent of the people interviewed said the gap between the poor and the rich had widened, and over 60 percent claimed that inequality is making Australia a worse place to live .

According to the Oxfam report the wealthiest one percent of the population have more money that 60 percent of the population, and that the most wealthy Australians have too much influence.

It was interesting to listen to the ABC radio Geoff Hutchison program this morning. I did not hear it all but there were quite a few people who said they were leaving Australia, and others who said they were leaving W.A. because they could no longer afford to live here because of high living costs. One man told Geofff that he and many of his mates were going to move to Asian countries because they were fed up with the whingers and hand-out mentality.

I believe taking responsibility as a society is what it comes down to. Leaving the battle to others and going AWOL in another country is never going to be the solution, and neither is it to believe that it is someone else’s problem or that governments alone have to deal with it. We’re all in this together and we should all try to make life better for those who are not as lucky as others.

While (Western) Australia is not perfect, I still would not want to live anywhere else. Life runs its own course and while we are often in control of our own destiny, sometimes the universe has other ideas. Life is not for ever, so make the best of it and enjoy it while you can. I reckon it helps a bit to live in Fremantle, in a community minded place where people care.

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The Indonesian Festival at Kulcha on Sunday afternoon was a feast for the eyes and the soul. Beautiful, colourful dancers accompanied by soothing, kind music, ensured a relaxing afternoon. The mee, rice, curry and sate were delicious!

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It might be the upcoming full moon, or my upcoming birthday, but I have been feeling quite reflective the last few days. It could also be because I might have to leave Fremantle, the city I feel so much passion for.

But I have left other cities behind, and kept so many memories, and lost quite a few as well, that it should not make me as sad as I feel today.

When I left the Hague in the Netherlands at just 20, I was too excited about my new life in Nuremberg, Germany, and the start of my career as a press photographer there, to feel too sad about leaving my family and safety net.

I loved living in Franconia, the northern part of the state of Bavaria, with all its romantic, historic, towns and cities, the great beer, the food, and the people who worked and played so hard each and every day of the 13 years I lived there. What a culture of great theatre, music and art, and what a controversial history to deal with as a Dutchman. Such a challenge not to get upset when drunken oldies sang the Horst Wessel song, not to celebrate the war or Nazism, but simply because it was part of their history.

And I loved traveling to those other stunning countries, to discover gorgeous Prague, Venice, Florence, Vienna, Paris, Mostar, London, to see the beauty of Africa, Sri Lanka, Asia.

But I left all that, and the (financial) security it gave me, behind as well.

Migrating to Australia in the early eighties was a huge adventure. How stunning Sydney was. Our flat on the sixth floor of a building in Bondi Junction had unlimited views over the harbour, the opera house, the city and the beaches. What a change to go from drinking wine from Boksbeutel bottles to cask wine. What a challenge to deal with a new language, a new culture, and being unemployed in a foreign country, and how satisfying to fight through it and succeed, and prove that no matter where I lived I could survive, become part of my new community, and enjoy life.

Two and a half years later there was another new start with the move to Perth and the establishment of Profile Photography. Buying a first small house in Como was a big step, followed by another when we moved to Swanbourne and built and extension to the old Californian bungalow.

Business was outstanding and life was full-on at every level. It was like living in an exciting, but very real, dream.

The next change that was extremely challenging to deal with, was the end of a twenty- year relationship. How close we had become, especially after migrating together, and how much we cared, and still do, for each other. But life had changed us, and so had our directions.

Fighting depression and mid-life crisis, I found myself again after travelling through Australia by 4WD for eight or so months, and knew I wanted to become a vocal voice for social justice and against racism. I am very proud I achieved that also.

So here I am, on my own yet again, thinking how beautiful and rewarding life has been, and how tired I am of moving, and new challenges, and changes. I would have been quite happy to retire here in my beloved Fremantle, but it looks like I might have to move on one last time.

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Not at all easy to read a street map in a foreign language.

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The Doco Club was launched at the Film and Television Institute yesterday with two excellent documentaries about two very different photographers.

The first doco was about a photographer who takes his large format cameras onto Lake Eyre on the back of a bike and trailer. He pushes through deep and heavy mud to get to the locations from which he shoots huge landscapes. He camps for weeks at a time. What outstanding work application.

After this peaceful doco came the adrenaline pumping one of watching Philip Blenkinsop doing his photojournalistic work. He is based in Bangkok and covers large areas of Asia for international magazines. Philip also exhibits his work extensively.

Blenkinsop shows inspiring passion, professionalism, commitment and humanity and his photos reflect all that.

I hope the Doco Club is here to stay. It was a very good evening with a packed house.

Roel Loopers

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