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Posted in fremantle by freoview on June 21, 2014

I just watched an amazing¬†video of a talk by Ken Larson at TEDxBoston in the USA. Larson is part of the MIT Media Lab and his talk is about how to design modern cities for the future. There are some stunning ideas, from folding cars that can turn around on the spot, so no need to reverse, and will fit in small parking bays, to hyper compact homes and quick-changing apartments with movable “robotic walls”, so space and rooms can be changed to accommodate need and use, e.g. two bedrooms become the dining room, and where lights will be switched on and off by movement sensors to save energy.

Ken Larson believes cities should become like the small villages of the past, where most things we need are within a twenty-minute walk from where we live. He cites the arrondissements of Paris as a good example of it.

Larson also talks about “democratising bike lanes” so that elderly and disable people can use electric bikes, but also that skaters and push scooters are allowed to use those lanes.

It is very inspiring and I will do an internet search for more of Ken Larson’s ideas to create better cities. He mentions the Melbourne laneways as a good example, and we know Perth has been working on that as well. It’s time for Fremantle to grow up and modernise the way we think about planning and development. It would be fantastic to invite such a big creative thinker like Ken Larson to our City. I believe it will be better value than the placemaking talks I have attended.

Here is the link to Larson’s talk:¬†

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