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Wow! That was the biggest crowd I have seen on Fremantle’s Monument Hill for the ANZAC Day dawn service.

It is always a very solemn event and so good to see so many young people and families getting up in the dark to pay their respect.

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art art arthur

This new artwork was installed at Fremantle’s Arthur Head on the grass next to the historic Roundhouse today. The work was bought from Sculpture@Bathers earlier this year and will be lit up at night.

From memory the artwork was inspired by the ANZAC ships that departed from Fremantle, but I do not have the name of the artist or the title of the work unfortunately.

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Here information I received from curator Liz Cartell about the artwork Ships of Stories-ANZACS by Tony Pankiw and Sue Codee:

On the side of the ship are cut out images relating to the Anzacs and where they have come from within the Western Australia, New Zealand and the rest of Australia. Our research of historical data has uncovered the enormous cargo that the Anzac fleets carried. One archival photograph of an Anzac in Egypt shows him hand feeding a kangaroo. Hence the depictions on the ‘Ship of Stories’ include kangaroos and kiwis, representing the Australian and New Zealand contingents.


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The call for car sharing in the West Australian today, to help combat rush hour congestion, is as laudable as it is unrealistic. People don’t even want to share the roads, let alone their cars. The me, me, me, click another selfie, look at me society we live in does not like to share. If society did like to share we would not have so many yachts idle at berth or sitting unused for weeks in boat stackers, and we would not have homes where 4-5 cars are parked on the verge.

The problem is not over population, or not enough roads, or inadequate public transport, but attitude, because ego is at a premium in 2015.

In the week of ANZAC Day there is a lot of talk about the Australian spirit, mateship and sacrifice, but motorists don’t even want to sacrifice the space in front of them when merging on the freeway. Morons drive one metre behind you because you dare to just do five kays over the limit, instead of the 30+ they want to do. I can’t remember the last time I saw a car give way to pedestrians when rounding a corner, and using indicators appears to have become optional.

People using mobile phones are as dangerous to others as taxi drivers clicking through the list of available fare options on their dashboard screen. I have been overtaken by a 4WD where the woman had a folded out newspaper on the steering wheel! No big worries about the kid in the child seat in the back hey, because mum is a genius who can multitask and read the paper and drive at 80 kph at the same time.

Many people in the burbs don’t know their neighbours so why would they want to share their car on the way to work with strangers. Why would one want to do anything for anyone in the first place.

The sad facts of life are that many people just don’t care about the environment, their community, road madness, traffic jams or putting a good days work in, because all of that is someone else’s problem and they should do something about it. That applies to car sharing as well, so make it mandatory and stop cars with just a driver from driving during peak hours. Imagine, people might even make new friends that way.

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Greg James bronze pour

It is going to be a huge ANZAC Day this year and Fremantle sculptor Greg James is doing his bit for it with the creation of a bronze of a young soldier sitting on the steps of the war memorial in Subiaco.

Yesterday they poured the first bronze of the torso at J Shed on Bathers Beach.

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It was a historic day in Fremantle with the commemoration of the ANZAC centenary and the vintage train from Blackboy Hill bringing the troops to Fremantle, where they paraded through the West End to Fremantle harbour.

Western Australia’s newest Governor, and former CEO of Fremantle Ports, Kerry Sanderson, was there, as was Premier Colin Barnett, MP Melissa Parke, member for Fremantle Simone McGurk, RSL State President and Vietnam veteran Graham Edwards, and Freo Mayor Brad Pettitt.

I am sure there were many more celebrities but I did not get to see the VIP front row so don’t know who else was present.

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off to war

Former Fremantle Councillor John Dowson has published another historic photo book Off to War about ANZAC and Western Australia’s and Fremantle’s involvement in WW I (1914-1918)

The book was launched at the Army Museum by Premier Colin Barnett last night and is available in bookshops now.

Today John will be at B Shed on Victoria Quay from 10 am to 2 pm and sign the books, so while supporting the Blackboy Hill train journey and the march through Fremantle pop in at B Shed and purchase a book.

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The West End of Fremantle will be in a sort of traffic lock-down tomorrow morning with most streets closed to allow for the Blackboy Hill ANZAC parade to march from the train station to the port. The best is to avoid that part of town till after lunch.

The event will also affect train services to Perth as the Midland line will be closed after the commuter morning rush our, so use alternative means to get out of Freo and walk or ride into the city to avoid traffic stress.

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Here a few impressions of the ANZAC Day event in Fremantle. The number of spectators appeared to be down quite a bit compared to the last few years, but Fremantle Ports volunteers still handed out 1800 Australian flags.

I wasn’t in the groove today, so not my best ANZAC Day photos ever unfortunately.

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It is a special tradition to celebrate ANZAC DAY in Fremantle with the dawn service at Monument Hill,  a parade through the inner city, and a ceremony on the Esplanade, after which many of the veterans go to their local clubs, have a drink and a meal and play two-up.

Fremantle Ports staff handed out hundreds of flags again this year, which adds colour to festive and reflective mood of the day.

Here some photo impressions of the day.

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Congratulations to the City of Fremantle for publishing such an excellent and tasteful ANZAC Day brochure. The historic photos bring back to us how hard it must have been for those who fought in wars.

The brochure focuses on Pte Alfred Edmond Dunn, who has become the unofficial face of Fremantle’s Anzac Day commenmorations.

Dunn signed up in the Fremantle Drill Hall in 1916, where he enlisted in the 28th Battalion AIF. He fought in France and Belgium and suffered serious injuries during the third battle of Ypres in 1918, and had to return to Fremantle. Once recovered he worked on Fremantle Wharf as a stevedore. Later he opened a General Store in White Gum Valley.

Alfred Edmond Dunn died on May 6, 1981 at the age of 90, and just a week after his 68th wedding anniversary.

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