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My mate Perth photographer Guy Vinciguerra drove all over Australia to photograph the roadside shrines people create in memory of loved ones who lost their life in a road accident. Guy drove 40,000 km and it took him five years to shoot the photos for this exhibition.

His powerful and sensitive images will be on show at PS Art Studios in Fremantle’s Pakenham Street from Friday. The opening of Sacred Places is on Friday March 15 at 6pm.

PSAS writes:

Guy Vinciguerra’s images expose to our view sites of memorial usually seen only fleetingly as we speed by on our sure and confident way to our destination. Glimpsed occasionally here and there in the landscape, in this space they are brought together in an evocation of what Paul Virilio conceptualised as a ‘museum of the accident’, a gathering of instances that present evidence of the inherent failures of the technologies of our lives, as opposed to the lauding of our efforts at progress. They are individual, personal representations of a communal trauma particular to this era of fossil-fuelled technologies, an era in itself passing. The Sacred has been defined as something ‘set aside’ and dedicated, a discrete fixed point where meaning gains coherence.

In this space lies the opportunity to pause and to contemplate these memorials in their multitude and pathos, saturated with colour and paradox, raw sorrows opened to the public gaze. We are invited to look, sanctioned to be voyeurs. Every feature is in sharp focus, like the heightened reality experienced in moments of shock, perceptions are intense with detail. The sumptuous colour contrasts with the greys and greens of ground and landscape. We are confronted with the juxtaposition of beauty and the banality of objects, of ordinary peoples’ lives shattered by an extraordinary event. The Sacred is unifying, it represents the shared interests of a community, it can inhere in things, in symbols and objects, and in places as power and resistance. These images are Sacred Places.

While I highly recommend to come and view the exhibition I am  less impressed with the over the top info blurb and pretentious writing in the catalogue. There is nothing pretentious about Guy Vinciguerra or his photos, which are straight forward and powerful in their own right.

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traffic calming 1

traffic 2


The traffic calming along South Terrace in South Fremantle has become a bit more creative with the City of Fremantle painting red patterns on the road near the intersection with Lefroy Road.

It looks great CoF!

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The perfect Freo gift for Christmas must be the inflatable bicycle helmet that does not wreck one’s hair.

I am pretty cynical about laws that forces motorists to have at least one-metre distance from cyclists, to protect their safety, when very many of them don’t care much about their own safety and refuse to wear helmets, and wear dark clothes at night riding unlit bikes.

The onus for cyclists’ safety should not be on motorists only!

Have a safe Christmas on your bike and wear a helmet please!

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The Hilton town centre in Fremantle will finally get a much-needed upgrade to make the area safer for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists.

The plans aims to make the section of South Street which runs through the Hilton shopping area feel more like a traditional town centre by slowing traffic and creating a safe and welcoming environment.

Preventing cars from turning right out of Paget Street and Victor Street onto South Street will also address serious safety issues at those intersections where many accidents have occurred in the past.

That stretch of South Street, just east of Carrington Road, is very dangerous and the local community has been calling for something to be done to improve safety for a long time.

In the past five years there have been 20 crashes involving cars turning right into South Street and a lot of near misses for people using the pedestrian crossing.

These improvements will make the area a lot safer, while also creating a more appealing community space.

The improvements will include enhanced signage and lighting to make drivers more aware of the pedestrian crossing on South Street, new ramps at Paget Street and Victor Street to make it easier for people with prams and wheelchairs, a different colour asphalt roadway to delineate Hilton town centre, and new landscaping and street furniture.

The project is being funded through $250,000 from the state government’s Local Projects, Local Jobs program and $50,000 from the City of Fremantle.

Work is planned to start in April and estimated to be finalised by July next year.


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one way 1

one way 2


The City of Fremantle needs to do something about the intersection of Cliff and Phillimore streets because it is dangerous to drive there, due to motorists ignoring the One Way that leads to Fleet Street and Victoria Quay.

I drive through that intersection on average three times a day and do have a near miss at least twice a week, when a car comes at me against the one way direction. I had one incident yesterday and one on Sunday.

When one turns left out of Cliff Street and has to watch oncoming traffic and traffic from the right one does not look for traffic coming against the one way.

People who park their car near the old Weighbridge often also turn left against the one way when the leave , so the risk of head-on collisions is great.


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The protection of this light pole in Fremantle’s Paddy Troy Lane seems a bit overkill to me.

I assume a few trucks have backed into the pole when they deliver goods to the hospitality venues, but did the barrier need to be this massive?.

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It is good to finally see the intersection of Scott Street and Hampton Road in South Fremantle being made safer but it is a real worry that there are no signs warning motorists of the changes.

I noticed cars wanting to turn right into Scott coming from the south and it will just be a matter of time where someone will end up on the new traffic island.

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The F-POL Committee of the City of Fremantle will this evening debate to apply for Black Spot funding for four locations around Fremantle where accidents frequently occur. That is important but I believe the one for the intersection of South Street and Hampton Road should be reconsidered as it will increase traffic in South Fremantle.

The officers recommend to ban right hand turns onto Hampton Road during peak hour traffic, instead of new right arrow traffic lights to accommodate the flow.

This is not a major problem for west-bound traffic as motorists familiar with the street layout will turn right from South Street into Wray Avenue at Solomon Street and take advantage of the right arrow light at the Hampton Road intersection.

It will however create a bigger problem for east-bound traffic, as those coming along Marine Parade and who turn left into South Street to join Hampton Road will now either continue down Marine Parade or try a right-hand turn into South Terrace, to get onto Hampton Road at the Douro Road intersection.

Douro Road in the late afternoon is already stand-still traffic banking up a long way down Marine Parade often as far as the Sealanes fish shop, and the same applies to South Terrace where traffic jams go as far as Jenkins Street in the afternoon.

Motorists no doubt will also turn right into Attflield Street at South Street and drive to Lefroy Road from where they can turn right onto Hampton Road.

The banning of right turns during peak hours will create serious congestion on other roads and will encourage drivers to use small suburban streets like Attfield Street. This needs a serious rethink as the proposal is not a good solution at all in my opinion.

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The City of Fremantle will be applying for Black Spot funding to reduce traffic accidents. There are two spots along South Street that the COF wants to improve.

One is the intersection of South Street and Hampton Road where the City wants to ban right turns from South Street onto Hampton Road during rush hour. While this is indeed a dangerous intersection I wonder why right arrow traffic lights are not considered to be a better option, as that works well at the Wray Avenue, Hampton Road intersection.

The second hot spot is the intersection of Attfield and South streets, where  COF wants to ban right hand turns out of Attfield Street. The street is also considered a good alternative for cyclists who might not feel safe using Hampton Road or Marine Terrace.

One issue that needs to be monitored is motorist using the bus lanes along Hampton Road just to get ahead a couple of cars. This is a constant issue throughout the day and even more frequent during peak hours.

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Real estate agents always tell us it is about location, location, and I believe for governments the war cry should be priorities, priorities!

I like roundabouts as they create a good sense of self-regulation and safe crossings, so this one at Point and Queen Adelaide street is welcome, but should it have been a priority  for the City of Fremantle?

In short Queens Street down the road from Point Street are now three roundabouts, but along very long South Terrace there are only two, one at Douro Road and one at Wray Avenue. Priority should be to install a roundabout at the intersection of Lefroy Road and South Terrace as there are serious accidents there often. Only four days ago there was another crash and a woman broke an arm and damaged some vertebrae.

I use that route often and it is near impossible to turn from Lefroy right into South Terrace when vans or 4WD are parked in the two bays at the Little Lefroy cafe. The cafe’s sign is also too high and I can’t look over it to watch for oncoming traffic from Fremantle.

It’s urgent time to prioritise a roundabout there please, City of Fremantle. It will safe lives!

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