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A couple of arty photos I took this morning of the Fremantle Growers Green Farmers Market that has been relocated to its old spot next to the brand new modern Fremantle College building.

Redtents events owner Kylie Wheatley now is also the owner of Freo’s favourite market after the school was reluctant to continue with it.

The proximity to Lefroy Road and parking at TAFE opposite the college will no doubt see the market return to its huge popularity soon.

The market is open till midday today and every Sunday from 8am till 12 noon.

Support our local small businesses!

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BOM predicts that it will get very wet for a few days from late this afternoon, so make sure to go and enjoy the outdoors while you can today.

Tripl J UNEARTHED winner Stella Donnelly will be performing her emotive songs at the free Fremantle Arts Centre concerts from 2-4pm, supported by Mei Sarawati.

Stella’s emotive song writing and intriguing stage presence make her performances an unforgettable experience.




The homely Growers Green Farmers Market is back at Lefroy Street from 8am till midday, so head out there for yummy breakfasts, coffee, breads, fresh produce, eggs, organic stuff, etc.

And it is the last day of the Fenians Fremantle Festival, so check out the events on their Facebook page. I hope the Hougoumont Street Dinner tonight will not be too wet.

There is a very good exhibition about the Fenians at the Fremantle Prison.

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Sign up to enrol for the WA Circus School now.

The big top is at Princess May Park or check it out on line:


Circus WA


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I came across an article published in September 2017 in The Conversation  by internationally renowned Perth city planner and architect Linley Lutton, who sadly died this week, and want to share some of Linley’s thoughts with you.

Lutton writes that retrofitting cities is poor planning, justified in the name of sustainability, and that the results are often substandard living environments that show no relationship to local content.

The dispersed city form means we have to work, sleep, shop and socialise in different parts of the city.

High-density living works well where streets are at human scale, buildings  are interesting and where there are plenty of public meeting spaces, but in Australia we build jam-packed home units with minimal public open space, Linley Lutton says.

That is the failure to understand the unique qualities of Australian culture and how people choose to live.

Lutton writes that recent research shows that the great majority of Australians reject apartment living and that the majority of those living in an apartment would not repeat the experience.

It is seriously questionable to randomly subjecting suburbs to high-rise apartments, and so is the public transport corridor argument, or building infill near suburban railway stations.

Public transport only works if people actually use it, but Bureau of Statistics figures show that in Perth less than 10% of those living within walking distance of a train station actually travel to work by train.

Linley Lutton writes that there are three essential requirements of a good city:

  • Cities must nurture and stimulate healthy human growth and community development.
  • Local communities must meaningful participate in city planning.
  • The unique cultural and physical context of a city must be respected.


These are all very important points to consider for Fremantle Council for its strategic infill targets and the introduction of buildings that are too high for our human-scale character city!

The funeral of Linley Lutton, a man I greatly respect and like, will be held this Monday January 15 at 3.30 pm at the Karrakatta Cemetery.


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It is a very busy day at Fremantle Port this Friday with ten vessels at berth.

At Victoria Quay there are three cruise liners, the delayed Regatta that was supposed to sail out last evening, the Astor, and the Silver Shadow, which arrived just after 1 pm.

There is also a RoRo vessel and two supply ships at Victoria Quay.

At North Quay there are three container ships and one scrap metal vessel.

Lots of pleasure boats also passing through the port plus the Rottnest Island ferries.

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The fabulous GROWERS GREEN FARMERS MARKET is returning to Lefroy Road this Sunday, after the enforced relocation to Annie Street to accommodate development.

The market will now be under the trees next to the brand new arty Fremantle College building and close to ample of parking at the TAFE site over the road and at the school itself.

It is open from 8am till midday every Sunday and a fantastic community event to catch up with friends while shopping for fresh produce and enjoy yummy breakfast and coffee.

Live music by Ari Davies, Farmer Damian’s animal touch farm, Fairy Sandy and face painting. I’ll see you all there!


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An interesting flaw in the City of Fremantle’s Percentage for the Arts or Heritage policy came to light during the Planning Committee on Wednesday evening.

Fremantle Society president John Dowson made the very sensible suggestion that the percentage should be used to reinstate the wrought-iron verandahs on the Manning Buildings when they are developed, but was told it is not possible to use the percentage for the arts/heritage on a private building.

I had just written down that the Quest Hotel and another Pakenham Street development both have percentage for the art works attached to their buildings, when Silverleaf director Gerard O’Brien made exactly the same point to the Councillors.

The percentage for the arts and heritage policy was introduced to enhance and beautify the public realm, and Councillor Rachel Pemberton made the realistic observation that verandahs are very much in the public realm.

It is absolutely non-sensical that building owners and developers cannot spend percentage for heritage and arts money on beautifying the public realm with heritage features, but are forced to spend it on often pretty mediocre and uninspiring art that can be attached to their buildings.

Developers tell me that a lot of the money from percentage for the arts is spend on administration and art consultants, and not on the actual art work, so let gets some reality in a policy that is clearly flawed and needs to be amended, so that we can encourage developers to reinstate verandahs, which look much better than modern awnings.

It would be a win win for all!

And to make it clear! I love great public art and believe the percentage for the arts and heritage is good, but it needs to be realistic and flexible.

There are many silly rules and regulations in our planning laws and some of them are detrimental to achieving the best outcome. All the community wants is the very best building outcomes, not silly bureaucratic nonsense.

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The commemoration of the arrival of the Hougoumont in Fremantle started with a smoking ceremony by Whadjuk Noongar people on Bathers Beach this morning and ended in the convict-built Fremantle Prison with Irish music and good speeches.

The Hougoumont was the last convict ship to Australia, and brought with it over 70 Fenian political prisoners from Ireland.

Fremantle Prison is the largest convict establishment in Australia, and the best kept convict prison in the southern hemisphere, Fremantle Prison director Paula Nelson told the audience, among them acting premier Roger Cook, Irish Consul Marty Kavanagh, Minister Simone McGurk, Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt and descendants of the Fenians.

Fremantle Prison will have a special Convict Tour from late February, so go and join one.

Also at the prison is a very good exhibition about the Fenians and the remarkable Catalpa escape.

It is time for Screenwest to initiate a feature film about the story of the Wild Geese and the Fenians in Western Australia. It would be a great movie!


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After a well-deserved festive season break CHALKYS, one of my favourite cafes in Fremantle, re-opened today.

For those who have not discovered the little gem yet it is at No 1 High Street in the far West End of Fremantle and just 50 metres from the historic Roundhouse jail.

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Nan&Pop Day at Spare Parts


Hey boys and girls, tomorrow is a great day to give Nan and Pop a special treat and it is free!

SPARE PARTS PUPPET THEATRE  is having NAN&POP Day on Thursday and that means the oldies get in for free and you’ll only have to pay for the tickets of the children.

There is a very funny Roald Dahl play on, so don’t miss it!

Bookings through their website.

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