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The street lights in Fremantle’s Henry Street have been off for weeks and local residents are not at all happy about it.

There have been social media accusations that the City of Fremantle is to blame, but that is not correct as it is Western Power who are responsible.

This from the Freo City:

The City is aware that the lights on Henry Street have not been working for a number of weeks; the fault has been reported to Western Power (who own the lights) and they have investigated the issue.

Unfortunately it has been determined that the problem is due to an underground fault with their cabling network and due to the complexity of the problem they anticipate the repair could still take a number of weeks.

The City will continue to liaise with Western Power to see if we can support this being addressed as quickly as possible.


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Photographer Gnangarra Lake is not very happy with Fremantle mayoral election candidate Ra Stewart’s use of his dingo flour mill photo as the header for her campaign Facebook page. He wrote:

Gnangarra Lake I love to see businesses, potential Politicians, and their staff supporting local artists they can start by respecting the copyright holders and licensing conditions of the images they use, just like that lovely photograph of mine of Dingo Flour you have been using as the banner of your facebook page for the last 6 weeks, who shall I invoice for its use contrary to its publish copyright license, for which you have by uploading it facebook you also granted others the right to use that image without paying any royalties. Artists have a right to respected, as well as appreciated.

Stewart posted a photo about the City of Melville annual art award, saying she “would love to see an annual arts award happening in the City of Fremantle” and Gnangarra Lake posted his comments there.

The mayoral candidate does not seem to appreciate that there is already a City of Fremantle annual national FAC Print Award that is very highly regarded. It has been held for over 40 years and is the richest and most prestigious print award in Australia, with a first prize of $ 16,000 and second prize of $ 6,000. It is held at the Fremantle Arts Centre, as the name suggests.

The Fremantle print award is distinctly different from the often mediocre art awards many councils put up every year, because it is of a much higher standard than that of most councils, with the exception of a few.

The internet has caused a lot of copyright abuse and people using other people’s creative images for their own often unauthorised use, so my sympathy is with Gnangarra Lake. Photographers, artists, designers, musicians, etc. have a right and need to get paid and credited for their work, as it is their profession and income source.

The photo is on Wikimedia with following conditions:

Attribution: Photographs by Gnangarra…
You are free:

  • to share – to copy, distribute and transmit the work
  • to remix – to adapt the work
Under the following conditions:

  • attribution – You must attribute the work in the manner specified by the author or licensor (but not in any way that suggests that they endorse you or your use of the work).



I just received this comment to my blog from Gnangarra Lake at 3.38 pm so in fairness to Ra Stewart I’ll publish it here as readers might otherwise not see it:

The issue was resolved Ra has given credit as per the licensing terms on the image on Wikipedia. Ra has also graciously acknowledge the error and is making a donation to a charity


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The $ 2 million emergency campaign announced by Tourism Minister Paul Papalia to get more people using Perth hotels is not dealing with the changing demands for tourist accommodation.

The minister wants us to invite friends and family over, but it is not just lower visitors’ numbers that are to blame for the many empty hotel rooms.

Hotel rooms are expensive and not very family friendly, hence the success of Bed&Breakfast accommodation and AirBB.

In Fremantle one can get a 2-3 bedroom house with garden for as low as $ 170 a night. For a family with children that is much better and cheaper than hotel rooms.

People can cook in a B&B and don’t need to go out and buy three meals a day, and the kids can play in the garden.

Many B&B also allow dogs and that is very popular.

What hotel operators need to do is change with the times and offer more serviced apartments, where people can cook their own meals, as the new Fremantle Quest Hotel has.

What is wrong with hotels having some floors with rooms and suites, and other floors with serviced apartments with cooking facilities?

Having a whinge is not the solution, but changing with modern tourist demands is.

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Only seven days left to enrol to vote for marriage equality, but also a good idea to do it for our Fremantle local council election, which is in October.

Don’t be lazy! We want everyone to have their say in Freo. Young and old, so please take part.

In other parts of the world they envy our democratic right to vote. It is a privilege and a civic duty. Do it!


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parking 2


Fremantle’s perceived parking problems took on a whole new meaning when the driver of this car ‘parked’ his/her vehicle rather awkwardly on the South Mole on Sunday night.

I am a day late reporting this, as yesterday was so hectic that I did not have the time to follow my daily routine of checking out what goes on in port.

Very remiss of me, so please don’t cancel your subscriptions and multi-million dollar advertising campaigns. ; >)

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Just a reminder!

The FREMANTLE NETWORK monthly event today, Monday will focus on what art means for Fremantle, so come along if you are an artist, curator, gallery owner, or someone interested in culture and arts.

Art is at the heart of Freo’s identity. The next event will feature the operators of two of Fremantle’s iconic and highly successful independent arts businesses.

Tom Muller, Artistic Director and Artist at PS Art Space

PS Art Space is a project space for the experience of contemporary art which presents a curated program of exhibitions and events by Australian and international artists. It is also houses a number of local artists’ studios within a sensitively restored, heritage listed building in the heart of Fremantle’s historic West End precinct. PSAS has become one of Perth’s most exciting and experimental platform to experience contemporary culture.

Robby Lang, Owner and Operator of the Fibonacci Centre

The Fibonacci Centre aims to make a city into a beautiful resonating magnet by nurturing the Dreamers and Makers and providing an incubation chamber for creative ideas. The Fib has become a thriving community of artists and makers creating and working together. The atmosphere in this purpose built creative studio space is inclusive and welcoming, and has become a vibrant community hub, hosting events, exhibitions classes and a cafe.

It’s on  at 6pm Monday 21 August upstairs at the National Hotel.


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What a stunningly beautiful Sunday in Fremantle today!

No need to take my word for it though, but the thousands of people came to Freo for a stroll, meal or coffee, show that I am right.

It is such a delight to see more people in town, and to know that this is going to assist our traders.

It is good to know that in the near future all the development that is happening in the inner city will see more people living and working in the CBD. A couple of hotels are also in the pipeline, so the hundreds of thousands of visitors will be able to stay in our port city overnight.

It’s all good and I am very optimistic about Freo’s future!


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Here some impressions of today’s OPEN DAY at Notre Dame University in Fremantle.

It is on till late afternoon, and a perfect day for it, as it is absolutely gorgeous out there. The sun is shining, the sky is blue and it’s just a brilliant good old Freo day.

You can go rock climbing or abseiling, once you have gathered enough information about our fantastic Fremantle uni. There is also live music and food. It feels good!


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When will politicians finally stop making empty promises during election campaigns?

The West Australian article today on the start of Mayor Brad Pettitt’s campaign and the Fremantle local council election, reports that Mayoral candidate Ra Stewart has promised to restore the January 26 Australia Day events in the port city, should she get elected.

Neither Ra Stewart nor present Mayor Brad Pettitt have the power to make any changes on their own, as they will need at least half of the twelve elected members to vote with them to make any changes, or implement new policies.

The wannabe Mayor is just exhaling meaningless hot air, unless she wants to change Fremantle Council into a dictatorship where she on her own can decided what goes on in our city. I prefer democracy.

I wonder when she will start promising free steak knives to those who vote for her.


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Carboot sale Aug. 20


Don’t forget it’s Carboot Sale Sunday at the Fremantle’s Growers Green Farmers Market this weekend.

There is no rain forecast, so go and buy great fresh produce, have a yummy breakfast, live music, face painting and an animal touch farm for the kids and lots of stuff out of the back of cars.

Good community fun!

The market is at Annie Street in Beaconsfield and it’s on from 8am till noon.


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