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Posted in crime, fremantle, law&order, vandalism, western australia by freoview on July 4, 2016


Idiotic vandals have yet again damaged the solar lights along the coastal path at Fremantle’s Bathers Beach. It is such a shame that mindless morons believe they have the right to vandalise public and private property.

It is time to get CCTV at Arthur Head as this has been an ongoing problem for years and is costing money.

Roel Loopers



Posted in city of fremantle, crime, vandalism by freoview on April 28, 2016


I almost feel sad for those people who have nothing better to do with their life than to vandalise the properties of other people. What a sad bored and empty life you must live and what a waste of this short precious time on earth it is.

Hoons decided to do wheelies on the well-kept lawn at J Shed in Fremantle’s West End. The lawn is watered in the summer months by sculptors Janet Nixon and Greg James who like to keep it in good shape, but now the big burn-out circles have made a mess of it.

Down the road in Cliff Street ugly tags have been sprayed on historic buildings, and this all comes at a substantial cost to ratepayers and property owners who have to clean up the unsightly crap.

Respect for other people and their property should be a basic value for everyone in society, no matter how stupid and bored you are. Get a life vandals!

Roel Loopers


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More mindless vandalism in Fremantle! Idiotic morons slashed the tyres of around 70 cars in Atwell Street, Chester, Solomon, etc. all the way down to South Fremantle overnight.

You must be brain-dead to believe that vandalism is fun and you must be a very inconsiderate person to want to put so many people in expensive trouble, especially on a long weekend when they can’t get the tyres repaired or buy new ones.

Public flogging would be nice for these idiots, and that comes from me, who hates violence.

Roel Loopers


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More vandalism has occurred at Arthur Head and the urgency for CCTC in the area is becoming more and more important.

Two days ago I reported on the overflowing skip bin at J Shed that Sunset Events left there since the last concert on Saturday, and last night an idiot or two set fire to the bin and  FESA had to attend.

And while this is happening at Arthur Head our city ‘leaders’ are sitting on their hands and do nothing about it, because admitting they were wrong would be far worse than the heritage precinct going up in flames.

The area needs immediate action, City of Fremantle. Do it now and stop the procrastination and favouratism of Sunset Events!

Roel Loopers



Posted in city of fremantle, graffiti, vandalism by freoview on March 31, 2016

graffiti 1 graffiti 2


Yet another day with more vandalism in good old Fremantle. This time idiotic morons painted huge graffiti just to the left of the Whalers Tunnel entrance below the Roundhouse and also on the building opposite the train line from there at Little High Street.

Well done to the City of Fremantle for removing the Whalers Tunnel graffiti within hours this morning, but I am flabbergasted why the contractors did not also clean up the private building opposite.

With all the complaints going on in that part of the city it is now urgent time for the City to install CCTV cameras. If residents of Little High Street don’t like CCTV because the opeartors could zoom in onto their bedrooms, I suggest they do what the rest of us do and install curtains or blinds on their bedroom windows to guarantee their privacy. The community should come before the needs of individuals.

Roel Loopers


Posted in city of fremantle, heritage, vandalism by freoview on March 25, 2016


HERE WE GO AGAIN! Historic Fremantle Arthur Head was vandalised yet again by brain dead idiots who kicked out the picket fences at Mrs Trivett Lane that leads up to the Roundhouse. They also put disgusting graffiti on the steps to the Roundhouse and on artist Ann Land’s studio, where a homeless person is also residing. At J Shed they pushed a heavy stone seat of its base and there are bottles littered all around.

I TOLD YOU SO! City of Fremantle that you would create a ghost town at Arthur Head when evicting the long-terms residents, Port pilots and the Fremantle Society but you would not listen. You have created this mess at our State’s most significant historic area and it is now time for you to admit you were wrong and reverse the decisions you made!

It is not a sign of great intelligence to be stubborn and unwilling to address the problem you have created, Fremantle Council. It is outrageous when local residents witness patrons of the recent J Shed concert throwing a witches hat through a window, that our Mayor’s reaction is to question if they can prove the kids came from the Sunset Events  concert. Yes, they actually heard the kids excitingly talk about the music and the great drumming before they engaged in vandalism!

J Shed sculptor Janet Nixon left in tears last Saturday because the concert noise was so loud that she had a huge headache and could no longer concentrate and work, so the concerts are severely affecting the ability to work and the livelihood of the long-term artists. that is not acceptable!

It is not good enough City of Fremantle and you need to urgently address the problems you are responsible for!

Roel Loopers




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Can someone at the City of Fremantle please alert the owner of the derelict Marilyn New woolstores that vandals have forced the doors open and there is now free access to the building that is a public hazard because of asbestos etc. Grazie mille!

Roel Loopers


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The City of Fremantle has just spent hundreds of thousands of dollars renovating the heritage-listed former Boys School/FTI building at Princess May Park, but already the anti-social behaviour has started. The little back yard is full with booze bottles and rubbish and the metal fences have been damaged and pulled off their hinges.

I wonder why the CCTV camera in the park was removed as it was a great help to identify anti-social behaviour in the area fast, to the delight of Clancy’s. The mast is still standing high but the camera is no longer there.

Roel Loopers


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Mindless morons did more damage at Fremantle’s historic Arthur Head this weekend with windows at J Shed and the public toilet being damaged and large graffiti painted on the fence at the Walyalup Aboriginal Cultural Centre.

It should be a priority for the City of Fremantle to install CCTV in the area and improve lighting and patrols and it’s time for WA police to ‘discover’ the historic precinct and patrol it at night as the vandalism can’t be allowed to continue.

Roel Loopers


Posted in alcohol, city of fremantle, vandalism by freoview on September 28, 2015

What a shame to see that idiots vandalised Arthur Head this weekend with heavy wooden tables and benches thrown down the rock face, walls defaced with stupid tags, etc.

Arthur Head has become the preferred destination for those who believe anti-social behaviour is a way of life and who take drugs, get drunk, shoot up and leave a stinking mess behind them. All this is happening because Fremantle Council insisted the historic area had to become the Bathers Beach Art Precinct and long term tenants such as the Port Pilots, the Crooks family and the Fremantle Society were evicted to make way for art studios.

Fremantle City was warned that they would create a ghost town and attract undesirable people because no one would live at and look after Arthur Head at night, and even at daytime most art galleries are only open for a few days a week, but they ignored that.

While Fremantle Council signed off on a responsible alcohol policy it also approved a booze barn and outdoor music venue for 1500 patrons at Arthur Head, although everyone in the West End of town is in uproar about it.

Police figures show that 35 per cent more people were barred from licensed premises in Perth metro than last year because of violent and anti-social behaviour, but the City of Fremantle allows a large new tavern in a heritage tourist area, and adds another alcohol event with the Corona beer festival on South Beach.

Fremantle residents, workers and visitors no longer feel safe in Fremantle because there are too many unsavoury people who are abusive and drunk and who use foul language unsuitable for families who might want to spend time in Freo.

I keep hearing at Council that events put Freo on the world map, but do we really want Freo on a world map that is connected to massive sales of alcohol and the promotion of it to young people? Is that really where we want to position the brand Fremantle?

Why does the City of Fremantle not encourage alcohol-free and under 18 concerts when it keeps telling us they want to support and promote a youth culture in our city? The Esplanade Youth Plaza attracts many young people and is a great success, and I have not yet seen a drunk or drug affected person there. It shows young people do not need booze to have a good time.

Arthur Head has got a lot worse since residents and harbour pilots were forced to leave and it will get a  lot lot worse once it attracts 1500 alcohol and drug filled people to live concerts there.

Roel Loopers

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