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Port Beach COAST restaurant and bar owner Ian Hutchinson said this morning that the new rockwall had saved his building from being damaged in the big storm that has been going on along the west coast since yesterday.

By the look at it though it is questionable how many storms the rockwall will be able to withstand before it gets swamped by waves during big winter storms.

I too got swamped, but that was delightfully invigorating. Big storms always remind that that no matter how much we pretend we humans are actually not in charge of planet earth, and that is a good thing. ;>))

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  1. Cr Andrew Sullivan, Fremantle Deputy Mayor said, on May 25, 2020 at 12:10 pm

    The seawall that was recently constructed in front of COAST using Council and State funds is defined as a “temporary rockwall” and has a design lifespan of up to five years. That doesn’t mean it can’t be damaged or even breached but hopefully it will stop COAST from falling into the ocean. A far more expensive but fully engineered revetment wall could have been built there. However, it would have required numerous State Government approvals and would not have been built yet had we gone down that path.

    The temporary rockwall buys us some time to investigate sustainable long term responses to the erosion impacts of climate change and local man-made conditions. The primary response needs to be to significantly widen the regional foreshore reserve to a line well east of Port Beach Road as was done at Leighton. This requires decisive action by the Western Australian Planning Commission and the State Government.


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