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There is something hypocritical about people complaining about local councils, and demanding more and better community consultation, when seven out of ten people in Fremantle can’t even bother to vote at the Local Government Election, and most of them don’t come to precinct or community consultation events either.

One only has to look at what one of the two South Ward candidates is promising. She will get rid off the speedhumps along South Terrace, but they were installed after lengthy and thorough community consultation. The same candidate also promises that she will only do what the community wants, so how can she get rid of the speedhumps when traffic calming was demanded by the South Fremantle community she wants to represent?

Recent comments to this blog demand consultation about mural art on public and private buildings, but how could we even believe to get consensus on what is good and appropriate art for a building and a street when our tastes are so different? And how many people would in reality take part in that process? Probably just a handful, as history shows.

In City Ward a former Councillor wants parking fee reductions when he is well aware that this populist promise is nonsense because parking revenue is important for Fremantle. If we have less income from parking fees and fines council rates might have to be increased, and no one would want to pay higher rates so that people from out of town and Notre Dame students can park cheaper and longer.

I already mentioned the ignorant nonsense of an East Ward candidate who claims Fremantle Council has done nothing about the impact the High Street Upgrade project by Mainroads will have on the public golf course, when the fact is that the City has engaged a team of architects and golf course designers, and also will build a new clubhouse and cafe on the border with Booyeembara Park.

The disappointing fact is that the majority of people in our community are not well informed about what goes on at Fremantle Council, so they are gullible to believe just about anything, and that is why some wannabe councillors engage in negativity and make accusations not based on facts, and make promises they won’t be able to keep.

Democracy is a two-way road and if you decide not to participate in the process you really have no legs to stand on when you complain about the council you get. And don’t forget that a single candidate will not be able to change anything unless they get the support of other councillors.

Taking unrealistic promises and false accusations with a huge grain of salt is a sensible way of dealing with election campaigns.

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  1. Peter Scott said, on October 16, 2019 at 12:24 pm

    Nothing hypocritical really…..the people who bother to vote at local government elections are just that, the better informed/concerned members of the public and they are generally the ones you’ll find engaged in and at public forums and the like. You could suggest that the majority of Australians are not well informed, either at a state or federal level of politics, hence compulsory voting and the so called “donkey vote” on state & federal ballot papers. You could ask “why not make local government voting compulsory?”
    There is within the general community that well known Oz approach “she’ll be right mate” until whatever it is that happens is right outside or next door to their place!
    One could of course adopt the one party, one vote, with only one outcome approach, but that would need a revolution!!


  2. freoview said, on October 15, 2019 at 12:08 pm

    Here we go again John Dowson. Everything someone else says is always a slur, while you are less inclined to be positive about anything in Fremantle. Just a bit of council bashing. We all would like to see more Police action on antisocial behaviour as it is not a Council issue, and as you well know it is very hard to demand better quality architecture because planning rules are not strict enough in that regard.

    The neglect of Arthur’s Head is unacceptable and I wished council had prioritised that before more funding for the Fremantle Markets and Boys School.



  3. freoview said, on October 15, 2019 at 12:03 pm

    I disafrre Clint. I was at 4 community consultation sessions organised by the South Fremantle Precinct. As explained many times Mainroads need to approve a 40kph speed limit and they did not want to do that. Now that the speedhumps have slowed down traffic the City can go back to Mainroads and apply for the 40kph limit and the speedhumps can be removed.



  4. portjarrah said, on October 15, 2019 at 11:31 am

    There wasn’t a thorough consultation?
    I live just off South Terrace.
    It was a waste of our rate payers money!

    Could of been painted lines to create a
    similar effect to slow down, or paving in strips introduced to the same effect.

    We don’t use South Terrace anymore…

    Other suburbs have no speed humps just a solar powered 40 km zone led sign!!

    $250 k spent when the footpaths adjacent
    are still from the 1970’s. And are major tripping
    hazards and not pedestrian friendly.

    Clint Clarke


  5. john dowson said, on October 15, 2019 at 11:27 am

    This is a shocking and negative slur on all those who are working hard to provide a positive and sustainable alternative for voters, who are jaded by not being listened to, and jaded by not having alternatives to vote for.

    My platform is broad and detailed, with parking just one small element of it. You are wrong to say I want to reduce parking fees, as you were wrong to say I had 4 years on council (I had 8). I said the parking system needs to be simplified, as the perception of parking problems keeps many people away. I said two hours free would simplify the system. I did not say reduce parking fees – yes the fine system implemented by parking officers dressed like prison guards is a turn off. A senior officer agreed with me council needs to wean itself off parking.

    There are many important issues I have raised, from anti-social behaviour, the grubbiness of the town, the poor quality of new development, the neglect of Arthur Head, and the neglect of heritage (getting rid of the 1.5% rates to heritage reserve, getting rid of the local history awards, the annual heritage awards, the heritage grants scheme, and the heritage committee etc.).

    Finances are a key issue which I have worked for years to highlight and it gives me no pleasure to see Fremantle Council again with the worst financial health index of any metropolitan council.


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