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High 6


The Fremantle High Street Upgrade project is one step closer to realisation with all the buildings now demolished and removed.

The Mainroads project hopes to make freigh transport to and from Fremantle Port, faster, safer and smoother, with a new large roundabout planned at the Stirling Highway intersection where many trucks have overturned in the past.

Roel Loopers

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  1. marklw067 said, on September 18, 2019 at 1:21 am

    The only thing that will be quicker/safer is the left turn going on to high st from stirling hwy.

    What council has ensured by supporting this mess is;
    The high st travelling east will be constant backed up as the west bound traffic on high st turning right.
    The netball court will lose a mountain of parking
    The trucks will travel faster past the netball court
    The A class reserve gets dug up and the trees lost is for no reason.
    The roundabout will increase the chance of accidents as cars try to shoot in front of trucks thats a given on roundabouts as many chance their arm.
    Its a waste of 100 millions dollars and still doesn’t address the the actual issue for crossing the river
    Still a dozen + set of traffic lights
    Still no link to Roe 7
    No one has explain a solution for where all the port traffic will go for a year while its built?
    The rats run thru WGV will increase for sure.
    Hampton road will have more trucks than ever

    When main roads were asked at a community WGV meeting if this was their best solution or one they told to make work, they wouldn’t answer.
    That speaks volumes, when they cant even say this is good solution.

    What they have ensured is when this mess is made, the Roe issue will be front and centre at the next state election. Especially with $1,200,000,000 of federal funding that could be invested into WA economy

    This solution has still not got any guarantees for pedestrian, and bike solutions.

    It’s Actually a worse plan than Barrnet had for PFL and that’s saying something


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