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It looks like the request made at the Fremantle Annual General Electors Meeting by Fremantle resident Shirley Burbidge to remove the four parking bays in front of Moondyne Joe in Wray Avenue will not succeed.

The item is on this Wednesday’s FPOL Committee of Fremantle Council with the officer’s report stating that design software used for scenario analysis have shown that there would be minimal benefit in terms of intersection efficiency with Hampton Road.

Officers do recommend that the Clear Way period at Wray Avenue when heading west will be extended by half an hour to 9.30am.

The traffic flow is obstructed by the four parking bays because cars wanting to turn left from Wray Avenue into Hampton Road have to move into the right lane as well when cars are parked there.  I have no doubt that has a negative impact on the traffic flow at the intersection.

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  1. Kel said, on July 6, 2019 at 3:18 pm

    It’s a no brainier Roel. I recall Shirley’s request at the meeting in the Town Hall. I seconded it .It was 6 months ago and Mayor Pettit comment appeared to show some sympathy towards the local car users at the time. Expect that if it was a bike rider complaining the parking bays would be removed by now and a designated bike lane installed. Maybe the officers should spend some time at the site checking it out instead of computer modelling. They will observe the pedestrians in danger of left turning vehicles into Hampton Road when crossing over Hampton Road between the hotel to the Ellen Medical Centre. It’s a problem every day of the week.Shirley’s concerns are just plain common sense about safety and driver enforced stress.Come on Brad show some leadership here. Remove them altogether as there is heaps of parking for clients of the hotel down the back and the Ellen Medical Centre has ample parking at the rear. Surely Fremantle Councillors can see the concerns here and vote against the Officers Recommendations and have them removed?

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