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City of Fremantle Heritage Coordinator Alan Kelsall made me aware of a very positive article in The Guardian by Angelique Chrisofis about the revitalisation of the town of Mulhouse in the east of France, which should inspire Fremantle to continue with its efforts of recreating the high street ambience of the past.

According to Chrisofis the town “was once considered eastern France’s grimmest town” and ten years ago “was a symbol of the death of the European high street”

The town of 110,000 residents had a very high rate of youth unemployment, poverty, crime and anti-social behaviour, but that all turned around when Council took action.

Mulhouse set out to rebalance the housing mix. Generous subsidies for the renovation of building fronts expedited a facelift of more than 170 buildings. Security and community policing were stepped up. Transport was key – with a new tram system, bike schemes, shuttle buses and cheap parking.
But making the town’s public spaces attractive was just as important, with wider pavements, dozens of benches, and what officials deemed a “colossal budget” for tree planting and maintenance, gardening and green space. Local associations, community groups and residents’ committees were crucial to the efforts. A town centre manager was appointed to support independents and high-street franchises setting up.

The big change happened and 470 new shops and businesses opened over the last eight years. 75% of them are independent!

Read the full article in The Guardian:

In this context it is good to hear that Notre Dame University is considering a Masterplan for their Fremantle West End campus, in close collaboration with the City of Fremantle.

The uni recognises that it has grown well organically over the last 20 years but that it will be good to plan more ahead for the future with Freo City’s planners and Council, in light of the fact that NDA acquired the former Customs House buildings. Very positive!


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  1. w3st3ndr3sid3nt said, on May 24, 2019 at 10:49 am

    Wasn’t an activation plan presented with great fanfare by UNDA 18 months ago? What did that achieve?

    It has gone the same way as the MOU.

    Has UNDA leased out the old bookstore space on the corner of Henry and Marine Terrace? I dropped my rents until I filled my spaces – why can’t they?

    We don’t get a lot from them for over $700,000 in forgone rates per annum.


  2. freoview said, on May 23, 2019 at 3:19 pm

    NDA is mentioned because they are in the inner city and want to create a masterplan for their campus that should go hand in hand with whatever Freo Council’s long and medium term plans for the CBD are.

    It is not important what was or might have been but what can be achieved from hereon. When we keep looking back we are slamming into walls too often, looking forward with optimism rather than negativity is a good way forward.



  3. w3st3ndr3sid3nt said, on May 23, 2019 at 12:49 pm

    “Anti-social behaviour declined when the Council took action”- CoF has finally admitted that the problems have become worse recently. The mood was obvious in the recent safety meeting that attracted approximately 60 retailers and residents. The City and the police stepped up with a trial of more police on the beat. This trial has now ended. A safe experience is key to being an attractive place to live and work.

    I am not sure why UNDA is mentioned after the article. The French plan relies on a density that Fremantle doesn’t have. UNDA bought Customs House from a developer that wanted to provide more apartments in the West End. Alan Kelsall backed that plan. The UNDA plan will not provide a similar result to what the developer was to provide – even student accommodation won’t bring the economic benefits families would have.


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