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  1. Kel Smith said, on April 1, 2019 at 7:35 pm

    Hi Roel

    I beg to differ.You are incorrect.

    Dave Coggan was elected Deputy Mayor of Fremantle in May 2016. He beat two candidates Councillors Strachan and Pemberton when the position became vacant after Josh Wilson resigned to become the Federal Member for Fremantle in 2016

    Please check your Blog of 26th May 2016 with headline David Coggan is new Deputy Mayor of Fremantle.

    As i previously stated he then resigned as Deputy Mayor to become the WA Labour Premiers Principal Adviser and still is today.

    That`s how Labour Party Politics works.

    Bring on a strong Independent for Fremantle.



  2. freoview said, on April 1, 2019 at 6:42 pm

    David Coggan was not Deputy Mayor of Fremantle but Federal MP Josh Wilson was, Kel. Yes both Labor and Libera; state governments have not done much for Fremantle as far as tourism goes, not much at all really and that needs to change. They are taking us for granted because Freo is a safe Labor seat.



  3. kel said, on April 1, 2019 at 5:57 pm

    The Premier`s Principal Advisor on all matters is Consultant Dave Coggan who was Deputy Mayor of Fremantle.Dave resigned as soon as Labour won the Election to take up the same position he held when Alan Carpenter was Premier.

    Fremantle City is a safe Labour seat so always low on priority for a fair deal for its constituents but hey a top gig for Career Politicians and their Career Bureaucrats.

    The switch over happens every time a new alternative Gov is elected.Liberal and Labour.

    Any wonder the Public have had enough of Party politics.

    An outstanding Independent Candidate/Member not afraid to speak his/her mind in such a small City of Fremantle would be more beneficial to the City and its people than the current status quo surely.

    In the mean time lets wait and see if Dave Coggan can make a change for Fremantle before the next election.He has the Premiers ear.


  4. John said, on March 31, 2019 at 4:06 pm

    Roel, you’re spot on.

    The previous government were very keen on branding Perth as the attraction. I think it was Colin Barnett that said WA’s tourism brand should be Perth. Bureaucrats and Officials were keen to take up the cudgels ever since.

    They’re got to be kidding!

    I think we all know that WA’s unique landscape/ coastline will always been the major calling card for travellers. The rugged, sun drenched, sparsely populated land of WA will forever attract the more adventurous traveller. The tourist of city visits will always give Perth a miss. Perth in itself just can’t compete with the likes of, say Sydney, in the big smoke stakes.

    Therefore, it is obvious that the land of WA and not Perth, is the branding we need to attract the intelligent traveller.

    When it comes to spruiking the metro area why not create a metro area with two fronts if you like, two sister towns, Fremantle and Perth, a ying- yang metro instead of branding as a homogenous Perth. Highlight Fremantle as a sister to Perth, instead of trying to smother Fremantle’s identity to just as a suburb, which seem to be the prevailing trend in government circles and media.

    Fremantle is one of the great Australian towns, with a history and character rarely seen in other places in Australia. I think the other states would kill for a Fremantle, yet we here seem to take her for granted.


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