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Bulk and height in a suburban environment created unhappy neighbours for a proposal in Beaconsfield at the Fremantle Planning Committee last evening.

The proponents want to build two storey grouped dwellings in Cadd Street, Beaconsfield with vehicle parking access through the Milky Way laneway, but neighbours and Councillors were not impressed.

It was suggested that the height could be reduced with deeper excavation of the soil as the block is on a significant slope.

One neighbour said since he has lived in the street the tree canopy had been reduced significantly because of clear felling required for the Mc Mansions built in the suburban street.

Councillor Dave Hume questioned if the building was too big for the block and said he would want the building height to be lowered to make it acceptable, and Councillor Jeff McDonald agreed and said although the height had been adjusted it was still too high.

Mayor Brad Pettitt said he was still struggling with the proposal as it was a very large-scale development, and Councillor Adin Lang said he was not satisfied with the height and impact on the neighbours. Councillor Ingrid Waltham said she could not support the application as there were a whole ranges of issues with which she was not satisfied.

The Planning Committee voted 5-2 against the proposal, which will have to go to Ordinary Council, but a motion was then put after the vote to recommend the proponents make changes, especially to the height, of the building, so that they might have a better chance of getting it approved.

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