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The Annual General Electors Meeting of the City of Fremantle is on this evening at the Townhall from 6pm, so come along if you have any issues with the Elected Members or administration, or if you just want to thank them for doing a difficult job pretty well.

Residents and property owners of Fremantle can put motions forward and vote on them so make sure to have an ID on you.

On that note, Fremantle President John Dowson has emailed the members of the group more fake news. This time under the headline Are Your Highly Paid Councillors Doing Their Job?

Dowson writes “Are you getting value from your councillor? Besides getting $500 a week for attending meetings etc, councillors pay themselves to run those meetings, from a little pot of honey worth $60,000 a year.”

But Dowson’s assertions are wrong! I double checked with the City of Fremantle Director of City Business Glen Dougal and he tells me that the Mayor receives $ 88.000 annually plus $ 47.000 meeting allowance and Councillors get just over $ 30,000 a year plus approximately $ 3,000 for IT and communication allowance.

The payment Councillors receive is for much more than just attending Council meetings. They work very hard and are out and about all the time and meeting members of the community. It is a thankless task that does not get paid anywhere well enough in my opinion. And of course Councillors don’t pay themselves. That is done by the administration as it would be highly inappropriate for Elected Members to make payments.

I’ll see you at the AGEM this eve!

Roel Loopers

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  1. w3st3ndr3sid3nt said, on February 25, 2019 at 5:36 pm

    “1.4 Principles affecting the employment of employees by the City

    The following principles, set out in section 5.40 of the Act, apply to the employment of the City’s employees:

    “(a) ​employees are to be selected and promoted in accordance with the principles of merit and equity; and
    (b) ​no power with regard to matters affecting employees is to be exercised on the basis of nepotism or patronage; and
    (c) ​employees are to be treated fairly and consistently.”
    News has come from two senior staff (whistleblowers) inside the Fremantle Council regarding breaches to this section of the WALGA Code of Conduct by a director of one of the Council’s departments.

    This matter will be raised with WALGA – but should also be raised at tonight’s meeting.


  2. freoview said, on February 25, 2019 at 4:35 pm

    It is you who is being nasty about Frematle Council constantly, John Dowson. Did you ever question what Councillors did get paid when you were a very ineffectice Councillor for four years? Or did you generously ask the CEO to donate your allowance to a charity? I doubt that very much.

    Councillors in Fremantle and all over WA do not get anywhere near enough payment for the work they do, the hours they spend and the huge responsibilities they have.



  3. John Dowson said, on February 25, 2019 at 1:20 pm

    Mr Loopers, you obviously did not study mathematics in Holland.

    I said councillors get $500 a week ‘for attending meetings etc’. In fact if you add the IT allowance, and using your own figures, it is $615 a week, a huge increase over earlier years. So, there is no ‘fake news’ from me as you allege. You should apologise for your never ending nastiness.

    Recently councillors were paying themselves from an $80,000 a year pot of money for just running the meetings they are paid to attend. The next year that amount was $60,000. The Fremantle Society raised the issue publicly, and if the amount has gone down again then that is a good outcome for ratepayers.

    Above you claim the mayor gets $88,000, different to what you claimed a few hours ago ($60,000). You need to add the various extras to that figure.


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