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Fremantle Councillors last night expressed their dismay about neighbours East Fremantle pulling out of the library services and stopping their $ 200,000 a year contribution to the Fremantle Library at the end of this financial year.

Councillor Andrew Sullivan, who sits on the joint Library Committee, said the members were gobsmacked when it was announced by the Town of East Fremantle, and when the two East Fremantle members of the committee simply no longer turned up to debate it.

“We were hoping East Fremantle Council would recognise it is morally wrong and change their mind”

Sullivan said it was not relevant how many East Fremantle people used Fremantle, Melville or Cockburn libraries. “In Fremantle we just celebrate that people are using the library and are not counting the numbers of which councils they come from” Sullivan said. “I won’t be as polite to them next time I see East Fremantle Councillors”

Councillors Doug Thompson and Bryn Jones pointed out that the Town of East Fremantle is one of the wealthiest councils in the metropolitan area and would be the only one that would not financially contribute to library services.

Councillor Rachel Pemberton said that after the last failed council amalgamation attempts she believed councils would work closer together, but instead the divide is getting wider. “No one from East Fremantle turned up at the last three Library Committees!”

The CEO confirmed that even if they stopped paying their contribution East Fremantle still could send two representatives to the Library Committee who would be allowed to vote. It would take Fremantle Council to change the local law to change that officially.

Mayor Brad Pettitt said he had the impression that the East Fremantle Mayor wanted to bring the issue back to his Council and reconsider their position.

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